Bulletin for Sunday 01/07/2007

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with Robert Prater

It is always good to be back home with you once again.   I am very thankful to the elders and this congregation for giving our family the opportunity to be away during the holidays.  We went home to spend time with our families and to worship with them and also attend the youth and family retreat this past weekend at Burnt Cabin.  I’m thankful to Dwyane for preaching the last two Sundays and those who filled in for my Bible class.   2006 is now a memory.   Where is time going?   James was certainly correct when he compared our lifes to a vapor or mist that appears for a moment before vanishing. (James 4:14)  Life is preciously short.

     The beginning of a new year is, for me, always a time of reflection, of careful consideration of the past and planning for the future.  As we think about Central in 2007, there are some exciting things that lie ahead.  All throughout this year we will be celebrating our Centennial.   The Central congregation is 100 years old!  There are many special events and activities that have been planned of course culminating with a special "Coming Home" Weekend on September 29th and 30th.

     We realize that the celebration of 100 years of Central’s existence is a significant occasion.  This Centennial celebration gives us the opportunity to think about our past history.   Central indeed has a great heritage and we thank God that we have the privilege to begin another century of work for the cause of Christ.  I hope this Centennial year will provide the ground from which we continue to build upon the wonderful legacy of faith and service in this congregation.   My prayer is that this celebration will be a time of spiritual renewal, growth and enthusiasm of all Central members and a strengthening of relationships both within and outside the congregation.   May the Lord help us all to rededicate ourselves so that we will accept the challenge to serve the Shawnee community for Christ and His church for however many more years God grants to us.   Let us begin the new century by not only saying “We have been,” but by showing that we are!



Charles Wright placed membership with us on December 24.   He has moved here from Ada.   However, Charles has lived and worshipped here in the past and is well acquainted with many of you.   He and his new bride, Bonnie Jack, live at 4108 N. Aydelotte, Shawnee, 74804.   Their telephone number is 273-5438.   Please add them to your directory.


This Sunday after the morning worship, all Central members are invited to participate in the unveiling of a commemorative plaque honoring the 100 years of Central’s existence.  Weather permitting, we will gather on the front steps for a short unveiling ceremony.   Photographers will be on hand to capture the moment.  If at all possible, you are encouraged to be a part of this historic moment.   Let’s fill up those front steps!
~An Official Centennial Event~


Chuck Carter will resume teaching   the adult class that meets in the fellowship room this coming Sunday morning.   He will be teaching Hebrews where he left off.


We extend our best wishes to Eric and Tony Hickman who have announced the birth of their son, Dax Tyler on December 22.  Grandparents are Cecil and Brenda Hickman. Great grandparents are Jack and Wilma Hickman and Bernard and June Sharp.   Great aunts are Pam Baskin and Sandy Shipman, and great,great aunt is Mariella Jacobs.


Harvey Moore is now home from M.D. Anderson and feeling fairly well.
Ruth Autrey will be in Colonial Estates, room 102 for a few more days recovering from surgery for a broken arm.
Rosie Brightwell requests your prayers in her behalf and Don’s as he struggles with the progression of Alzheimers.
Sarah Smith had additional back surgery at Integris Baptist Medical Center on Tuesday.
Bertha Combs was scheduled for surgery at Baptist Hospital on Wednesday.
Good to have Sue Riedel back with us.


    Thanks to the elves that   helped with the Christmas fruit sacks:  John & Beverly Aylor, Bob & Ann Bivins, Glendon & Juanita Combs, Herman & Ruth Guin, Paula Harris, Margaret Olmstead, James & Joan Reeves, Burl & Barbara Vanlandingham, and Howard Vanlandingham.

To the church at Central,   Thank you so much for the Christmas goodies and thanks to those that sacked and delivered them.   Love, Roe & Louise Honaker
~ Your thoughtfulness is appreciated. We are enjoying the fruit and candies. Joe& Nadine Magee
~ Thank you for my sack of Christmas goodies.   My family and I will enjoy every bite of them.  A Christian sister, Vesta Mays
~ To the church, thanks for the nice fruit and candy gift, and for the workers.  In Christian love, Jean Pointer
~ Central family, thank you so much for the sack of fruit and goodies at Christmas.  I truly enjoyed it.   Hazel Lee Behrnes
~Central continues to be a loving congregation.  Thank you for the “goodies” and the love you’ve shown me thru many, many years.  Thank you! Mariella Jacobs
~ To my church family at Central,   Thank you so much for the candy, fruit, and nuts.  I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.  Mary Jo Fleming
~ Thank you for thinking of us at Christmastime.  Harold &Clydean
~ I’m sending this brief note to thank you, my church family, for all the love and kindness you have shown throughout the year.   You are precious to me.   Thank you also for the lovely “old fashioned” Christmas fruits and candies! What a delight! May we all grow in His love and understanding in 2007.  Alta Carroll
~ Dear Christians:  Thank you so very much for the care package.  I really enjoyed the contents, and it was so thoughtful of you to remember me at Christmastime.   With my love to you all, Elva Gill
~Thank you so much for remembering me at this time of year with the Christmas sack of fruit and candy.  In Christian love, Sue Merritt
~ Thank you for your thoughtful remembrance at Christmas time. Vonda Merrill
~ Dear Christian family, Thank you for the beautiful Christmas fruit and candy.  Also for all the work in preparing them and for John and Beverly Aylor and all the others delivering them.  In Christian love, James & Ellen Childers
~ Thank you for the fruit, candy, and nuts.   It is very thoughtful of you.   Thanks again, Lola Mullinax
~ Thank you so much for the sack of goodies for Christmas.  Thanks to all of those who put it together and delivered it.   In love, Lois Lanier
~ Thanks so much for my Christmas basket.   Thanks for the love and concern from my church family. Doris Phillips

~ A NOTE FROM Marlene Wadkins – Hi Everyone, Hope everyone is well and enjoying the season.   I’m doing fair, but I doubt if I can ever live in Shawnee again.  I need to be near the kids, but Oh, do I miss all of you!  So many dear friends and happy memories, but we have to do what we have to do, don’t we?  I love my apt. and I feel safe and comfortable here.  As soon as I can manage it, I guess I’ll buy a house; however, I’ll keep you informed.   I appreciate you sending me the church papers.  I eagerly look forward to receiving it.  Any of you that are over my way, stop and visit a while.  I’d love it!  I love you all and miss you, Marlene Wadkins
[500 Pointe Parkway Blvd., Apt. 1812, Yukon, OK 73099. Phone 265-2343]

Youth News
Bob Stephens

Happy New Year!  I hope that everyone’s Christmas and New Year celebrations were full of joy and happiness!

     We had a most excellent time at our retreat.  Thirty kids and parents spent time watching the new year come in together.   We had cold weather outside, but inside it was warm and fun.  Thank you to all who went and made it a truly great experience.   Anytime we do something, anything like this, I think to myself, “man, I’ll be glad when this is over.”  I’ll tell you right now the blessings that I personally receive are always worth it.   Seeing our kids enjoying their time together, getting to visit with them and their folks some place outside the church building is always special.   And the devotionals are awesome!  And then I think, “what can we do next?”   For those of you that couldn’t make it this time, trust me, there well be a next.


  Jan 14, Sun. – AWTG @ Seminole


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"God has created me to do him some definite service; he has committed some
work to me which he has not committed to another. I have my mission -
I never may know it in this life, but I shall be told it in the next."
John Henry Newman


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Sunday, January 07, 2007

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