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Bulletin for Sunday Sunday 03/12/2006

with Robert Prater

A group of about 18 Christians from both the Central congregations here in Shawnee and in Chandler (seven from Shawnee) will be traveling next Monday to New Orleans to do continual disaster relief, cleanup and rebuilding work. This effort is being planned and organized by several congregations in the New Orleans area and in conjunction with FEMA. We will be working hand in hand with hundreds of other members of the Lord's church from across the nation in this special mission time during Spring Break. We will leave on Monday, March 13 around 5:30 a.m. and return to Shawnee on Saturday evening, March 18.

I appreciate so very much the willingness of those going to volunteer from their very busy schedules and to go serve and help rebuild homes, lives and hearts in this special effort. This will be a packed week with a great deal of hard work to be done. We greatly solicit your prayers while we're on the trip. Pray not only for our safety in travel and for success in our work, but for God to use us while we are there to His greatest glory. We will certainly look forward to coming back home and having the opportunity to share a report on this trip in the near future.

I appreciate all of the positive comments on our Sunday evening Questions and Answer sermon series. Of course, you have provided the material for these lessons with the questions you submitted. With the number of questions submitted and the fact that we have already missed one Sunday evening in our series, we will be continuing into the month of April. This week's questions concern: the baptism for the dead, the lineage of Christ and being unequally yoked with unbelievers. This would be a great opportunity to invite a friend to see how we strive to give Biblical answers to spiritual questions.

Friends, why don't we all make a concentrated effort this week to invite someone we know to worship this coming Sunday? Bring a friend, encourage him or her to come and worship with us and come to Bible class. Let's open our arms and our hearts to more and more people who need the gospel. Say a good word about Christ and His church! Taking and applying a text from Jeremiah, may it never be said of us or our friends and loved ones, Harvest is past, summer is ended, and we are not saved." (Jeremiah 8:20)



This year's Annual Shawnee Area Leadership Dinner will be in Highland's new facilities at Tecumseh on E. Walnut beginning at 7 p.m. All elders, deacons, ministers, and their wives should be planning to attend.


We express our loving sympathy to Larry Smith in the loss of his sister, Doris Oldham who passed away Sunday morning. Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon at Exchange Avenue Baptist Church in Oklahoma City.


We are delighted that Steve Eaton is able to be with us again. Please put him in your membership directory at 1810 N. Harrison #M-163, Shawnee, OK 74804. His phone number is 273-2809.


To the Congregation of Central Church of Christ: Thank you so much for all the cards, prayers, and visits made for our mother and grandmother Elmira Qualls during her illness and passing. It was a tremendous comfort to our family. Thank you.

Love, Zane, Linda, Lucas, & Zachary Qualls


Clovie Dossey was admitted to Unity Health Center on Monday, room 407.
Louise Honaker had knee surgery at McBride Orthopedic Hospital, 9600 Broadway Ext. on Tuesday. She expects to be there two or three days.
Royce Peerson had surgery at Unity Health Center on Monday. Surgery went well. He is in room 214.
Harvey and Carletta Moore are returning from M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston sometime this week.
Sarah Smith is not doing well right now and would like to be remembered in your prayers.


Jearline Bates, Chad Beard, Virgil Beasley, Betty Bernard, Melba Boston, Bettie Boswell, Harold Carothers, James Childers, Ray Davis (Paul Harris' dad) Harold & Clydean Decker, Bill Fleming, Mary Gaines, John & Sue Hamilton (Sarah Smith's sister & brother-in-law), Barbara Hembree (aunt of Diane Lawerance), Roe Honaker, Anna Jarvis, Earnest Johnson (Yuavonda Sperry's uncle), Carol Mahnke, Mary Martin, Mike Martin (Jim & Cathy Pettyjohn's son-in-law) Don Allen McNutt, Harvey Moore, Niki Peltier, Polly Reece, Alice Rice, Millie Riley, Sarah Smith, Mary Sorensen, Chub & Dorothy Strickland, Floy Turner, Alvie Vanlandingham, Emma Wilson, Carl Worley, and Viola Yates All these members and friends have continuing health concerns or other special circumstances. They appreciate your interest and prayers


March 10, Annual Shawnee Area Leadership Dinner, Highland, Tecumseh, 7 p.m.

March 13-18 - Spring Break disaster relief trip to New Orleans by the Central congregations in Shawnee and Chandler

April 1, Ladies Day, Southwest, Ada, "Greenhouse of the Heart," Anne Coleman; see bulletin board

April 2, Daylight Saving Time begins

April 2 - 5, Gospel meeting, McLoud, Jess Whitlock

April 5, Ladies Class meets at 10:30 a.m.; monthly luncheon follows

April 27 - 30, Gospel meeting, Highland, Jim Sheerer of Chickasha

April 28, 29, "Building a Successful Stepfamily Conference, Northridge, $60 per couple or individual, Ron L. Deal, Southwest, Jonesboro, Arkansas; see bulletin board; call 275-4180 for additional details

May 6, 27th Annual Bible Teachers Workshop, "Encouraging the Encourager" (the Teacher), Eastside, Duncan; see bulletin board


Would you like a challenge? Take a garment, any garment that is scarlet or crimson and try to dye it white. If you have any luck, let me know. Yet, that which is impossible with man is possible with God.

Come now, let us reason together says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool. (Isaiah 1:18)

Sin is a stain so dark we cannot get rid of it on our own. It's as open and glaring as crimson. Yet some of us, as those of old, believe that if we follow the correct ritual in religion all will be well. Not so! Remember certain Jews under the Old Covenant who assembled for worship and were asked by God why they were trampling His courts? They brought their sacrifices and offerings, but God did not delight in them. They were worthless! And when they spread forth their hands to pray, God hid his eyes from them and would not listen. Why? It was all empty ceremony, and the Almighty would have none of it.

A change had to be made. A change in character. "Cease to do evil," God said. That's the beginning place. But mere negation is not salvation. There must be life unto God as well as death unto sin. "Learn to do good." Only then will God make our scarlet sins as white as snow, for this seemingly impossible act is conditioned upon us being "willing and obedient" (Isaiah 1:19)

In the gospel of Jesus Christ, remission of sins is a cardinal doctrine (Matthew 26:28; Luke 24:47; Acts 2:38). Even the worst kinds of sin - idolatry, impurity, murder, lying, rebelliousness, etc., are forgiven and the stain is removed!

Truly, God is "plenteous in mercy" He is able to save to the uttermost, and He will save you! "Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow." Thanks be to God who offers a new beginning.

John Gipson - Windsong Church of Christ, Little Rock

"As Christians we accept one foundational truth - God -
and everything else makes sense. An atheist denies God
and has to accept incredible explanations for everything else.
It takes more faith to deny God than to believe in Him.
John MacArthur -- 8^{)


Bible School 133
Worship Service 208
Sunday Evening 126
Wednesday Evening 110
Contribution $5,910.72


Sunday, March 12, 2006

Announcements:Ron Taffe
Opening Prayer:Dwyane Dennis
Song Director:Paul Harris
Scripture:Arik Parman
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Bob Stephens


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Sermon:Robert Prater
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