Bulletin for Sunday 04/15/2007

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with Robert Prater

Friends & Family Day is this Sunday! We've been planning and preparing for weeks. We are expecting a great crowd to come and be part of this wonderful day. Your invitation is still the key. When you invite someone, invite them as if heaven depended on it, because it does. Also, don't forget about the fellowship meal that follows morning worship. This will be a good time to get better acquainted with the visitors and make them feel welcome.

Speaking of the subject of visitors, the following thoughts below are by Bruce McLarty, our speaker at Friends & Family Day, and deal with the very timely topic of friendliness to visitors. It takes all of us working together to accomplish the Lord's work. Every member has a personal responsibility to help the church grow. Simply speak and be friendly to someone you do not know.

--Robert-- (robprater@sbcglobal.net)

Bruce McLarty

I recently read an interview with Andy Stanley, a minister in North Atlanta, Georgia, who preaches to about 5,000 people each Sunday. At one point the interviewer asked him, "Is your sermon the pivotal event in the service?" Stanley's response was very perceptive. He said, "I often tell our people, the sermon starts in the parking lot. You are the introduction." He believes that if the congregation has not made a positive impression on the visitors before he stands up to speak, the visitor is probably not going to hear a thing the preacher says. Stanley's observation reminds us how important those minutes are between the time we park our cars and we pick up our songbooks.

Though our minds may be consumed with the hassle of getting ready for church (this is multiplied by 10,000 if you have children), the way we meet and greet our visitors is actually part of the message (a big part) that they will hear that day. With this in mind, the following are a few ways we can work together to improve our sermon introductions:

(1) Starting in the parking lot, be on the lookout for unfamiliar faces.

(2) Take the initiative to speak to people you do not know and welcome them.

(3) If they have children, ask if they can use some help in finding a Bible class.

(4) As you enter the building together, introduce your new friends to some other people you know.

I am convinced that it only takes one person to make the difference between, "this is the coldest, most unfriendly church I have ever visited," and "this is the warmest, most caring place that I have ever walked into in my life." You can be the difference!


Although Central is continuing to use the House to House/Heart to Heart paper to reach out to the Shawnee community with the gospel of Christ, we will no longer be directly labeling addresses and mailing them out ourselves. New postal regulations now require that each folded piece be tabbed, and because of the time and cost expenses, this paper will now be tabbed, labeled and directly mailed to the Shawnee homes from elsewhere. So, after three years of faithfully labeling addresses on over 6,500 pieces every eight weeks at the building, we want to give a huge "Thank You" to all of Central's special helpers who have worked in the past on this effort. We especially are indebted to former postal worker James Reeves for all his labors in coordinating the preparation work of each mail out. Workers include: Joan Reeves, John and Beverly Aylor, Jim and Cathy Pettyjohn, Geoff and Carolyn Root, Betty Emery, Kathryn Shields, Virginia Herrera, Sarah Epley, Chuck and Nona Carter, Marlene Wadkins, Linda Carpenter and Robert Prater. Others who have helped out at times: Ann Bivins, Vivian Cross, Nancy Harber, Cleta Allen, Bill and Diane Lawerance.


I would like to thank everyone who made donations for the LTC trip. We had a wonderful time! The kids did great! We should all be very proud of all their hard work! Thank you again,

Rita [Romberg]


Please be keeping in mind that a fellowship meal is planned after the Friends and Family Day morning service this coming Sunday. The church is providing the meat. Members are requested to bring enough sides and desserts for your own family and our large number of guests.


We extend loving sympathy to Jim Pettyjohn in the loss of his uncle, Ted Morris. Funeral services were conducted on Thursday of last week.


We appreciate so much Yuavonda (LaViness) Sperry for contributing her time and energy to paint one of our classrooms downstairs.


We extend our best wishes to Beverley MacMillan on becoming a great grandmother. Cadian Rilee Hoover was born on March 23, weighing six pounds, eight ounces, and was 19 inches long. The parents are Marcus and Felicia Hoover and the grandparents are Lisa and Bobby Carter.


Doris Phillips had surgery at Midwest Regional Medical Center on Tuesday of this week. Surgery went well and she was hoping to be able to go home on Wednesday.

Melba Boston appreciates your prayers.

Buddy Truesdell has been under the weather at home for several days.

Margaret Hanifan is showing gradual improvement.

It was good seeing Emma White able to be in services Sunday morning.


April 15, Friends & Family Day with Bruce McLarty from Harding University, "Building Relationships", Noon Luncheon

April 18 - 22, Gospel meeting, Highland, with Kent Allen preaching, "Desperate Households"

April 22 - 25, Gospel meeting at McLoud with Chuck Carter preaching; see bulletin board

We hope to see you here Sunday! Be 1 of 301!

Youth News
Bob Stephens

What a blessing Friday and Saturday were! The youth attended the Leadership Training for Christ convention in Tulsa last weekend. They led singing, read scripture, sang in chorus, and performed puppet and drama skits. They displayed artwork and scrapbooks and delivered sermons. All that in less than twenty four hours. They were busy! In all that, we saw nothing but smiling faces and willing supporters. We have a group of kids, though small in number, with huge hearts, hearts that are eager to please God in everything they do. To see that gives me the most incredible feeling. Here's a list of who went and what they did:

Courtney Baskin - scrapbook, service challenge, chorus, puppets and drama

Wade Baskin - Christian art, Bible reading, service challenge, drama, puppets and sermon delivery

Austin Beard - Bible reading, service challenge, scripture reading, chorus, drama, puppets, sermon delivery and song leading

Chad Beard - scrapbook, Bible reading, service challenge and drama

Bryce Dean - scrapbook, Bible reading, extemporaneous Bible reading, chorus, drama and puppets

Leslie Gettle - scrapbook, service challenge, chorus and puppets

Molly Gettle - scrapbook, service challenge and puppets

Brandon Gober - scrapbook

Kristen Gober - scrapbook and chorus

Marla Miller - scrapbook

Kayla Miller - scrapbook

Jason Perry - scrapbook, Bible reading, service challenge, chorus, drama, puppets and sermon delivery

Thank you to everyone who had a part in this event. Our congregation never misses an opportunity to assist and support our kids.

LTC 2007 is in the books. It's over, done, finished. But it's not…the skills and talents the kids learned during the past several months will be with them for a life time!

Coming Youth Events

April 22, AWTG in Tecumseh/Volleyball Tournament


We are compiling a list of former members and friends to receive an invitation for our Centennial Homecoming on September 29 and 30. An invitation from you personally would be the most appealing in many instances, but we will also send invitations from the church to those for whom we have names and addresses. Please be thinking about this and turn the information in to the church office as soon as possible.

"He who governed the world before I was born shall take care of it likewise when I am dead. My part is to improve the present moment."
John Wesley


Bible School 161
Worship Service 256
Sunday Evening 130
Wednesday Evening 114
Contribution $5,024.25


Sunday, April 15, 2007

Announcements:Steve Kelly
Opening Prayer:Jim Pettyjohn
Song Director:Dale Beard
Scripture:Chad Beard
Sermon:Bruce McLarty
Closing Prayer:Gene Norton


Buddy Truesdell Paul Harris
Glendon Combs Jim Cross


Scott Perry Bob Stephens


Steve Kelly Herman Guin


Foyer:Steve & Mary Kelly
Elevator:Herman & Ruth Guin


Ann Perry Carolyn Root


Terry Lowe


Ron Taffe & Greg Beal


Opening Prayer:Burl Vanlandingham
Song Director:Austin Beard
Sermon:LTC Sermons
Closing Prayer:Tracy Gettle



Jim Carpenter Tim McGalliard


Classes for all ages

Song Leader:Paul Harris


Howard Vanlandingham
If unable to serve during the week, notify Frank Romberg - 273-1297