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Bulletin for Sunday Sunday 04/30/2006


with Robert Prater

This Sunday morning I will preach the last sermon in our recent series of lessons looking at "Undenominational Christianity." Our goal is simply to be the church which Jesus established. Jesus said that He would build His church (Mt. 16:18), and the apostle Paul wrote that there is only one body. (Eph. 4:4) Over the last 2,000 years of church history we have seen religious people stray away from the teaching of the New Testament concerning Jesus and His church.

Of course, historically speaking in America, during the early 1800's many people did in fact realize the tremendous need of not a "reformation" of Catholicism and Protestantism but a "restoration" of Jesus' church. The efforts of men like Thomas and Alexander Campbell and Barton W. Stone and others greatly contributed to this approach and concept of being undenominational Christians. We greatly appreciate these historical church leaders and the legacy they left behind. However, we are not members of a Stone-Campbell movement/heritage. We are simply Christians and want to be known only as members of Christ' church, not as followers of men.

We trace our spiritual roots back to the Christians of the New Testament. If we do the same thing the people in the first century did, then we can indeed be members of Christ' one church. In Acts 2, we see the beginning of that church. When the people on the Day of Pentecost became Christians and members of the church by faith, repentance and baptism in Christ (Acts 2:37-38, 41, 47) whose church were they members? Since there was only one church, the answer is obvious. The Lord added them to His church. (2:47) What were they called? Christians. What kind of Christians were they? They were just Christians - nothing more, nothing less. (See Acts 2:42; 11:26; 1 Cor. 1:10-17) Now, if we do what they did in the first century, of which church will we be members? The same church they were members! To whom does that church belong? Jesus

Friends it is my hope and prayer that we will be just simply Christians and members of the Lord's undenominational church you find and read about in the New Testament. It is also my prayer that religious people outside the Lord's church (and those within) will see the difference between New Testament Christianity and the substitute religions which have been made, consciously or unconsciously by human tradition.

If you'd like to obtain a tape of these and any other lessons presented at Central, they are recorded and made available Please write your requests down and place them in the tape box on the table in the foyer. It might be a good idea to give these lessons away to someone else who might be interested.



AM - You Can Be Just a Christian!

PM - Finale of Bible Question Series - Bible Translations


This past Sunday evening Carol Mahnke requested prayer that she might truly put Christ first in all her priorities and that she might find strength and wisdom in coping with her illness. We appreciate Carol for what she has always meant to this congregation and continues to mean today. She is a great example of faith among her brethren and her fellow employees at work. Keep praying for her.


Dear Congregation, Thank you for your cards and phone calls. Special thanks to the Masticks, Carters, Glendon and Juanita Combs, Lola Mullinax, and Jack & Wilma Hickman who provided prepared food and did grocery shopping. Your deeds are recorded for all eternity.

Thanks again, Anita Jacques

We have had a very good response from our ladies on being available to sit with our members that are ill or have had recent surgeries. Thank you to: Cleta Allen, Beverly Aylor, Nona Carter, Sara Epley, Ruby Holt, Anita Jacques, Carolyn Mastick, Dorothy Norton, Mazella Patterson, Ann Perry, Cathy Pettyjohn, Kathryn Shields, Fay Truesdell, Barbara Vanlandingham and Bertha Ann Young.


01 Jean Dossey

01 Jason Perry

06 John Aylor

07 Larry Reeves

07 Janet Stephens

10 James Reeves

11 Ed O'Neal

13 Don Allen McNutt

13 Geraldine Outlaw

13 Rita Romberg

15 Nancy Simmons

15 Jon Salter

19 Clavin Norwood

20 Analisa Beal

22 Margaret Hanifan

22 Louise Perry

25 Leslie Gettle

26 Virgil Beasley

26 Tim McGalliard

28 Jack Rye

28 Barbara Tucker

29 Jennifer Harmon

29 Lindsey Perry

31 John Webb


04 Charlie & Jean Dossey - 55th

11 Buddy & Fay Truesdell - 4th

12 Dave & Betty Emery - 5th

22 Chuck & Nona Carter - 55th

22 Boyd & Joann Cheney - 51st

30 Bill & Diane Lawerance - 37th

30 James & Joan Reeves - 52nd

We extend best wishes to all who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in May. We especially congratulate Charley and Jean Dossey and Chuck and Nona Carter on reaching the 55th Anniversary milestone.


Sarah Lawerance, daughter-in-law of Bill and Diane Lawerance, and wife of Billy Lawerance had major mandibular surgery on Monday, at Mercy Health Center. Surgery was very long and tedious, but successful. She will be hospitalized for 4 to 5 days.

Gerald (Snuffy) Smith had knee replacement surgery on Monday at Unity Health Center. Surgery went well and he is in room 304.

Paul Harris's dad Ray Davis, was taken to Baptist Medical Center on Saturday. He was in room 1055.

Ethel Fast was taken to Tecumseh Sunset Estates, room #8.

Please note this change in your directory. Erma Dean Farris will be with her family near Tulsa for several weeks and will have cataract surgery while she's there.

It was wonderful to have Rachel O'Neal able to be in services on Sunday morning.



Date O.T. Reading Date N.T. Reading
1 Kings 10,11 1 Luke 21:20-38
2 Kings 12,13 2 Luke 22:1-20
3 1 Kings 14,15 3 Luke 22:21-46
4 1 Kings 16,17,18 4 Luke 22:47-71
5 1 Kings 19,20 5 Luke 23:1-25
6 1 Kings 21,22 6 Luke 23:26-56
7 2 Kings 1,2,3 7 Luke 24:1-35
8 2 Kings 4,5,6 8 Luke 24:36-53
9 2 Kings 7,8,9 9 John 1:1-28
10 2 Kings 10,11,12 10 John 1:29-51
11 2 Kings 13,14 11 John 2
12 2 Kings 15,16 12 John 3:1-18
13 2 Kings 17,18 13 John 3:19-36
14 2 Kings 19,20,21 14 John 4:1-30
15 2 Kings 22,23 15 John 4:31-54
16 2 Kings 24,25 16 John 5:1-24
17 1 Ch. 1,2,3 17 John 5:25-47
18 1 Ch. 4,5,6 18 John 6:1-21
19 1 Ch. 7,8,9 19 John 6:22-44
20 1 Ch. 10,11,12 20 John 6:45-71
21 1 Ch. 13,14,15 21 John 7:1-27
22 1 Ch. 16,17,18 22 John 7:28-52
23 1 Ch. 19,20,21 23 John 8:1-27
24 1 Ch. 22,23,24 24 John 8:28-59
25 1 Ch. 25,26,27 25 John 9:1-23
26 1 Ch. 28,29 26 John 9:24-41
27 2 Ch. 1,2,3 27 John 10:1-23
28 2 Ch. 4,5,6 28 John 10:24-42
29 2 Ch. 7,8,9 29 John 11:1-29
30 2 Ch. 10,11,12 30 John 11:30-57
31 2 Ch. 13,14 31 John 12-1-26

Youth News

Bob Stephens

We have set the date to honor our high school seniors, it's Sunday, May 21. Seniors, and you know who you are, we need photos from birth all the way to where you are now in life. We also need to know some of your high school career achievements and what your plans are after high school. Kind of a short biography. If you have any questions about that stuff, talk to me or Janet and we'll help you out. We need these things by Sunday, May 6 if possible. I promise whatever you give us will be returned.

Don't forget the Burnt Cabin Camp applications. There are some in the foyer, on the youth bulletin board and in the youth house. All you have to do is turn it into the church office or hand to Rob or me. If you haven't come to camp before, now's the time to start. Don't let this opportunity to meet new people and to become closer to God pass you by! If you have questions about the camp there are several folks at Central you can talk to: Robert and Maggie Prater, Steve and Mary Kelly, Myself or Janet. (Camp is June 11- 17)


April 30, Sunday - AWTG Volleyball Tournament @ Tecumseh



April 27 - 30, Gospel meeting, Highland, Jim Sheerer of Chickasha, 7 p.m.

April 30, Central ladies luncheon following morning worship, Marcia Dennis, "All the Days of Her Life"

May 1, Tipton Home supply truck here. Special needs: corn meal, Miracle Whip, soy sauce, honey, cereal, Jell-O, Spray & Wash, glass cleaner, toilet paper, tissues

May 6, Elders/Deacons Planning Breakfast, 8 a.m. at Benton's Cafe

May 6, 27th Annual Bible Teachers Workshop, "Encouraging the Encourager" (the Teacher), Eastside, Duncan; see bulletin board

May 21, Graduation Reception honoring Nathan Kelly and Chris Nipper

"Satan's cause is never more in danger than when a human being,
no longer desiring, but still intending to do God's will,
looks around upon a world from which every trace of God seems to have
vanished and asks why he has been forsaken, yet still obeys."
C. S. Lewis -- 8^{)


Bible School 121
Worship Service 175
Sunday Evening 129
Wednesday Evening 127
Contribution $4,163.30


Sunday, April 30, 2006

Announcements:Tim McGalliard
Opening Prayer:Clavin Norwood
Song Director:Dwyane Dennis
Scripture:Austin Beard
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Buddy Truesdell


Tim NortonRoger Farris
Lynn HarmonBob Bivins


Sean ParmanScott Perry


Steve Kelly Herman Guin


Foyer:Steve & Mary Kelly
Elevator:Herman & Ruth Guin


Barbara VanlandinghamCheryl Miller


Jim Pettyjohn


Opening Prayer:Bill Lawerance
Song Director:Dwyane Dennis
Scripture:Chad Beard
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Jason Perry



Ron TaffePaul Harris


Classes for all ages

Song Leader:Adam Beard
Scripture:Sean Parman


Tracy Gettle
If unable to serve this week, notify Frank Romberg - 273-1297

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