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Bulletin for Sunday 11/13/2005

with Robert Prater

We were truly blessed this past Sunday evening to receive a very encouraging report by Tim Watts on the mission work that is taking place in Ukraine. This is a work that we help support here at Central and it is under the oversight of the South College Church of Christ in Tahlequah, OK. Tim also mentioned an exciting new door of opportunity to begin evangelizing in the western part of the country by expanding the current printing and translation efforts. Up until now this work (as well as the vast majority of all mission work there) has concentrated in the eastern part of the country. This is due to the western's use of the Ukrainian language. Though very similar to Russian, it is a distinct language. Please continue to keep this great work in your prayers.

Beethoven, the great composer, was asked what he considered the greatest accomplishment of his life. Perhaps, it was supposed, he would name one of his great compositions. His response was, "I have found and kept a true friend for life." As we think about this great man for a moment, we realize, we too, can claim a great accomplishment. If, indeed we have found an "eternal friend." That friend is Jesus Christ.

What an exciting find, but not an uncommon experience for us in Christ's family, for indeed we are a family of friends. We have learned that the secret of having loyal friends is being loyal friends ourselves. (Proverbs 18:24) The Greek word used in the New Testament for friend is philos, denoting loved, beloved, dear, a loved one or friendly. This is what we have found in Jesus whose life expressed the characteristics of true friendship: tolerance, unselfishness, concern, loyalty, forgiveness and love.

We are our Lord's beloved. We are each others' loved ones. Let us guard this friendship as a sacred trust and always be deeply concerned for each other. "This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. Greater love has no one than this, than to lay down one's life for his friends. You are My friends if you do whatever I command you. No longer do I call you servants, for a servant does not know what his master is doing; but I have called you friends, for all things that I heard from My father I have made known to you." (John 15:12-15)



My Christian family, Words cannot express our thanks for all the prayers and phone calls we got in regards to Gary Burlison in his critical time. He is home and improving daily. Central helped us through each day.

In Christ, Sue Riedel & Nancy Burlison


Verna Nell Young is home from the hospital, but her condition remains extremely serious.

Betty Bernard's health is declining, and she is now under Hospice care.

Jearline Bates is recuperating at home from surgery on her face. You can call her at 598-3187. She would also enjoy having your e-mail at Jearline1919@wmconnect.com.

Hazel Lee Behrnes is in rehabilitation at Unity Health Center South, room 307.

Ruth Autrey was discharged from Unity Health Center South on Monday.

Marlene Wadkins is making good progress with her rehabilitation at Baptist Medical Center, room 613.

Ruby Holt had surgery at Unity Health Center on Monday of last week and is recuperating at home.

Zane Qualls's shoulder surgery was successful on Thursday of last week in California.

We have received word from Ruth Nevills's daughter that Ruth has had a fall and a broken arm. She is also suffering from memory problems. Why not send her a card at St. Ann's Nursing Home, 9400 St. Ann Drive, Oklahoma City, OK 73160.

It was good seeing Harold and Clydean Decker in worship Sunday evening. They have experienced a delay in learning about their heart conditions.

Phyllis Heald remains in critical condition in her sixth week on a ventilator. She is in room 220 at Solara Hospital.

Tony Hall's brain surgery did not turn out well in Dallas last week. He will be on radiation and chemotherapy. He is the 34 year-old youth minister at Lewisville, Texas and the son-in-law of Paul Harris's brother.

Martha Chaffin's daughter is now making good progress in Arkansas and should be returning to her home in Webb City, Missouri in the near future.

It was good seeing Harvey and Carletta Moore home from M.D. Anderson in Houston and back in our worship assembly Sunday.

Youth News

Bob Stephens

Congratulations to Courtney Baskin and Sean Parman. Both of their Shawnee cross country teams took fifth place at state, and the girls team won academic state. Congratulations also to Austin Beard and Jason Perry. The wolves are headed to the football playoffs. Last Friday night was Senior night at the Shawnee football game. Nathan Kelly was honored before the game along with his parents. Good job Courtney, Sean, Austin, Jason and Nathan!

The girls are having a Cookie Exchange party, Friday, November 25. I'm not exactly sure what a "cookie exchange" is, but I guess the girls do! This event is not on the youth calendar, so be sure and pencil it in. Janet will fill the girls in on the details soon.

It's time! The Sign-up-sheets for LTC are posted in the youth house. They will be up for just a couple of weeks so be sure to get yourself signed up. And don't be afraid to stretch yourself a little and try something new. God may have bigger plans for you than you think!


Sunday, November 13, AWTG at Southwest in Ada. Leave at 3:45 return by 9:00 p.m.

Friday, November 18, 5th Quarter at Youth House after Shawnee play-off

Friday, November 25th, Girl's Cookie Exchange


November24,25,Thanksgiving;church office closed

December 3, Second coat give away

December 7, Ladies Class meets at 10:30; luncheon follows


Sarah was young, beautiful, and she was going to die if she didn't get help. That's when her parents brought her from Los Angeles to the Mayo Clinic. She had cancer and the only alternative seemed to be a hemipelvectomy, in which the entire leg and half of the pelvis would be removed - a horrible procedure. The doctor looked upon this eighteen-year-old beauty with a perfectly proportioned body and "eyes that radiated innocence and trust." Those eyes seemed to say, "You will cure me." Dr., Michael J. Collins knew what a mutilation lay ahead and with only a 5 percent five-year survival. He finally managed to haltingly say, "Sarah, I Well, I'll do everything I can for you." Sarah said, "I know you will. Thank you."

In his book, "Hot Lights, Cold Steel", Dr. Collins describes the horrible operation. It was long and bloody. Sarah's post-op was stormy. She ran a fever for four days. But the thing that impressed everybody at the clinic was how Sarah kept thanking everyone for what they were doing and apologizing "for being such a bother." Her nurse related that Sarah was sad about losing her leg, "but she says it's made her realize how many things she hasn't lost. She says it's like a millionaire who loses a thousand dollars: he's sad, but he's still not that bad off."

With that attitude and spirit of thankfulness, Sarah was adored by everyone at the Mayo Clinic. Sadly, this lovely girl died within the year. There is a picture of her standing in the clinic. It is taken from the back. She is standing on a hill looking forward.

Now what was it I was complaining about? The Bible tells me, "give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you" (1 Thessalonians 5:18)

Yes the Bible says it, but Sarah makes it real.

John Gipson

Windsong, North Little Rock, Arkansas


Hope to see you here Sunday!

"Your greatest pleasure is that which rebounds
from hearts that you have made glad."
Henry Ward Beecher -- 8^{)


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Sunday, November 13, 2005

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