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Bulletin for Sunday 05/01/2005

with Robert Prater


Have you ever been forced to rediscover yourself - who you really are? Maybe it was a circumstance in life that left you with nothing to hide behind. Perhaps a hurt, tragedy, or illness came upon you like a bolt of lightning. You were faced with the real you and there were no masks, no pretense to cover your flaws. This is when you saw yourself as God sees you. You realized that you had nothing to offer the sovereign Lord and Creator of the universe. You could only offer yourself as you were and you had to plead for mercy. Yet, when you were at your lowest, God lifted you up. When you realized your spiritual nakedness, you saw how much you needed to be clothed with God's glory and mercy in Christ Jesus. (Gal. 3:26-29) This goes to the very core of what Jesus was teaching when he gave the "Beatitutudes" in the Sermon on the Mount. He was really emphasizing our spiritual poverty. And with that awareness of our own sinfulness, we should be led to godly sorrow and repentance for our sins. (See Matthew 5:3-10; also 2 Cor. 7:8-10)

Now having realized all that, aren't you thankful that you have a God who loved when you were unworthy of being loved? (Romans 5:6-11) He still loves you, not because of what you do or accomplish, but because of who He is and Whose you are. (1 John 4:9-10) He has chosen you to tell others that He can love them like He has loved you. (1Peter 2:9) Praise God - you are loved. (1 John 3:1) He holds you in His arms. He gives meaning to life. He gives you a sense of belonging. Now you live your life in gratitude for what God has done for you through Jesus. May we always be a people who live our lives in appreciation of God's redeeming love. May we always realize that we are beggars before God who have found the Bread of Life and we are trying to help other beggars to find the spiritual bread that will bring eternal life to their souls. And may we always make those necessary sacrifices so that others can find security, peace, joy and salvation in the Bread of Life. Friends, I want to tell you just how much me and my family have come to love the church here at Central. I'm so grateful that we are "co-workers" together with Christ in this community.

- - Robert - -




Monroe was the father of Jim Pettyjohn. Monroe was a pillar for the Lord's church here in Shawnee for many years. He served as an elder at the East Main and Northridge congregations and he was a faithful member here at Central during the last few years of his life. He also preached the gospel at several congregations in the surrounding communities. His influence and impact for Christ in the church and in his family will not soon be forgotten.


Adam Beard came forward Sunday morning desiring to re-devote his life to God and his fellow brothers and sisters. He requested prayers to be the Christian man and spiritual leader that he needs to be. (We appreciate Adam and all our young people for all they do in trying to be a better Christian.)


01 Jean Dossey

01 Jason Perry

06 John Aylor

07 Larry Reeves

07 Janet Stephens

10 James Reeves

11 Ed O'Neal

13 Don Allen McNutt

13 Geraldine Outlaw

13 Rita Romberg

15 Nancy Simmons

15 Horace Roberts

15 Jon Salter

17 Verna Nell Young

19 Clavin Norwood

22 Margaret Hanifan

22 Louise Perry

25 Leslie Gettle

26 Virgil Beasley

26 Jeff Lawerance

26 Tim McGalliard

28 Jack Rye

29 Jennifer Harmon

29 Lindsey Perry

31 John Webb


04 Charlie & Jean Dossey - 54th

11 Buddy & Fay Truesdell - 3rd

12 Dave & Betty Emery - 4th

22 Chuck & Nona Carter - 54th

22 Boyd & Joann Cheney - 50th

30 Bill & Diane Lawerance - 36th

30 James & Joan Reeves - 51st

We congratulate all who are having birthdays and anniversaries during the month of May. We especially want to acknowledge Boyd & Joann Cheney on their 50th Wedding Anniversary.



Date O.T. Reading Date N.T. Reading
1 Kings 10,11 1 Luke 21:20-38
2 Kings 12,13 2 Luke 22:1-20
3 1 Kings 14,15 3 Luke 22:21-46
4 1 Kings 16,17,18 4 Luke 22:47-71
5 1 Kings 19,20 5 Luke 23:1-25
6 1 Kings 21,22 6 Luke 23:26-56
7 2 Kings 1,2,3 7 Luke 24:1-35
8 2 Kings 4,5,6 8 Luke 24:36-53
9 2 Kings 7,8,9 9 John 1:1-28
10 2 Kings 10,11,12 10 John 1:29-51
11 2 Kings 13,14 11 John 2
12 2 Kings 15,16 12 John 3:1-18
13 2 Kings 17,18 13 John 3:19-36
14 2 Kings 19,20,21 14 John 4:1-30
15 2 Kings 22,23 15 John 4:31-54
16 2 Kings 24,25 16 John 5:1-24
17 1 Ch. 1,2,3 17 John 5:25-47
18 1 Ch. 4,5,6 18 John 6:1-21
19 1 Ch. 7,8,9 19 John 6:22-44
20 1 Ch. 10,11,12 20 John 6:45-71
21 1 Ch. 13,14,15 21 John 7:1-27
22 1 Ch. 16,17,18 22 John 7:28-52
23 1 Ch. 19,20,21 23 John 8:1-27
24 1 Ch. 22,23,24 24 John 8:28-59
25 1 Ch. 25,26,27 25 John 9:1-23
26 1 Ch. 28,29 26 John 9:24-41
27 2 Ch. 1,2,3 27 John 10:1-23
28 2 Ch. 4,5,6 28 John 10:24-42
29 2 Ch. 7,8,9 29 John 11:1-29
30 2 Ch. 10,11,12 30 John 11:30-57
31 2 Ch. 13,14 31 John 12-1-26


Effective May 1, Janice Gardner's new address will be 130 E. 45th, #2H, Shawnee 74804. Her phone number will be 590-4602.


Thank you very much for the prayers, visits, cards, phone calls and other acts of kindness for me during my recent illness. This is such a loving family. I am recuperating nicely at home and hope to be back to services soon. In Christian love,

Buddy & Fay [Truesdell]

We would like to thank everyone for their prayers & concerns during Vernons stay in the hospital. He is now home & doing well. Thank you again.

Frank & Rita [Romberg]

Dear Central family in Christ,

For your continuing love, support & visits to our dad, Monroe, over the last four years, We, his family "Thank" You!

For your calls, cards, visits, food, flowers & standing with us over the last few days, we will be eternally grateful. God bless each of you.

The Pettyjohn Family


Dwyane Dennis had tests on Monday morning in Oklahoma City. He will be having further tests on Wednesday.
Frank Romberg's brother, Vernon Romberg, has been dismissed from the Oklahoma Heart Hospital following bypass surgery.
Tammy Perry's dad, Don Cross, was scheduled to have bypass surgery on Tuesday morning at Norman Regional Hospital.
It was great having Al Pendleton visiting with us from Colorado on Sunday.

Youth News
Bob Stephens

We had 24 fathers and sons go to our retreat at Quailridge Hunting Lodge this past Friday and Saturday. Thanks to Joe Curtis and Brian and Tanner Nipper for helping us with our retreat this weekend. Their expertise in firearms made it safe, educational and fun.

Molly Gettle is going to State. Molly is on two hurdle relay teams at North Rock Creek that has qualified for state competition this Saturday. Good luck Molly!

Austin Beard competed in a track and field meet in Midwest City, Friday. Austin competes in the shot put and discus for Shawnee High School. Friday, Austin was just an inch or two from placing in one of his events. Speaking of Beards, Chad Beard spent last Saturday and Sunday in Guthrie at a camp with his friends. It was good to see Chad back Sunday evening with a big smile on his face, along with a little extra sun!

Teens, don't forget these two things!

1. $30 for Sixflags/Rangers (July 20&21) is due Sunday

2. Complete your camp applications as soon as possible to reserve your spot. (June 12-18)

Any questions you have regarding these two events see me.

Coming Youth Events

May 1, Sunday - AWTG at Wilshire, leave at 4 pm Return by 8:30 pm


May 4, Ladies Bible Class, Luncheon to follow

May 7, 36th Annual Bible Teachers Workshop, Eastside in Duncan; see bulletin board

May 7, 50th Wedding Anniversary reception for Boyd & Joann Cheney, Fellowship Room, 2 p.m.

May 15, Senior Reception, Andy & Matt Stephens

May 18, Tad McGalliard to speak and give report on trip to Haiti

May 30, Memorial Day, church office closed

June 12 - 18, Burnt Cabin Youth Camp

July 11 - 15, Central's Vacation Bible School, Bible Safari - "Where Kids Are Wild About God."

Hope to see you here Sunday!

"God does not call those who are equipped,
He equips those whom He has called."
Smith Wigglesworth -- 8^{)


Bible School 156
Worship Service 215
Sunday Evening 159
Wednesday Evening 128
Contribution $4,107.48


Sunday, May 1, 2005

Announcements:Dale Beard
Opening Prayer:Jim Pettyjohn
Song Director:Paul Harris
Scripture:Kenton McGalliard
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Tim McGalliard


Brian NipperJim Walling
Terry LoweAustin Beard


Clavin NorwoodJason Perry


Paul HarrisRon Taffe


Foyer:Paul & Paula Harris
Elevator:Ron & Debbie Taffe


Cheryl MillerLinda Carpenter


John Aylor


Opening Prayer:Bill Lawerance
Song Director:Paul Harris
Scripture:Chris Nipper
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Chuck Carter



Tim NortonThomas Farris


Classes for all ages

Song Leader:Nathan Kelly
Scripture:Tanner Nipper


Terry Banta
If unable to serve this week, notify Frank Romberg - 273-1297

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