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Bulletin for Sunday Sunday 02/26/2006


with Robert Prater

I’m Glad I Missed It!

A strong winter weather storm certainly made things very interesting this past weekend. This caused all the worship services on Sunday to be cancelled here at Central. There was just too much slickness on the streets, side roads, and highways, not to mention around our building’s parking lot and sidewalks. Plus there was the forecast that morning of additional winter mix on the way that would have made conditions even worse. We have too many members who drive a good distance to get here. We have many members whose bodies don’t move around so easily. These and other factors made canceling worship such a difficult decision. The fact is that very few people needed to venture the risk to come to the building for worship. Our elders are to be commended for having such a care and concern for the overall welfare of this church body.

Something struck me as I thought about all of this. If we would have had our regular services, I wondered why I would have taken the risk of driving my family across town in less than optimum circumstances. I’m sure several things would have influenced my decision. First and foremost being that I am a Christian and the Lord commands us to assemble each First Day of the week for worship and to remember His death. Therefore, I might have thought the Lord would not be so pleased with me if I did not go when I knew that I could do it, if I was careful. Another obvious reason would have been that well, after all, I am the preacher, it’s my responsibility to be there and preach. Other factors might have included just plain habit (Some habits are good to have, worship being one) or being real honest, it might have been a bit of cabin fever as well. (Having two small children in the house all weekend!)

However, I really believe it ultimately would have been because I would have been doing what I love to do. I really do love getting together with Christians! I enjoy the Bible study, fellowship and worship. To me personally, it would have been well worth the trouble. And because I didn’t get to go, I can sincerely say I was greatly disappointed. But, I’m glad I missed it! I’m glad I missed the fact that I was deprived the opportunity to be here with the brethren and worship God together in spirit and truth. - - (continued on inside)

(continued from front)

So here’s the belated point: I guess this weekend reminded me again (in a different way) of what a joy it is to worship with God’s saints. Friends, may we always be a people who indeed appreciate and enjoy the occasions that allow us to be with each other. I truly get a spiritual shot in the arm each time I worship God with you. I hope you feel the same! May we have the attitude about worship like that of David when he said, "I was glad when they said to me, ‘Let us go into the house of the Lord." (Psalm 122:1) Let’s continue to remind each other of the joys of being in God’s kingdom.


(Although we were unable to have worship services last Sunday, we would like to express appreciation to Bob & Jason Perry and Jim Cross for clearing off all the steps of the building.)


This year’s Annual Shawnee Area Leadership Dinner will be in Highland’s new facilities at Tecumseh on E. Walnut beginning at 7 p.m. on Friday, March 10th. All elders, deacons, ministers, and their wives should be planning to attend.


Members of the church in Louisiana have planned a coordinated effort in March during Spring Break to do ongoing cleanup and rebuilding work as well as distributing goods to those in need in the greater New Orleans area. Central is looking to participate in this effort by taking a vanload of volunteers and workers along with the Central congregation from Chandler. If you would be interested in going, please see Bob Perry for more details.


The new pocket size membership directory has been published for this year and may be found at all the exits from the auditorium. It is requested that you begin using the new one immediately and discard last year’s since there are changes in the prayer line listings, addresses, and phone numbers. It is also suggested that for everyone’s security you cut up the old directories before discarding them.


Thank you for the meal you served for the family of Fay Crosby, and for the beautiful plant. Also thank you for your prayers, cards, and visits you made while Fay was sick.

Nora Cole for the family of Fay Crosby

I also thank you for your prayers, cards, calls, and visits made to me while I was in the hospital.

Nora Cole


Carol Mahnke is home from her trip to M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston. They have prescribed a chemotherapy treatment she will take here in Shawnee. Virgil Beasley has requested that his name be added to our "Continuing Prayer Concerns" due to physical health and other difficult issues in his life. James Childers is now in the Skilled Nursing Unit at Sunset Estates, room 53, in Tecumseh. Former member Royce Peerson, has been dismissed from Unity Health Center.


01 Lola Duvall

02 Joe Scheidt

04 Megan Prater

06 Anita Sharp

07 Bob Allen

07 Ryan Parman

11 Vivian Cross

11 Amber Curtis

11 Bob Neal

11 Nathan Kelly

11 Barbara Vanlandingham

13 Geoff Root

13 Lorine Watson

16 Janice Gardner

16 Brian Nipper

16 Makinzee Tucker

17 Joann Cheney

20 Mary Sorensen

20 Talhia Vanlandingham

21 Wynona (Nona) Carter

21 Nadine Magee

22 Millie Riley

26 Don Wills

28 Tanner Nipper

29 Herman Guin

29 Frances Taylor

31 Clovie Dossey


10 Bernard & June Sharp – 5th

12 Roger & Lori Farris – 5th

21 Larry & Sarah Smith – 33rd

30 Bob & Ann Bivins – 44th

30 James & Ellen Childers – 60th

30 Carl & Ruby Holt – 21st

We express our best wishes to all those who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in March. We would like to especially acknowledge James & Ellen Childers on their 60th Wedding Anniversary.



Date O.T. Reading Date N.T. Reading

1 Num. 23,24,25 1 Mark 7:14-37

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February 26, VBS Planning Meeting in fellowship room after evening service

March 1, Ladies Class meets at 10:30; luncheon follows

March 10, Annual Shawnee Area Leadership Dinner, Highland, Tecumseh, 7 p.m.

Youth News

Bob Stephens

Last week I mentioned several of our kids were busy at school with activities. You know when you start mentioning people by name you’re bound to miss someone, and I did. Molly Gettle and Wade Baskin are both playing soccer this spring. Sorry for leaving you out of last weeks article. This reminds me, parents, if your kiddos do something news worthy let me know.

This coming Saturday, Feb. 25, the YOUTH GROUP will have a dinner and movie night at Scott and Tammy Perry’s. We will meet at the Perry’s at 6 p.m. and watch a couple of movies and have dinner.

Did you notice that the term ‘YOUTH GROUP" was bold and in caps That’s because; it’s a group thing! We work better as a group and we fellowship better as a group, we’re just better as a group. So…if you haven’t been coming much to "youth group" stuff lately, now is as good a time as ever to start. We’re not a whole "youth group" without YOU!


Feb. 25, Saturday – Dinner and a movie at Scott & Tammy’s @ 6 p.m.

March 3-4, Friday & Saturday –OC Spring Visit/Spring Sing

It takes more faith to deny God than to believe in Him.

"As Christians we accept one foundational truth - God -
and everything else makes sense. An atheist denies God
and has to accept incredible explanations for everything else.
It takes more faith to deny God than to believe in Him.
John MacArthur -- 8^{)


Bible School 119
Worship Service 182
Sunday Evening 132
Wednesday Evening 106
Contribution $6,828.48


Sunday, March 5, 2006

Announcements:Tim McGalliard
Opening Prayer:Jim Cross
Song Director:Dale Beard
Scripture:Austin Beard
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Chuck Carter


Gerald SmithBob Seikel
Jim CarpenterJoe Curtis


Ryan ParmanJason Perry


Paul HarrisTracy Gettle


Foyer:Paul & Paula Harris
Elevator:Tracy & Mary Gettle


Janet StephensDoris Phillips


Ron Taffe


Opening Prayer:Jim Pettyjohn
Song Director:Dale Beard
Scripture:Chad Beard
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Bill Lawerance



Austin BeardBob Perry


Classes for all ages

Song Leader:Burl Vanlandingham
Scripture:Sean Parman


James Reeves
If unable to serve this week, notify Frank Romberg - 273-1297

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