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Bulletin for Sunday Sunday 07/30/2006


Robert Prater

Central's 2006 Vacation Bible School was an enormous success this year! The theme this year was "God's ALL-Stars" = Champions of Faith! Each day the children enjoyed a dramatic Bible lesson presented in the auditorium, had classroom periods, watched puppet skits, made crafts, played games, enjoyed snacks from the "concession stand" and of course sang lots of songs.

We greatly increased our numbers from last year. We averaged 82 children everyday. Monday: 73 Tuesday: 78 Wednesday: 82 Thursday: 85 Friday: 90!! There were over 100 children who came at least one day during the week. Counting children, teenagers, and adult workers we had between 120-130 each day. The official count for Friday night's Open House program was 218! Over 100 of those who attended were visitors from the community. It was so exciting to visit with so many of these afterwards outside on the youth house lawn while they enjoyed a hotdog, cold pop and a snow cone and watched their kids play games and have "a ball" in our giant moonwalk sports theme bounce! Soon we will be following up with these and delivering a CD package with the VBS slideshow and information about the Central congregation.

Friends, I am so encouraged and thankful at the overwhelming show of support that this congregation gave our VBS, the late nights, and countless hours of hard work and preparation. There are so many people to thank, and I want each one of you to know that I appreciate your selfless dedication. There is no way that I can mention everyone involved, but below is a small list of people that made VBS possible.

Teachers and Story Tellers: Tamie Perry, Analisa Beal, Fay Truesdell, Cheryl Miller, Mary Gettle, Lindsey Perry, Louise Perry, Vivian Cross, Lori Farris, Maggie Prater, Sue Merritt, Ann Perry, Carolyn Root, Tim and Janice McGalliard, Mary Kelly, and Bob and Janet Stephens.

Craft workers: Paula Harris, Denise Beard, Marcia Dennis, Betty Emery, Mitch Harmon, Cathy Harmon.

Games: Pam Baskin

Refreshment helpers: Jim and Cathy Pettyjohn and Linda Carpenter. Also a special thanks goes out to Jim Carpenter for making our great looking "concession stand".

Van Drivers: Howard Vanlandingham, Jim Pettyjohn, and James Reeves. (We ran both the van & bus and picked up over 25 kids every day)

Teenagers: They moved tables and chairs and anything else we asked them to do, some worked in classrooms, crafts, games, puppets, and all helped in conducting our dramatic Bible stories. We may not have the largest youth group, but what counts is that we have a spiritually minded and Christ-like serving group of young people!


There were so many others who played a crucial role and worked behind the scenes in VBS. I want to thank those people who helped with decorations, baked and brought cookies, helped serve on Friday Night during our Open House program, donated money, and invited and brought children to VBS.

There are some special people that also deserve some special credit. Rita Romberg is responsible for the great majority of all decorations around the building. VBS would not be the same without her creativity and great ideas and enthusiasm. Maggie Prater for the teacher's preparatory work and overall help to other workers and especially to me (Must be why I married her!) Bob Stephens for making the street banners, awesome puppet stage, and the great looking large size "champion of faith" posters and also printing a smaller "baseball card" size for every kid to take home each day. Scott Perry for taking off work each morning to help run the PowerPoint projector and for the time he spent in putting together the VBS Slideshow, and for finding us a snow cone machine and helping operate it on Friday night. Jim Pettyjohn, he basically played "all positions" and volunteered and did just about anything I needed him to do from kitchen help, taking all of our VBS pictures, helping setup for Friday night, driving the van, etc.

The next time you see all these workers, let them know how much you appreciate their hard work. These are the people responsible for VBS; these are the real "All-Stars" here at Central! What a beautiful example of so many coming together to offer such an outstanding program to our congregation and community. Soon, we'll have a meeting to evaluate this year and make plans for next year! May the Lord our God bless us all as we continue to serve in His kingdom.

-- Robert -- (robprater@sbcglobal.net)


We are so pleased to announce that Colin Tucker was baptized into Christ on Thursday afternoon by Dwyane Dennis. Colin is the eleven year old son of Lloyd & Tess Tucker who are visiting from Florida. He is the grandson of Carol Mahnke and the nephew of Lori Farris and Evelyn Dunavan.


04 Norma Edgmon

04 Doris Phillips

05 Karen Hilditch

05 Bill Lawerance

07 Ron Dunavan

07 Sandon Hilditch

08 Brianna Perry

08 Charlotte Seikel

10 Jennifer Hudgins

11 George Mastick

12 Sarah Epley

13 Steve Eaton

13 Anthony Kane Harmon

13 Lucas Qualls

15 Dale Beard

15 Louise Dixson

18 Dennis Parmer

19 MariahBolinger (Vanlandingham)

20 Chris Hilditch

20 Margie Stone

21 Tim Norton, Sr.

22 Mary Jo Fleming

22 Devin Riley

23 Nina Baylis

23 Ruth Guin

24 Vesta Mays

23 Polly Reese = 90th !!!

26 Mary Gaines

27 Noma Epperson

27 Louise Honaker

29 Hazel Lee Behrnes

30 Linda Qualls

31 Nancy Irelan


03 Earl & Judy Finch = 40th

03 Paul & Paula Harris = 44th

04 Lynn & Cathy Harmon = 33rd

04 Steve & Mary Kelly = 34th

05 Greg & Analisa Beal = 7th

06 Adam & Misti Beard = 1st

14 George & Carolyn Mastick = 46th

16 L.B. & Rachel Hall = 65th

16 Fred & Doris Phillips = 25th

17 Jim & Vivian Cross = 43rd

18 Dennis & Donna Parmer = 28th

We extend our best wishes to all who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in August. We especially congratulate Polly Reese on her 90th birthday. We also offer special words of congratulations to L.B. & Rachel Hall on their 65th Wedding Anniversary, to Earl & Judy Finch on their 40th, and to Fred & Doris Phillips on their 25th.



Date O.T. Reading Date N.T. Reading
1 Ps. 57,58,59 1 Romans 4
2 Ps. 60,61,62 2 Romans 5
3 Ps. 63,64,65 3 Romans 6
4 Ps. 66,67 4 Romans 7
5 Ps. 68,69 5 Romans 8:1-21
6 Ps. 70,71 6 Romans 8:22-39
7 Ps. 72,73 7 Romans 9:1-15
8 Ps. 74,75,76 8 Romans 9:16-33
9 Ps. 77,78 9 Romans 10
10 Ps. 79,80 10 Romans 11:1-18
11 Ps. 81,82,83 11 Romans 11:19-36
12 Ps. 84,85,86 12 Romans 12
13 Ps. 87,88 13 Romans 13
14 Ps. 89,90 14 Romans 14
15 Ps. 91,92,93 15 Romans 15:1-13
16 Ps. 94,95,96 16 Romans 15:14-33
17 Ps. 97,98,99 17 Romans 16
18 Ps. 100,101,102 18 1 Cor. 1
19 Ps. 103,104 19 1 Cor. 2
20 Ps. 105,106 20 1 Cor. 3
21 Ps. 107,108,109 21 1 Cor. 4
22 Ps. 110,111,112 22 1 Cor. 5
23 Ps. 113,114,115 23 1 Cor. 6
24 Ps. 116,117,118 24 1 Cor. 7:1-19
25 Ps. 119:1-88 25 1 Cor. 7:20-40
26 Ps. 119:89-176 26 1 Cor. 8
27 Ps. 120,121,122 27 1 Cor. 9
28 Ps. 123,124,125 28 1 Cor. 10:1-18
29 Ps. 126,127,128 29 1 Cor. 10:19-33
30 Ps. 129,130,131 30 1 Cor. 11:1-16
31 Ps. 132,133,134 31 1 Cor. 11:17-34


To our church family, The azalea plant was just beautiful, and to each of you I want to thank you for the lovely cards, phone calls, visits, and prayers. We enjoyed that so much, for we missed our Christian family and not being able to attend church. We deeply appreciate all who sang. It was truly beautiful. I also want to thank the ladies for the wonderfully delicious food they prepared for our family.

The family of J.W. "Chub" Strickland

To the Monday Night Ladies Group, Thank you so much for all the goodies you sent by Marcia. It was greatly appreciated.

Love, Dot (Dorothy Strickland)


At publication time, Altha Smith remained in room 206 at Unity Health Center.

Larry Bowers, son of Fred Bowers, was in room 217 and was scheduled for angioplasty and a stint at Oklahoma Heart Hospital on Wednesday.

Chuck Carter had surgery at Unity Health Center on Monday and went home the same day.

Gaylord Sanders, grandfather of Analisa Beal has been dismissed from Mercy Health Center following major surgery last week. He is doing well.

Virgil Beasley is to have cataract surgery on Tuesday of next week.

Ann Perry has been under the weather for several days and is still having tests.

Ruth Autrey has been homebound for several weeks.

Thelma Franklin has been ill at home for a number of days.

Marcia Dennis's surgery went well last week, and she was in worship Sunday.

It was good seeing Dorothy Strickland in our worship Sunday.


July 30, Graduation party for Marcus (Hoover) Carter 2128 W. Benedict, 2 p.m. See Dwyane or Marcia Dennis or Bob or Janet Stephens for group gift.

August 5, Saturday, BLOOD DRIVE 9 am.- noon, signup sheet in foyer

September 17 = 20, Central's Gospel Meeting with Kent Allen, Memorial Rd., OKC

October 13-15, Silver Dollar City Church of Christ weekend

Youth News

Bob Stephens


July 29, Saturday, Work Day at Oklahoma Food Bank

July 31, Monday, AWTG at S.W./Ada

Aug. 7, Monday, AWTG at Westwood/Edmond

Aug. 14, Monday, Annual Float Trip, see Bob for details!

Hope to see you here Sunday!


"D. L. Moody once said that at a certain meeting two and a half people
were converted to Christ. A friend asked if he meant two adults
and a child. The facts were just the opposite - two children
and an adult. When a child is led to Christ, a whole life is saved!"
Dwight L. Moody -- 8^{)


Bible School 129
Worship Service 198
Sunday Evening 151
Wednesday Evening 117
Contribution $4,065.80


Sunday, July 30, 2006

Announcements:Bob Seikel
Opening Prayer:Bob Perry
Song Director:Adam Beard
Scripture:Sean Parman
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Glendon Combs


Gerald Smith Steve Kelly
James Reeves Jim Carpenter


Brian Nipper Joe Curtis


Robert Perry Frank Romberg


Foyer:Robert & Ann Perry
Elevator:Frank & Rita Romberg


Ann Perry Carolyn Root


Terry Lowe


Opening Prayer:Gene Norton
Song Director:Nathan Kelly
Scripture:Arik Parman
Sermon:Robert Prater
Closing Prayer:Jim Pettyjohn



Austin Beard Jason Perry


Classes for all ages

Song Leader:Clavin Norwood
Scripture:Ryan Parman


Terry Banta
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