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Bulletin for Sunday Sunday 06/25/2006


with Robert Prater

We had a tremendous week at Burnt Cabin Camp. 110 campers and 23 counselors joined us this year, including a total of 21 campers and 11 counselors who came from Central. There was one baptism and one prayer request during the week. Our theme was Extreme Makeover: Christian Edition! "Change from the Inside, Reflected on the Outside." What a wonderful series this was to study with our campers and to see the growth and Christ-like change in them by the end of the week. Thanks so much to all who helped make this week special for our campers. A very special thanks goes out to all who helped sponsor a camper. Your generosity is very much appreciated. All those from Central helped so much to make this week a great success. I love you all and thank God for your service in this effort. I'm already looking forward to next year!

I hope you were both spiritually encouraged and challenged by the presentation Bob Perry gave to us Sunday morning concerning some goals that have now been set for us here at Central. From the information and input you gave from the recent Congregational questionnaire/survey forms, our elders have carefully examined, discussed, prayed and now planned a course of action. As a result, they have now placed before us some goals to reach.

Our first goal is to increase the average attendance on Sunday morning worship 10% to 220 for a six week average. Bob also presented some opportunities and things that we can all do both collectively and individually to help work towards attaining this goal. Friends, these plans and goals are just the beginning and will hopefully spur us onward to more involvement and outreach and lead to future spiritual and numerical growth. Central is at a critical junction in its history. It is vitally important that we support our elders as they lead us.

Finally, the changes that have occurred in teaching aids since the arrival of computer technology are mind boggling. Teaching methods have advanced incredibly since the old "white sheet sermons", chalk and blackboard sermons and even the overhead projector and white boards. Power Point is the teaching tool of the day. As a result, you have all probably noticed the newly built sound desk/booth at the back of the auditorium. Certainly if you were here on Sunday morning you saw our new Power Point projector and screen used in Bob's presentation. We have also experimented some recently on Wednesday nights and hope to fine tune some more in the next couple of weeks before we begin using it on a regular basis in our services.

Friends, we hope to be able to use this technology for good in our times of worship and other special events and programs we have in our auditorium. We look to increase our capabilities more and more with the projector to enhance the announcements, song services, sermon lessons, special mission reports and other presentations. Our thanks goes out to all the people who have helped install and worked so hard on the formation of this new technology system. Our thanks especially is given to Scott Perry for all his countless hours, energy, and expertise in helping to manage and coordinate this process.



We extend our heartfelt sympathy to Yuavonda Sperry in the loss of her uncle Earnest Johnson on Sunday morning. Mr. Johnson was the husband of the late Vesta Johnson and the brother-in-law of the late Edna LaViness both of whom were longtime members at East Main and Central. Graveside funeral services are scheduled for Friday June 23 at 10 a.m. at Resthaven.


01 Floy Turner - 90th !!!

01 Glenn Watson

02 Alice Salter

03 Chad Beard

04 Sarah Smith

06 Glen Finch

07 Buddy Truesdell

09 Angie K. Gober

09 Sue Merritt

09 Dale Tucker

10 Don Brightwell

10 Judy Wills

12 Molly Gettle

14 Dave Emery

15 Angela Pickard

17 Bill Rose

18 Juanita Davis

19 Ann Bivins

20 Nami Norton

20 Ben Salter

20 Warren Stone

23 Gene Norton

23 Verna Burton

25 Barney Sneed

25 Chub Strickland

26 Dwyane Dennis

27 Tad McGalliard


04 Vince & LaDonna Vanlandingham - 4th

05 Robert & Maggie Prater - 9th

06 John & Beverly Aylor - 44th

12 Joe & Amber Curtis - 15th

14 Tracy & Mary Gettle - 22nd

14 Jeff & Darlene Todd - 9th

14 Burl & Barbara Vanlandingham - 44th

19 Mitch & Jennifer Harmon - 5th

19 John & Lisa Webb - 15th

20 Don & Rosie Brightwell - 50th !!!

24 Dale & Denise Beard - 25th !!!

26 George & Dora Tate - 2nd

28 Tim & Janice McGalliard - 18th

We extend our best wishes to those who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in July. We especially congratulate Floy Turner on her 90th birthday, Don and Rosie Brightwell on their 50th Wedding Anniversary, and Dale and Denise Beard on their 25th Wedding Anniversary.


I want to thank all my brothers and sisters in Christ for their prayers. And for the many get well cards. And the food that was brought helped during those first few days at home when I wasn't able to do anything. And the visits before I went into the hospital helped so much. I am looking forward to being able to come back to church. Thank you, brother Robert for being there before and after my surgery.

Beverly MacMillan


Norma Edgmon had knee replacement surgery at Baptist Medical Center on Monday. She is in room 654, Bed 2.

Fred Phillips is scheduled for surgery at Unity North on Friday morning. Please be praying for him and Doris.

Dora Tate requests that you remember her granddaughter Stevi Renee Luke who is seriously ill with hepatitis in a Lodi, California hospital. She also requests your prayers for another granddaughter Tina Renee Colson who is experiencing a very difficult pregnancy in Chandler, Arizona.


June 25 - 28, Gospel Meeting, Church of Christ at Paden with Bro. Carroll Sites, 7 p.m.

July 3 - 4 Independence Day; church office closed

July 7-8, Statewide Gospel Meeting, Cox Convention Center, Jack Paul preaching "All About Jesus!", Ken Helterbrand & George Shirley singing, 7 p.m.

July 17 - 21, Central's VBS

September 17 - 20, Central's Gospel Meeting with Kent Allen, Memorial Rd., OKC

Youth News

Bob Stephens

Church camp is a great time to grow and have fun and last week was as good as it gets! Hats off to Rob for doing an excellent job as director. Of course, we all know that Maggie was right by his side in all the planning, so thank you Maggie. Everything went so smoothly you would have never guessed it was his first solo flight as director.

And our kids, what can I say. The Central kids are absolutely the best! They showed maturity and leadership all week long. They chipped in and did things that weren't expected from other campers. They never let us down. Below is a long list of accomplishments and awards they received for the week.

Volleyball Allstars:

Nathan Kelly, Austin Beard, Mariah Bollinger, Wade Baskin, P.J. Perry & Jason Perry

Softball Allstars:

Leslie Gettle, Molly Gettle, Jaclyn Morgan, Kimberly Leivas

Third Place Sports Award (Team #6):

Austin Beard, Peter Ortega, Mariah Bollinger

Second Place Sports Award (Team #4)

Brandon Gober, Alicia Myrick, Molly Gettle

First Place Sports Award and Sweepstakes (Team #3):

Courtney Baskin

Sportsmanship Award for Girls:

Courtney Baskin

Intermediate Duchess:

Crystal Gray

Senior King:

Nathan Kelly

Outstanding Intermediate Girl Camper:

Jaclyn Morgan

Outstanding Intermediate Boy Camper:

Kyle Perry

Outstanding Senior Boy Camper:

Jason Perry

Senior Spike Winners:

Courtney Baskin, Nathan Kelly, Jason Perry

Director's Award:

Nathan Kelly

Thank you to everyone who made it possible for everyone to go. Your contribution was more than money, it was an investment in the young souls.

Our trip to the Rangers game is coming up fast! The actual cost per ticket is $17.50 each. That's a little more than previously reported, but we aren't paying for lodging, so that's a plus. I have 15 tickets, so it's first come, first served. The sign-up sheet will be with me, so come see me.


July 7 & 8, Texas trip

"When you say that a situation or a person is hopeless,
you are slamming the door in the face of God."
Charles L. Allen -- 8^{)


Bible School 100
Worship Service 168
Sunday Evening 125
Wednesday Evening 109
Contribution $4,056.01


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Announcements:Roger Farris
Opening Prayer:Ron Taffe
Song Director:Dwyane Dennis
Scripture:Wade Baskin
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Geoff Root


Austin Beard Gene Norton
TKenton McGalliard Bob Bivins


Lynn Harmon Sean Parman


Bob Perry James Reeves



Foyer:Bob & Louise Perry
Elevator:James & Joan Reeves
Cathy Pettyjohn Barbara Vanlandingham


Buddy Truesdell


Opening Prayer:Bob Seikel
Song Director:Dwyane Dennis
Scripture:Austin Beard
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Ron Dunavan



Terry Lowe Steve Kelly


Classes for all ages

Song Leader:Paul Harris
Scripture:Chad Beard


Roger Farris
If unable to serve this week, notify Frank Romberg - 273-1297

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