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Bulletin for Sunday 10/10/2004


We rejoice with Shelly Evans as she was baptized into Christ on Monday afternoon by Robert Prater. Shelly and her husband, Larry, have recently moved to Shawnee with their two daughters, Chelsea, age 8 and Sydnee, age 4. Their address is 1115 E. Whittaker, 74801. Their phone number is 273-2232.


We exceeded our goal of 275 in worship this past Sunday with 284. This was our highest attendance in 2004 since Mothers' Day when we had 288. There were many visitors from out of town who came to share our special day. Robert Prater got off to a fine start as our new pulpit minister with two outstanding sermons. He and his wife Maggie and children Megan and Mackenzie are a wonderful addition to our congregation. About 200 shared a fellowship meal together at noon, and many came back to eat the "leftovers" after the evening worship. The Praters are truly deserving of your love and very finest cooperation as we strive to make Central all that it can be in the service of Christ. -WDD

With Robert Prater

I believe we got off to a great start with you this past Sunday. We had a wonderful day of worship and fellowship. The enthusiasm, attendance, worship, and of course the great Christian fellowship and meal - - everything was just beautiful. God blessed us with an abundance of visitors and so many friends, family, and former members who came to worship with us and welcome us. We truly enjoyed greeting you and we are excited about our new work with you. The Bible commands us as God's people to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep. (Romans 12:15) We rejoiced with Shelly Evans who obeyed the gospel Monday evening here at the building. I had the privilege of taking her confession and baptizing her into Jesus Christ. Be sure to let her know how happy you are in her decision. And let's all give her and her two children, Chelsea and Sydnee, a warm welcome into God's family here at Central.

I have always loved the song that says, "God is so good, He's so good to me" And not only has God been so good to us but the family at Central has been so good to the Prater family too! We're so glad now to be here with you and to be a part of your family. We're so excited about getting to know you and going to heaven with you! From the bottom of our hearts, Maggie and I want to say "thank you" for all your encouragement, support, hospitality, food, prayers and love. With your help, our move was both easier and lighter. And we are all moved in our new house. Now all we have to do is unpack all the boxes. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we settle into our new home. Friends, you've already made a difference in our lives and I pray that we'll make a difference in you. I'm so glad we're here. --Robert--


The phrase "friendly fire" is generally associated with soldiers in war who died, not at the hands of the enemy, but because of some misdirected attack by one of their own comrades. Though accidental, there is, of course, nothing friendly about being killed by a fellow soldier. Fire is fire and the deadly result is the same, regardless of who pulled the trigger. The family members who stand beside the flag-draped casket of a loved one draw no comfort from the fact that their soldier was killed by "friendly fire."

One of the tragedies in spiritual warfare is also "friendly fire." Too many Christians have been shot (or stabbed) in the back by someone who was supposed to be on their side. Those out front seem to be especially vulnerable to cheap potshots from behind. How sad that Christians who serve on the front lines for the Lord often find themselves used as targets by their own teammates. What a shame to have to dodge bullets from all directions. This ought not to be.

Our God is not glorified and His cause is not strengthened when we forget who the enemy is and we start aiming at each other. May God help us keep our sites set on Satan. Let's stand side by side and wage war with the Devil, not with each other.

Romans 12:16: "Live in harmony with one another."

Dennis Lynn
Cascade College, Portland, Oregon


The correct zip code for Alta Carroll and Barbara Pruett is 74873. Their phone number is 273-4036.


Fay Crosby was dismissed from Unity Health Center on Tuesday after spending several days.
Melody Winn, daughter of Floyd and Juanita Davis, spent several days in ICU at Unity Health Center last week.
Inez McNutt is seriously ill and under Hospice care.
James Childers spent most of Sunday in ER at Unity Health Center.
Melrose (Finley) Kotts was scheduled to have a five-bypass surgery at Oklahoma Heart Hospital on Tuesday of this week.


Gertrude Andes, Jack Aylor, Gwen Barrett, Jearline Bates, Chad Beard, Betty Bernard, Betti Boswell, Lucille Bowers, Harold Carothers, James Childers, Harold & Clydean Decker, C.F. Drain, Ola Fitzwater, Mary Gaines, Geneva Green, Dwight Harber, Phyllis Heald (Doris Whittern's daughter), Anna Jarvis, Earnest Johnson, Phil Lairson (Rosie Brightwell & Ellen Childers's nephew), Lloyd Lofties, Betty Martin, Mary Martin, Ida McIntyre, Don Allen McNutt, Inez McNutt, Aubrey Mercer, Harvey Moore, Ruth Nevills, Winnie Page, Monroe Pettyjohn, Ruth Pratt, Polly Reese, Alice Rice, Horace & Leoh Roberts, Naomi (Richards) Rutledge, Lillie Smith, Sarah Smith, Chub & Dorothy Strickland, Charles Thomas, Floy Turner, Alvie Vanlandingham, Dean Wall, Doris Whittern, Argil Wiggins, Emma Wilson, Carl Worley, Viola Yates, Verna Nell Young, and Tollie Zitterkopf. All these members and friends have continuing health concerns or other special circumstances. They appreciate your remembrance of them in prayer.


The first coat distribution will be held in three weeks, on Saturday, October 30th. At this time, we do not need any more adult coats, blankets, windbreakers or sweaters. We have been extremely blessed with donations in these areas. We are still in need of coats for boys and girls ages 5 to 15. There is a list in the foyer if you wish to sign up to help in any way. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask Ron or Debbie Taffe.

There will be a volunteer orientation meeting after services on Wednesday, October 13th. Thank you to all of you who have signed up! If you would like to help and haven't had a chance to sign up yet, please come to the meeting. Our first tasks will be get the word out to the community. CU there!

Youth News
Bob Stephens


October 11, Monday, Shawnee Freshman and JV football games


October 17, New Song Class, 7 p.m.

October 30, First Warmth from the Heart coat distribution; signup sheet for volunteers in the foyer

October 31, Daylight Saving Time ends

November 3, Ladies Class meets at 10:30 a.m.; luncheon follows

November 24, Thanksgiving Eve, all classes in auditorium for devotional

November 25, 26, Thanksgiving: church office closed

Look forward to seeing you here Sunday!

"As you grow older, you'll discover that you have two hands; one for helping yourself, the second for helping others."

"The little troubles and worries of life may be as stumbling blocks
in our way, or we may make them stepping-stones to a nobler character
and to Heaven. Troubles are often the tools by which God fashions
us for better things."
Henry Ward Beecher -- 8^{)


Bible School 178
Worship Service 284
Sunday Evening 173
Wednesday Evening 133
Contribution $4,985.18


Sunday, October 10, 2004

Announcements:Tim McGalliard
Opening Prayer:Dale Beard
Song Director:Floyd Davis
Scripture:Jason Perry
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:James Wall


Clavin NorwoodBob Perry
Mitch HarmonThomas Farris


John AylorNathan Kelly


Paul HarrisHoward Vanlandingham


Foyer:Paul & Paula Harris
Elevator:Howard & Tahlia Vanlandingham


Ron Taffe


Opening Prayer:Bob Allen
Song Director:Floyd Davis
Scripture:Wade Baskin
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Buddy Truesdell



Austin BeardRoger Farris


Classes for all ages

Song Leader:Paul Harris
Scripture:Nathan Kelly


Howard Vanlandingham
If unable to serve this week, notify Frank Romberg - 273-1297

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