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Bulletin for Sunday Sunday 05/28/2006


with Robert Prater

Dan Brown's best selling novel and now blockbuster movie, The Da Vinci Code has raised numerous questions about the Jesus of Scriptures, about Mary Magdalene, about the formation of the Bible, about the authenticity of the Gospels, and about the historical claims of Christianity. Though Brown's book is merely a novel, it engages one of America's favorite pastimes - speculating in conspiracy theories, and has provoked widespread discussion about the Christian faith.

Josh Hardin wrote in the May 2006 issue of Think magazine, a publication put out by members of the church, "Rather than destroy the foundations of Christianity, the success of The Da Vinci Code has placed a rare opportunity before us. People who normally might be closed-minded about discussing Christianity now have questions that require answers, and yet they are unsure where to find them. It is our duty as Christians to know the arguments and evidence that proves the truth of Christianity, not just to refute The Da Vinci Code, but so that we may have an unshakeable foundation for our faith and so we will always be able to give a true answer in the face of any claim. (1 Pet. 3:15)"

Friends, I believe we need to view developments like these are teaching moments. (Eph. 5:15-16) Yet I also agree whole heartily with what Bobby Key, a gospel preacher wrote, "The Bible supplies us with evidence, but evidence constitutes proof only when the mind is open and honestly considers the evidence."

So on Sunday evening May 28 and June 4, we'll be looking at "Deciphering the Da Vinci Code." In these lessons we'll examine the evidence for the Bible and Christianity and also look at some of the controversial claims of Brown's book. This will be a wonderful opportunity to invite friends, family, co-workers, and neighbors to visit and ultimately learn the saving truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, which sets men free. (Jn. 8:31-32,36)


AM - What It Means To Be a Christian

PM - Deciphering the Da Vinci Code, part 1


We rejoice with Chris Nipper in his decision to be baptized into Christ last Monday evening. He was baptized by Bob Stephens as family and friends were present to witness. Chris is one of this years graduating seniors and he has made a wise decision to start his new life as a Christian. He is the son of Brian & Dena Nipper and grandson of Betty & Dave Emery.


We are delighted to have Barney and Jo Sneed as members of our congregation. They recently moved to Shawnee from Yukon and have already become acquainted with a number of us. They live at 1818 E. MacArthur, and their phone number is 878-9340. We rejoiced when they placed membership on Wednesday of last week. If you've not already met them, you'll want to do so right away. You'll be glad you did.


We extend our sympathy to the family of Margie Christesen, a former member at Central, who passed away on Saturday, May 20. Robert Prater directed services on Tuesday at Little Cemetery.


There will be a Ladies Day at Wellston on Saturday, June 3, from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. The day will feature Nellie Caldwell from Chandler, Patricia or Jeri Fuchs from Davenport, Judy Hurst from Stroud, Bonnie Hutton from Prague, and Colleen Hendrix from Wellston. Refreshments will be served during registration from 9 to 9:30 a.m. There will be a salad luncheon at noon.


To My Christian Family,

Thanks for all the prayers, visits, cards & calls and the love showed to me during my recent surgery. I am doing real good, I think. Thanks again, Your Sister in Christ, Doris Phillips


02 Leoh Roberts - 91!

03 Emily Perry

03 Lisa Webb

04 Alexis Norwood

04 Phyllis Scheidt

08 Kyle Parman

09 Terry Banta

09 Alice Rice

12 LaDonna Vanlandingham

12 Emma Wilson

13 Denise Beard

14 Earl Finch

15 Nancy Harber

15 Kenton McGalliard

15 Jeff Todd

17 June Lowe

19 Mary Kelly

20 Arthur Epperson

20 Alvie Vanlandingham - 104 !!!!

21 Arlene Riley

21 Darlene Todd

22 Bertha Ann Young

24 Tracy Gettle

25 Cathy Harmon

27 Irene Coffman

27 Joe Magee

28 Frank Romberg

29 Pam Baskin

29 Brittany Harmon

29 Arik Parman

30 Zane Qualls

30 Debbie Taffe


01 Jim & Linda Carpenter - 38th

01 Harold & Clydean Decker - 39th

04 Jim & Cathy Pettyjohn - 47th

05 Scott & Tamara Perry - 13th

05 Bill & Cathy Rose - 8th

06 Glendon & Juanita Combs - 60th!

07 Ben & Alice Salter - 37th

16 Chris & Karen Hilditch - 28th

18 Smiley & Nancy Irelan - 40th

21 Kenneth & Sarah Epley - 53rd

23 Dwyane & Marcia Dennis - 47th

25 Floyd & Juanita Davis - 56th

25 Ed & Rachel O'Neal - 4th

We express our very best wishes to those celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in June. We especially honor A.L. Vanlandingham on his 104th birthday and Leoh Roberts on her 91st. We also extend our best to Glendon & Juanita Combs on reaching their 60th Wedding Anniversary and Smiley and Nancy Irelan on reaching the 40th.



Date O.T. Reading Date N.T. Reading
1 2 Ch. 15,16 1 John 12:27-50
2 2 Ch. 17,18 2 John 13:1-20
3 2 Ch. 19,20 3 John 13:21-38
4 2 Ch. 21,22 4 John 14
5 2 Ch. 23,24 5 John 15
6 2 Ch.25,26,27 6 John 16
7 2 Ch. 28,29 7 John 17
8 2 Ch. 30,31 8 John 18:1-18
9 2 Ch. 32,33 9 John 18:19-40
10 2 Ch. 34,35,36 10 John 19:1-22
11 Ezra 1,2 11 John 19:23-42
12 Ezra 3,4,5 12 John 20
13 Ezra 6,7,8 13 John 21
14 Ezra 9,10 14 Acts 1
15 Neh. 1,2,3 15 Acts 2:1-21
16 Neh. 4,5,6 16 Acts 2:22-47
17 Neh. 7,8,9 17 Acts 3
18 Neh. 10,11 18 Acts 4:1-22
19 Neh. 12,13 19 Acts 4:23-37
20 Esther 1,2 20 Acts 5:1-21
21 Esther 3,4,5 21 Acts 5:22-42
22 Esther 6,7,8 22 Acts 6
23 Esther 9,10 23 Acts 7:1-21
24 Job 1,2 24 Acts 7:22-43
25 Job 3,4 25 Acts 7:44-60
26 Job 5,6,7 26 Acts 8:1-25
27 Job 8,9,10 27 Acts 8:26-40
28 Job 11,12,13 28 Acts 9:2-21
29 Job 14,15,16 29 Acts 9:22-43
30 Job 17,18,19 30 Acts 10:1-23


Bill Combs experienced a stroke while at the lake early Thursday morning of last week. He was admitted to Unity Health Center and transferred to the VA Hospital in Oklahoma City this past Monday to see a neurologist. He is in room 6A104 Bed 2. Please remember Bill in your prayers.

Vivian Cross is progressing well following back surgery.

Doris Phillips is doing real well following knee surgery last week. It was good having her in services Sunday.

It was also good to have Irene Coffman in services Sunday morning.

Youth News

Bob Stephens

Thanks to everyone who helped with the Senior Reception Sunday evening. It was wonderful. We all enjoyed time spent honoring our seniors, Chris and Nathan.

This weekend the teens will be traveling to Marlow, OK for our spring retreat. We plan to leave at 4:00 P.M. Friday afternoon and return by 4:00 P.M. on Sunday afternoon. We will be hanging out at my folk's lake house and traveling to Lawton Saturday to the wildlife reserve for some sight seeing and hiking. After worship Sunday morning and lunch, we will pack up and head home. "What do I need to bring?" you may be asking yourself. The typical camp stuff; sleeping bags, towels, pillows, Bibles, snacks, games, etc. and the usual insurance info on the release I will hand out Wednesday evening. Also, we will be eating out on Friday night, so bring some cash for dinner. If you have any questions just ask.

After church camp (TURN IN THOSE APPLICATIONS) and before Vacation Bible School, we have a trip to Texas planned. July 7 & 8 (Friday and Saturday) we will be going to a Rangers game Friday evening and to the Grapevine Mills Mall on Saturday. The cost for the Rangers game is $15.00. I'm still working out arrangements on lodging. If you are interested in going, sign the sheet in the Youth House. Again, any questions, just ask!


May 26 - 28, Fri-Sun, Teen Spring Retreat

June 5, Monday, AWTG @ Northridge

June 11 - 17, Burnt Cabin

July 7 & 8, Texas trip


May 31, Quarterly singing

May 29, Memorial Day, church office closed

Hope to see you here Sunday!

"Satan's cause is never more in danger than when a human being,
no longer desiring, but still intending to do God's will,
looks around upon a world from which every trace of God seems to have
vanished and asks why he has been forsaken, yet still obeys."
C. S. Lewis -- 8^{)


Bible School 117
Worship Service 182
Sunday Evening 144
Wednesday Evening 117
Contribution $4,208.55


Sunday, May 28, 2006

Announcements:Bob Seikel
Opening Prayer:Babe Doyle
Song Director:Steve Kelly
Scripture:Ryan Parman
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Mitch Harmon


Austin Beard Jim Walling
Terry Lowe Jason Perry


John Aylor Glendon Combs


Gene Norton Tim McGalliard


Foyer:Gene & Dorothy Norton
Elevator:Tim & Janice McGalliard


Janet Stephens Paula Harris


Ron Taffe


Opening Prayer:Robert Perry
Song Director:Steve Kelly
Scripture:Jason Perry
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Terry Banta



Sean Parman Jim Cross


Classes for all ages

Song Leader:Paul Harris
Scripture:Kyle Parman


Howard Vanlandingham
If unable to serve this week, notify Frank Romberg - 273-1297

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