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Bulletin for Sunday 08/21/2005


Kevin Baskin came forward last Wednesday evening. After some time of Bible study and reflection with Robert Prater at the building, Kevin believes he was baptized scripturally for the remission of his sins earlier in his life. He now seeks to be right with the Lord by being a faithful member of the Lord's undenominational church and to be the spiritual leader for his family. He desires to be considered a member here at the Central congregation. Kevin is the husband of Pam Baskin and the father of Courtney and Wade. We are so happy with Kevin and his family in his commitment to be true and right in his Christian faith. Let's all welcome him into the family here at Central.


With Robert Prater

Summer is slowly winding down and almost over. Vacations are ending and routines are being reestablished. School has also already started back. Back to school always provides many opportunities for them to grow spiritually in the Lord. Our children are precious, and yet they live in a difficult world and have a lot going against them. The Devil is trying to divide their parents and destroy their families. They live in a culture that is so worldly and materialistic. The secular media, movies, and music bombard them with ideas and images that are so unrighteous. I believe peer pressure is as great as it has ever been. Alcohol, drugs and sexual immorality are all around them everywhere they turn.

Here at Central, we want all our young people and their families to know that we care about them and that we are committed to praying for their spiritual well-being this coming school year. Pray that they will have a strong desire to serve God. Pray for purity of heart and body. Pray that each of them will have Christ-like attitudes and be fine Christian examples to others. And be sure and pray for their teachers, counselors, and administrators. Friends, one of the greatest blessings of this church is its children. And that's why it is imperative that we continually pray for our children and get actively involved in their lives to encourage them to live for Jesus Christ. I hope and pray that this coming Sunday morning's lesson will encourage all of us to love and value children like Jesus and to help them live for God in their lives.

It's been correctly stated that we are always only one generation away from apostasy. (Judges 2:10) The need has never been greater for us to proclaim the uniqueness of New Testament Christianity. Meeting social and recreational needs alone won't satisfy the Lord's command to preach the gospel to every creature. Our greatest desire should be to go to heaven and our greatest joy should be saving souls. Christianity can't be just a part of our life - it must be our total life. Our life and words must agree with each other. We can't sell a "product" we don't use and we can't "sell" a religion that we don't use! With this in mind, please be praying for and begin inviting others to our upcoming Gospel Meeting next month. The dates are September 18-21. It will be a great time for revival and spreading the gospel. Please remember that you are the greatest resource for the growth of this church.

- - Robert - - (robprater@sbcglobal.net)


AM "Honey, We've Shrunk the Kids!"

PM "Faith in the Face of Fire"


Congratulations to Mitch and Jennifer Harmon on the birth of their son, Anthony Kane Harmon born August 11 at the Renaissance Center in Midwest City. Anthony weighed 6 pounds 4 ounces and was 20 ½ inches long. Lynn and Cathy Harmon are the proud grandparents and Lola Duval is the proud great grandmother.


The correct phone number for Dee Nelson in Amarillo is 806-345-2157.

Hope to see you here Sunday!


Thank you so much to Bertha Ann Young for donating a sofa and loveseat to one of our needy members. We thank you for being an example of our congregation's love for one another. Also thanks to Jeffrey Behrnes, Burl Vanlandingham, and John Aylor for helping move them.

Buddy Truesdell


Ethel Fast is in room 215 at Unity Health Center to be treated for infection.
Vesta Mays is in Unity Health Center, room 315. They are running some tests.
Anita Jacques has been quite ill at home and is expecting to see a cardiologist this week. She has requested no visitors.
Doris Whittern was discharged from Oklahoma Heart Hospital on Friday of last week and was admitted to Mercy Health Center the next day. Her condition is serious.
Louise Honaker is to have an arteriogram and possible angioplasty at Oklahoma Heart Hospital on Friday.
Zane Qualls's mother, Elmira Qualls is to have surgery to remove her bladder in Stillwater on Thursday. Your prayers are requested. Zane will then return to California for his shoulder surgery.
Greg and Analisa Beal's daughter, Kinzee, is to have corrective hip surgery at Children's Hospital on August 23.
Paul Harris's father, Ray Davis, was discharged from Baptist Medical Center on Friday of last week and is now in Northwest Nursing Home, room 11.


September 5, Labor Day, Church office closed

September 8 - 11, 11th Annual Central Oklahoma Lectureship, "The Home as God Would Have It," McLoud; see bulletin board for times & speakers

September 18, Central potluck lunch for everybody

September 18 - 21, Gospel Meeting, Central, Ted Kell, Brownwood, Texas; Sunday & evening services: "Hope for Today in the Eternal God;" Morning services: "As Faithful Stewards of God"

September 28, Ladies Class resumes, 10:30 a.m.; luncheon to follow

Youth News

Bob Stephens

By the time you read this article, all of our kids will have started back to school. Some are going to middle school for the first time, some to high school for the first time, and even some are going to college for the first time! I've never really been sure who's traumatized the most over the back to school thing, the student or the parent. This year for Janet and me, it's us! We've been blessed, and even bragged to others about how great it is to have twins. Matt and Andy have always played on the same teams, gone to the same school, they have done everything together, making it easy for us because we never had to split time between the two of them. It has been wonderful…until now. Matt and Andy are heading off to OC next week and we're not sure what to do. For eighteen years our house has been filled with noise and laughter and love. I know in my heart they will be fine, but it's hard to let go. We have spent the first eighteen years of their lives preparing them to be productive, loving Christians. Now it's time to see how we did. Is that what scares me? I'm not sure. I know they'll be back on weekends for home cookin' and laundry. I know they'll be back for the holidays. But when they leave next week it will never be the same. They will have gained a small foothold on their independence (even though mom and dad will still be financing them). Remember all the kids this week as they begin another year of school. And remember the parents as well. Pray for the kids that they might learn to walk in the way of the Lord. And pray for the parents as they teach their children how to love the Lord.

Our "End of the Summer Cookout" will be Saturday, August 27th at "Slide Park". Slide Park has a real name [Dean Weigant Park….Ann], but I don't know what it is! It is located on the west side of the Shawnee Airport and north of the Expo Center. Plan now to be there at 5 p.m. Saturday. Bring whatever you want to cook on a grill and the fixins'. We will contact a few to bring some additional side dishes. Parents, come prepared to take on the teens in a couple of games of volleyball. If you have any questions see me or Janet.

"Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and do not lean on your own understanding.
In all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make straight your paths. "
Proverbs 3:5-6 -- 8^{)


Bible School 136
Worship Service 183
Sunday Evening 134
Wednesday Evening 132.3
Contribution $4,456.45


Sunday, August 21, 2005

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