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Bulletin for Sunday Sunday 05/14/2006


with Robert Prater

June 11 through 17 is the date for our camp session at Burnt Cabin Camp. If you have not turned in your camp applications, I encourage you to do so ASAP. You can pick up your application in the foyer, youth house, youth bulletin board, download a copy from wwwburntcabinyouth.com or call our church office and we will send you a copy. Camp is for all young people from the 3rd through the 12th grade. This year’s camp theme is Extreme Makeover: Christian Edition! We have an excellent counselor staff this year which includes eleven of our own members here at Central and lots of fun activities planned. More importantly, our young people will have the opportunity to obey the gospel, rededicate their lives to Christ, receive spiritual instruction and encouragement, and establish Christian friendships and relationships that can last for eternity.

I want to strongly urge all our members to encourage their children, grandchildren and their friends to consider attending this week of camp. We need to always support and value the work among our youth here at Central. Youth and childhood are prime time to get them involved, not adulthood. It is much more difficult later on in life. Many times they never do become involved and participate in the work and fellowship of the church.

Friends, I am very excited about the opportunities and advantages of Burnt Cabin camp becoming more and more an integral part of the Central congregation’s work for many years to come. To think about the tremendous potential for this camp to bless, strengthen, encourage involvement, and save souls in this location as a result of our work at Burnt Cabin is thrilling.

Of course summer is quickly approaching and with it will come a whole host of choices as to what we will do with our time and our hearts. The choices we make determine whether we thrive spiritually or weaken and die spiritually. Most of us are planning summer activities now. Yes, vacations, relaxation and recreation are good and even necessary things, but in the midst of all of that, the work of the church does not change. Let’s remain diligent and fervent in our service to the Lord. When we choose to put the Lord first, our potential and, consequently, Central’s potential grows. What more could we do here if everyone had truly committed hearts? So, let me urge you to make careful decisions about what you and your children seek this summer. Let’s dedicate ourselves to a summer surge at Central!

Finally, in addition to this coming Sunday being the Lord’s Day, the highlight of our week, it’s also Mother’s Day. This is a time in our nation when we honor all mothers in a special way. My mother has played a very key role in shaping the person I am today. If your mother is still alive, I hope you are able to spend some good time communicating and sharing your love and appreciation for her. May the Lord bless and keep all mothers and may their kind be multiplied.



AM – The Ideal Mother (Proverbs 31:10-31)

PM–The Gospel of Judas: An Extreme Makeover!


Many of us have been accustomed to watching "In Search of the Lord’s Way" every Sunday morning at eight on Channel 5. It will no longer be available at that time and station. However, you can still see the program at 7:30 a.m. on KSBI Channel 52 (cable-channel 37).


We are happy to report we had no one in the hospital at preparation time for The Gospel Guide.

Rosie Brightwell was scheduled for knee replacement surgery at Unity Health Center on Wednesday of this week.

Vivian Cross is scheduled for Cervical disc surgery on Monday at Mercy in Oklahoma City.

It was good seeing Anita Jacques, Virgil Beasley, and Hazel Lee Behrnes back in worship this past Sunday.

Former member Alice Williamson was scheduled for coronary bypass surgery at Baptist Medical Center on Monday of this week. Alice is the sister of Sue Riedel.


Jearline Bates, Chad Beard, Virgil Beasley, Betty Bernard, Melba Boston, Bettie Boswell, Harold Carothers, James Childers, Ray Davis (Paul Harris’ dad) Harold & Clydean Decker, Clovie Dossey, Ethel Fast, Bill Fleming, Mary Gaines, John & Sue Hamilton (Sarah Smith’s sister & brother-in-law), Roe Honaker, Anna Jarvis, Earnest Johnson (Yuavonda Sperry’s uncle), Carol Mahnke, Mary Martin, Don Allen McNutt, Harvey Moore, Ed O’Neal, Niki Peltier, Polly Reece, Alice Rice, Millie Riley, Sarah Smith, Mary Sorensen, Chub & Dorothy Strickland, Floy Turner, Alvie Vanlandingham, Cody Veteto (friend of Bob & Janet Stephens), Emma Wilson, Carl Worley, and Viola Yates All these members and friends have continuing health concerns or other special circumstances. They appreciate your interest and prayers



It seems like people in the brotherhood are getting more and more inclined to put labels on their fellow brethren. The latest "catch phrase" is, "Are you conservative or progressive?" It’s as if either choice is okay but you are either one or the other and, depending on who you ask, your refusal to accept either label will get you labeled a "fence straddler" and that’s akin to being lukewarm (Rev. 3:16). Both the conservatives and the progressives hold one another in scorn and do lots of posturing and grimacing if they learn that a Christian college is having one of them to speak at the upcoming lectureship.

In trying to identify where this church stands on "brotherhood issues", we need to clarify some key words:

1) If by "conservative" you mean faithful to God’s word, striving to not think beyond what is written" (1 Cor. 4:6), then we are proud to proclaim, "Yes, we are conservative!"

2) If by "progressive" you mean keeping up with the latest technology, computer programming and visual aids in order to be effective and efficient at communicating the word of God, then we are proud to proclaim, "Yes, we are progressive."


3) If by "conservative" you mean stubbornly holding to man-made traditions and doctrines (Matthew 7:7) when there are better, more intelligent and effective ways to carry out the great commission or conduct our worship of God, then NO, we are not conservative!

4) If by "progressive" you mean mindlessly following every fad and fantasy conjured in the minds of Christians trying to make our Lord’s church look like "just another denomination", then NO – we are not progressive!

Let’s be careful about those labels we’re trying to give one another!

Mike Suiter (Tipton Church of Christ Newsletter)

Youth News

Bob Stephens

We have two eighth graders to mention in this week’s bulletin.

Molly Gettle is graduating from North Rock Creek this year. Molly has been the president of the Junior National Honor Society for the year. She is also graduating third in her class. Molly plans to attend Shawnee High School next fall. Excellent work Molly!

Kenton McGalliard will be graduating from Shawnee Middle School in a couple of weeks. Kenton has been named "Most likely to succeed" by his classmates, and "Most Outstanding Student" by the faculty. He also plans to attend Shawnee High School next fall. Great work Kenton!

It’s not hard to believe these two, as well as all our kids, are such great examples for others around them. They have Christ in their lives and Christian parents encouraging them along the way.

Camp is coming up fast! June 11 – 17 are the dates for camp. Be sure to get your application in as soon as possible. Don’t miss out on a chance to enjoy the fun and fellowship that we always have at Burnt Cabin! Also, we will have camp T-shirts this year for camp. The cost is $10 and there is a sign-up sheet in the youth house if you want to purchase one. You need to get your T-shirt money to me by Sunday, the 14th.


May 20 – Saturday, Zoo Trip

May 21 – Sunday, Senior Reception

May 26 – 28, Fri-Sun, Spring Retreat

June 11 – 17, Burnt Cabin



May 21, Senior Reception honoring Nathan Kelly and Chris Nipper

May 29, Memorial Day, church office closed

June 11 – 17, Burnt Cabin Camp

Hope to see you here Sunday!

"Satan's cause is never more in danger than when a human being,
no longer desiring, but still intending to do God's will,
looks around upon a world from which every trace of God seems to have
vanished and asks why he has been forsaken, yet still obeys."
C. S. Lewis -- 8^{)


Bible School 133

Worship Service 201

Sunday Evening 128

Wednesday Evening 115

Contribution 4,900.17


Sunday, May 14, 2006

Announcements: Ron Taffe

Opening Prayer: Chuck Carter

Song Director: Dale Beard

Scripture: Kyle Parman

Sermon: Robert Prater

Closing Prayer: Jim Walling



Terry Lowe Jim Cross

Mitch Harmon Jim Carpenter


Howard Vanlandingham Nathan Kelly


Gene Norton Bob Stephens


Foyer: Gene & Dorothy Norton

Elevator: Bob & Janet Stephens


Ann Perry & Carolyn Root


John Aylor


Opening Prayer: Burl Vanlandingham

Song Director: Dale Beard

Scripture: Wade Baskin

Sermon: Robert Prater

Closing Prayer: Adam Beard



Buddy Truesdell Bob Seikel


Classes for all ages

Song Director: Austin Beard

Scripture: Ryan Parman


James Reeves

If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297

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