Bulletin for Sunday 04/29/2007

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Keith and Jennifer Lawrence were baptized into Christ last Tuesday evening after studying the Bible and learning more about God’s plan of salvation.  They have been visiting with Greg and Analisa Beal for several months.  Their address is 28 Seneca Drive, Shawnee, OK 74801.  Their phone number is 214-5810.  Please take the time to meet and welcome Keith and Jennifer and their two children Keon (14), and Jayma (6) into the Central family.  Keep this wonderful family in your prayers as they continue to learn more about God and grow in their Christian faith.




01        Jean Dossey

01        Jason Perry

05        Makai Blades

06        John Aylor

07        Larry Reeves

07        Janet Stephens

10        James Reeves

11        Ed O’Neal

13        Geraldine Outlaw

13        Rita Romberg

15        Nancy Simmons

16        Shirley Semple

19        Clavin Norwood

20        Analisa Beal

22        Margaret Hanifan

22        Louise Perry

25        Leslie Gettle

26        Virgil Beasley

26        Tim McGalliard

28        Jack Rye

28        Barbara Tucker

29        Jennifer Harmon

29        Lindsey Perry

31        John Webb




04        Charlie & Jean Dossey – 56th

11        Buddy & Fay Truesdell – 5th

12        Dave & Betty Emery – 6th

22        Chuck & Nona Carter – 56th

22        Boyd & Joann Cheney – 52nd

30        Bill & Diane Lawerance – 38th

30        James & Joan Reeves – 53rd


We extend our best wishes to all who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in May.





The second Annual Central Ladies’ Day will be this coming Sunday immediately following the morning worship service. ALL ladies of the congregation are invited to be special guests for this luncheon.  The theme of the day will be “DIFFERENT HATS THE CHRISTIAN LADY WEARS.”  All ladies are encouraged to wear a hat to the morning worship service and to the program following.  If you would like to wear a hat and do not have one, please check with Vivian Cross, Marcia Dennis, or Debbie Taffe.  If you prefer not to wear a hat, your presence is still requested.

~An Official Centennial Event~




All men of the congregation are invited to a Friday evening, Saturday morning retreat this week at Quail Ridge Lodge.  The theme is “Leadership – God’s Man.  The cost is $15 per person.  If you would like to attend and have not signed the sign up sheet, please call Dale Beard or Bob Stephens.

~An Official Centennial Event~




Ethel Fast has moved to Rose Manor Nursing Center, #312, 1610 N. Bryan, Shawnee, OK 74804.




I want to express my appreciation for all the loving acts of kindness shown to me before and after my surgery.  Your visits, calls, cards, prayers, beautiful rose, and delicious bread were all really appreciated.  I want to especially thank those who came to the hospital and my home.  It is really wonderful to have such a loving Christian family.  Thank you all so very much for everything.

In Christian love, Geri Outlaw





Date  O.T. Reading                     Date N.T. Reading

1  Kings 10,11                       1  Luke 21:20-38

2  Kings 12,13                       2  Luke 22:1-20

3  1 Kings 14,15                                3  Luke 22:21-46

4  1 Kings 16,17,18                           4  Luke 22:47-71

5  1 Kings 19,20                        5  Luke 23:1-25

6  1 Kings 21,22                        6  Luke 23:26-56

7  2 Kings 1,2,3                                 7  Luke 24:1-35

8  2 Kings 4,5,6                    8  Luke 24:36-53

9  2 Kings 7,8,9                                 9  John 1:1-28

10  2 Kings 10,11,12                        10  John 1:29-51

11  2 Kings 13,14                       11  John 2

12  2 Kings 15,16                             12  John 3:1-18

13  2 Kings 17,18                 13  John 3:19-36

14  2 Kings 19,20,21                        14  John 4:1-30

15  2 Kings 22,23                             15  John 4:31-54

16  2 Kings 24,25                             16  John 5:1-24

17  1 Ch. 1,2,3                      17  John 5:25-47

18  1 Ch. 4,5,6                                  18  John 6:1-21

19  1 Ch. 7,8,9                                  19  John 6:22-44

20  1 Ch. 10,11,12               20  John 6:45-71

21  1 Ch. 13,14,15                21  John 7:1-27

22  1 Ch. 16,17,18                            22  John 7:28-52

23  1 Ch. 19,20,21                            23  John 8:1-27

24  1 Ch. 22,23,24                            24  John 8:28-59

25  1 Ch. 25,26,27                25  John 9:1-23

26  1 Ch. 28,29                                 26  John 9:24-41

27  2 Ch. 1,2,3                     27  John 10:1-23

28  2 Ch. 4,5,6                      28  John 10:24-42

29  2 Ch. 7,8,9                                  29  John 11:1-29

30  2 Ch. 10,11,12                30  John 11:30-57

31  2 Ch. 13,14                                 31  John 12-1-26




We do not know of any Central members in the hospital at this time.  It was good seeing Hazel Lee Behrnes back in worship Sunday.  Lynn Harmon’s sister, Betty Meister, has been diagnosed with acute stage four leukemia.  It is possible that another sister of Lynn’s, Mary Cosby will receive the same diagnosis soon.  Your continued prayers are requested.  Several Central members are well acquainted with Gary and Linda Snow in Seminole.  They were in a major auto crash a short time after worship this past Sunday.  Gary was immediately mediflighted to Presbyterian in extremely serious condition where he had extensive surgery.  Linda is also now at Presbyterian in serious condition.  Don’t forget to pray for Melba Boston.


Youth News

Bob Stephens


Yesterday was a lot of fun! We went to Tecumseh and played in their annual volleyball tournament.  The weather was great and we had a blast!  Though we didn’t win, we advanced much farther than last year.  Jason Perry & Courtney Baskin left it all on the court and then had to leave the court with injuries!  Thankfully they were okay and a good time was had by all!

Seniors, mark Sunday, May 20th on your calendars!  That is the date for our Senior Reception.  We have four seniors being honored this year.  They are: Leslie Gettle, Kristin Gober, Marla Miller, and Jason Perry.  Everyone else mark this date as well.  It’s our time to let them know how much we love and support them.  Remember, May 20th.

Don’t forget that the camp applications are now available.  They’re on the youth bulletin board by the offices.  Camp this year is shaping up to be an awesome week.  Don’t miss out.


May 6 – Sunday, AWTG @ Wilshire

May 20 – Sunday, Senior Reception

June 10 – 16, Burnt Cabin




April 26 – 29, Gospel meeting, Southwest (505 W. 17th), Ada, Charles Hodge

April 27 & 28, Central’s Men’s Retreat, Quail Ridge Lodge, Tecumseh

April 27  28, Teacher’s Workshop, Southwest, Oklahoma City, see bulletin board

April 28, Northridge Ladies Day, 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., “Extreme Makeover” Laurie Bailey of Tishomingo, breakfast & lunch

April 29, Central’s 2nd Annual Ladies’ Day

May 5, Blood Drive, Saturday, 9 a.m. to noon in the fellowship room


"Of the Seven Deadly Sins, anger is possibly the most fun.
To lick your wounds, to smack your lips over grievances long past,
to roll over your tongue the prospect of bitter confrontations still to come,
to savour to the last toothsome morsel both the pain you are given and
the pain you are giving back - in many ways it is a feast fit for a king.
The chief drawback is that what you are wolfing down is yourself.
The skeleton at the feast is you. "
Frederick Buechner


Bible School                                              121

Worship Service                                       176

Sunday Evening                                       131

Wednesday Evening                                111

Contribution                                     4,107.69




Sunday, April 29, 2007

Announcements:                      Jim Pettyjohn

Opening Prayer:                            Jim Cross

Song Director:                       Dwyane Dennis

Scripture:                                     Jason Perry

Sermon:                                     Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                        Gerald Smith



NORTH                                             SOUTH

Herman Guin                         Tim McGalliard

Geoff Root                                     Bob Bivins



Lynn Harmon                                Tim Norton



Steve Kelly                               Robby Kinsey



Foyer:                             Steve & Mary Kelly

Elevator:                    Robby & Kacy Kinsey



Leslie Gettle & Paula Harris



Howard Vanlandingham



Bob Stephens




Opening Prayer:           Burl Vanlandingham

Song Director:                      Dwyane Dennis

Sermon:                                     Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                            Paul Harris



NORTH                                           SOUTH

Jim Carpenter                                  Dale Beard




Classes for all ages

Song Director:                    Clavin Norwood



Tracy Gettle