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Bulletin for Sunday 02/08/2004


Central contributes monthly to the work of the church in nearby Maud. The following is a year-end report from brother Frank Brewer.
"Gwen and I appreciate your concern for our welfare as well as for the congregation at Maud. We are doing about as well as most who are in their mid-sixties. The church continues to have services three times a week. This year we had a VBS with the help of the Eastside congregation in Midwest City. We are looking forward to next year and our cooperative effort with the youth at Eastside. Clay (Eastside's youth director) and I have talked and are anticipating more activities for their youth and the congregation at Maud. If you know of a young person or a group of young Christians who would like to grow in their public leadership role we would be happy to have them come and lead services at Maud. We had an excellent revival this year. Steve Minor spoke each evening on "Characteristics of Christianity." These lessons were refreshing and strengthening for the brethren as well as informative for anyone considering becoming a Christian. For the past year we have sent Gospel Minutes out into the community on a monthly basis. However, next year we plan to mass mail a lesson each month with a more personal tone with each lesson building upon the preceding one. These lessons will be designed to help the student of the scriptures rightly divide the word. This will be an added expense of about $500 per month. Also, we are expecting to have two gospel meetings and one VBS (with Eastside's help). I find it exciting to think that perhaps Clay and many others like him gave their first lesson, led their first song, prayed their first prayer in public, taught their first VBS class, or by various other means developed into greater servants for God at Maud.
"I suppose the most challenging endeavor we are anticipating for 2004 is a Saturday lectureship. Our sole intent for this effort is to help folks better understand God's word. This could be very costly depending on how many we have attend. We plan to start about mid-morning, break for a meal, and then continue on in the afternoon. We pray that with a lot of advertising and planning we will have a host of folks from this area attend. Also, we plan to have a question and answer session after the lesson. This lectureship will be conducted in the Community Service Building in Maud sometime in April. We will let you know more details later.
"On a daily basis I visit with the folks of the community about Christ and His kingdom. It seems to be paying off. For some time now folks in the community have been coming to me with their problems. Recently a man who works for the housing authority came and asked me if I would mind going over to a house where a lady was dying of cancer and console her son. I was able to visit with her son shortly before she died. The church has sent food. Gwen and I take members and non-members to the doctor, hospital, and to get groceries, etc. Folks know that if they need us we are ready to help any time of day or night. We also clean the building, see that the lawn is mowed, and communion prepared. We kept a lady from Canada in our home for almost two weeks. She was here on the pretense of learning more about the church. I have contacted the congregation nearest to her, and they said that they would follow up. I am in the process of gathering used materials so I can build me an office. It is difficult to study with the distractions that come with an office in the home.
"We appreciate and need the support that you have been sending. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask or come by for a visit. Again, we say thanks for all you have done and what you are doing. We also ask for your continued prayers and encouragement. Because we care," Frank and Gwen [Brewer]

Every household in Shawnee in the 74801 zip code should receive this very impressive pamphlet sometime this week. Those living in other areas may pick up a copy at the exits from the auditorium. We express our great appreciation to former postal worker James Reeves for getting all the preparation work done. We are also indebted to his special helpers, Joan Reeves, John and Beverly Aylor, and Jim and Cathy Pettyjohn.

Royce and Kathy Peerson have moved to Holdenville to be nearer family now that they've retired. Their new address is 622 Ramsey Dr., Holdenville, OK 74848. Their phone number is 405-379-6375. Their e-mail address remains roykat1@aol.com We regret losing Royce and Kathy and wish them every happiness in their new home.

I thank Vivian, Anita, and Dwyane for coming to the hospital that cold morning to check on me, also for the many cards, telephone calls, and offers of help. I love all of you Louise Honaker

Aubrey Mercer was admitted to Unity North on Saturday for observation of numerous health concerns. He is in room 318. Aubrey is the stepfather of Tim McGalliard.
Jim Carpenter was scheduled to have surgery at Presbyterian Hospital on Tuesday of this week.
Charles Thomas has returned to Golden Rule, and has moved to room 32.
Earnest and Vesta Johnson returned from the rehabilitation center in Oklahoma City to Golden Rule, room 37. They would enjoy your visits.
It was good seeing Louise Honaker back in worship this past Sunday.

Roe Honaker will have tests at the outpatient surgery center on February 10.
Virgil Beasley is to have hip replacement surgery at Unity North on February 23.

February 10, 38th Annual Christian Women's Workshop, Southwest, 3031 S.W. 104th, OKC, "He Makes All Things Beautiful-In His Time," 9 a.m. to Noon, lunch & child care provided, for more information call 378-3939
February 11, Ladies Bible Class 10:30 with monthly luncheon to follow
February 15, New song class, 7 p.m.
February 21, Area Wide Singing, 7 - 9 p.m., Seminole, 4200 Highway 99 North
March 6, OC Youth Forum and Spring Sing
March 12, Annual Area Wide Leadership Dinner, Seminole
April 15 - 18, Gospel Meeting, Tecumseh, Leon Dennis, Westside, Norman

Youth News
Bob Stephens
Attention all LTC Service Challenge participants! You have until next Sunday to complete and hand in your Certification forms. They will be passed out on Wednesday night, please have them ready for me by Sunday evening. Also, LTC Scrap bookers will begin work on their project this Sunday after A.M. worship. Plan to stay after worship and bring any youth group pictures you might have. If you need any additional info talk to Rita Romberg.
OC Youth Forum and Spring Sing is Saturday, March 6th. The cost for Spring Sing tickets is $10 and lunch will be provided. Tickets go on sale February 9. In order to reserve our seats, ticket money must be in by next Sunday, February 8. OC has a special event for juniors and seniors during this time, March 5 & 6 called Spring Visit. Students will spend time with other high school students learning about the college and just having a good time. The cost for this is $30, which includes a trip to Bricktown, meals, lodging, and Spring Sing tickets. You can register or find more info by going online www.oc.edu (prospective students/spring visit) or by calling 1-800-877-5010. Transportation will be provided but YOU have to register yourself (it's part of growing up)!
The Area Wide Teen gathering is Sunday evening at Westside in Norman. The van will be leaving at 5:00 p.m. and returning by 9:30. We will go out to dinner afterwards so bring some money.
February 5, Thursday, OC vs. OBU basketball in Shawnee - 7:30 p.m. - 10 p.m. Cost is $3.00
February 8, Sunday, AWTG @ Westside, Norman. Scrapbook deadlines for Service Challenge and Spring Sing

Man's way leads to a hopeless end --
God's way leads to an endless hope! ;^{)


Bible School 133
Worship Service 185
Sunday Evening 136
Wednesday Evening 106
Contribution $4,774.25


Sunday, February 8, 2004

Announcements:Tim McGalliard
Opening Prayer:Bob Perry
Song Director:Dale Beard
Scripture:Austin Beard
Closing Prayer:Babe Doyle


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Scripture:Andy Stephens
Closing Prayer:Clavin Norwood



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