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Bulletin for Sunday Sunday 11/19/2006


with Robert Prater

We have once again another tremendous opportunity to serve and show Christ to the most needy in our community with our upcoming Warmth from the Heart coat distribution on Saturday, December 2. Ron and Debbie Taffe continue doing an excellent job of organizing and planning this outreach ministry. There are opportunities for every member of the congregation to actively participate in this work. Even if you can't be involved in the actual day itself, there are other ways to help out in this work. We are still in need for donations of coats, caps and gloves. We especially need children sizes 8-18 and teens and adult sizes 1X-3X. If you don't have the time to buy these items, please consider giving Ron or Debbie some money and they will be more than happy to go purchase them.

The gospels record sixty encounters of Jesus with others, individuals or groups. Eight were with those of high standing; twelve were with average people like us; and forty were with the hurting, the poor, hungry, sick, downcast and downtrodden. On them it is repeatedly said that He had compassion. (Mt. 9:36; Mk. 6:34) To our hurting world the only eyes, ears, hands and feet Jesus has are ours! Becoming the heart of Jesus is our mission. We are His instruments for doing good in this world.

The simple fact of the matter is that part of our eternal destiny depends upon how we treat others. In the sheep and goat judgment of Matthew 25, eternal destiny was based on whether or not compassion was extended. Christianity includes seeing and serving the Jesus in others.

We need to always understand that compassion is a personal response. Let the words of Jesus echo in our ears, "I was hungry, thirsty, a stranger, naked, sick, in prison; and you cared enough to look after me." I had a need, and you showed me compassion. If God rules our lives, we will be compassionate.

The reality is that serving Jesus is accomplished by serving others. "As often as you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to me." (Matthew 25:40) How we treat one another is how we treat God. The Hebrew writer tells us some have unknowingly entertained angels by serving others. (Heb. 13:2) The Priest, and Levite saw a bloody body on the side of the road, the Good Samaritan saw Jesus.

Paul urges us to become living sacrifices. (Romans 12:1-2) He says this is a reasonable response to what God has done for us. The only question that remains for us is: Are we willing?



We extend our sympathy to Vesta Mays in the loss of her daughter-in-law, Delores Mays, of Midwest City. Funeral services were conducted at Candelwood Chapel in Oklahoma City on Saturday. The interment was the following Monday.


Gene Norton's surgery went well on Monday, and he was able to return home that same day.

Jim Cross had a stint implant at Oklahoma Heart Hospital on Tuesday.

Jim and Vivian Cross's daughter, Kelly Ward, is experiencing several health problems at this time.

Nadine Magee was able to return home Monday morning.

Sarah Smith's shoulder surgery was postponed last week due to health issues. It was good to see her and Larry in worship Sunday.

Dale Beard's mother, Vada Beard, is scheduled for outpatient surgery on Thursday in Altus.

Harvey Moore is still in Houston undergoing evaluation and treatment at M.D. Anderson Hospital.

Melba Boston remains ill at home.

Mazella Patterson requests your prayers in behalf of her brother, Beuel Roberts who had surgery for a malignancy at Methodist Hospital in Ft. Worth last week, also for her nephew, Bob Airhart, who had a malignant kidney removed at Hot Springs.

Maggie Prater is scheduled to have a boy by c-section in Midwest City on Friday of this week.

We all seem to have family members or friends serving in our armed forces. Please continue to remember them in your prayers.


Ron and Debbie Taffe would like to thank all who have volunteered to help with the Warmth from the Heart coat giveaway on December 2. We now have enough volunteers but would be happy to put more to work. The greatest need at this time is for children's sizes 8 - 18 and teens and adult sizes XLG - 3S.


For the past nine years I have been overseeing the funeral dinners. In the future Buddy Truesdell is going to oversee this mission. He has four teams of volunteers ready. The team leaders are: Beverly Aylor, Linda Carpenter, Carolyn Mastick and Debbie Taffe. I know, as always, you will continue to respond to them as you always have. I just wanted to THANK YOU all for being so willing to bring whatever dish I asked for. A special thanks to Bob, Jim & Vivian and Vonda for being my helpers. Ann [Bivins]


The church office is missing some of the older copies of the Gospel Guide. December 13, 1942 and December 6, 1942; December 21, 1944; From November 7, 1952 - June 10, 1954; January 1, 1946 - February 27, 1946; March 9, 1969 - April 10, 1969. If you have any of the above, may we borrow to make a copy of it. Any old membership directories, photographs or church related material of historical significance you would be willing to part with or loan to us to copy, would be greatly appreciated.

A team is already working on the centennial celebration to be held next year. If you would like to submit names and addresses of former members to receive a special invitation please turn them into the office.


November 18, Hayride at the Stephens', 5 P.M.

November 23, 24, Thanksgiving; church office closed

Youth News

Bob Stephens

It was great to have the youth group from Northridge at worship with us Sunday evening. This was the second time in as many months we've gotten together with them for worship and fellowship. Thanks to Rita and Frank Romberg, Bob and Louise Perry, Mary Gettle and Denise Beard for helping with our dinner. Also thanks to Molly and Leslie Gettle for sticking around after it was all over to help with the final clean up. Thanks ladies! Don't forget about the LTC sign up! The sign up sheets are on the youth bulletin board by the offices. Anyone in 3rd through 12th grade is encouraged to join in the great experience of LTC. The sign up sheets will be out til the end of November. Don't let this opportunity to grow in service to the Lord pass you by! If you have any questions about LTC just ask anyone who's participated in the past, they'll fill you in on what's involved.

Our annual Hayride is this Saturday the 18th at our place and everyone is invited. The weather man says it's gonna be really nice. The fun will start at 5:00 p.m. If you need directions, here they are: Take Hwy. 3 (Highland) east out of Shawnee approx. 5 miles to 4 way stop (red flashing lights). Turn right (south) onto Hwy. 9 A, go 2 miles to Hardesty Rd., turn left (east), then 1 mile to stop sign, go straight and enter the first gate past the intersection on the south (right). Our address is 49085 Hardesty Rd. The hotdogs and buns will already be there. All you need to bring is something to cook them on (a hanger), lawn chairs and old shoes (we got cows out here). If you would like to bring something else see Janet.


November 18, Saturday - Hay-Ride at the Stephens @5:00 p.m.

There's a place for YOU

in Bible School!

"Jesus Christ is not valued at all until He is valued above all."
Augustine -- 8^{)


Bible School 152
Worship Service 192
Sunday Evening 145
Wednesday Evening 120
Contribution $4,834.11


Sunday, November 19, 2006

Announcements:Burl Vanlandingham
Opening Prayer:Bob Seikel
Song Director:Dale Beard
Scripture:Jason Perry
Sermon:Dwyane Dennis
Closing Prayer:Steve Kelly


Frank BurtonBob Perry
Terry LoweGerald Smith


Clavin NorwoodJason Perry


Gene Norton Frank Romberg


Foyer:Gene & Dorothy Norton
Elevator:Frank & Rita Romberg


Linda CarpenterDiane Lawerance


George Mastick


Steve KellyRon Taffe


Opening Prayer:Buddy Truesdell
Song Director:Austin Beard
Scripture:Chad Beard
Sermon:Dwyane Dennis
Closing Prayer:Bill Lawerance



Terry BantaTim McGalliard


Classes for all ages

Song Leader:Steve Kelly
Scripture:Austin Beard


Tracy Gettle
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