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1925          Mary Martin          2007

     We extend our loving sympathy to the family of Mary Martin. Mary passed away on Tuesday morning of last week.  Funeral services were conducted at Liberty Baptist Church on Friday.  Mary loved her friends at Central and always found great joy when they visited her at Golden Rule Home.


with Robert Prater

     Where has the summer gone?  The old saying is that time flies when you’re having fun.  It also flies when you’re busy.  Both have been true this summer for us here at Central – Camp, VBS, Ice Cream Bash, AWTG, plus the normal work and worship of the church has kept things moving fast this summer.  Many of our summer events are geared toward our youth, but they involve an awful lot of adults too.  So once again we want to say thank you to all those who have contributed to these efforts and to all the volunteers, helpers, and participants in these activities.  They made for a wonderful summer.


      Summer is now slowly winding down (maybe not weather wise).  And by the time you read this all of the area schools will be back in session.  Let’s be sure to keep them in our prayers and to remember their spiritual well-being this school year.  And be sure and pray for their teachers, counselors and administrators.


     Friends we have enjoyed a very productive and successful summer season.  We are hoping to continue this recent positive momentum and growth at Central into the fall.  We begin to now look to other exciting events and opportunities to serve, work and advance the kingdom of God.  None will be greater than our Centennial celebration and our “Coming Home” weekend on September 29-30.  This will be a very special time in the history of the Central congregation.  We are hoping that as many of you as can will be part of the events and celebrations that have been planned.  You will be hearing more about these in the weeks ahead.


     Cecil May, Jr. who writes in the little paper called Preacher Talk, is very attentive to cultural and brotherhood events and trends.  Here’s a little piece he wrote in the latest issue, titled, “Truth vs. Tolerance”………………..         


Cecil May, Jr. “Truth vs. Tolerance”

The primary “virtue” of this postmodern age is tolerance, but with a new definition.  Tolerance no longer means allowing legal religious freedom for all, treating people of different religions with respect and gentleness, opposing persecution or illegal discrimination.  The “modern” definition of tolerance in this “postmodern age” means considering all views equally valid.  We must not only accept and be nice to those with different views; we must refrain from any attempt, however gentle or reasonable (a “bad word” to postmoderns), to change their mind.  Any suggestion that one view is greater than another or especially, that one is true and the other is false, is “intolerant.” 

     May continues, “Influenced by this prevailing attitude, many modern evangelicals in television interviews equivocate when asked whether Jesus Christ is the only way to salvation.  Jesus, of course, said he was.  Some of “us” equivocate when asked whether baptism is necessary to salvation.  Presenting a positive image has become more important to some than biblical truth.” (from Preacher Talk, July 2007, p. 1)                                                            

                       --Robert-- (robprater@sbcglobal.net)


     Jim and Mali Lane responded to the invitation Sunday morning desiring to place membership as well as keeping them in our prayers to remain faithful to the Lord.  Jim in recent months has been restored and Mali has been a Christian only a few years.  They have been visiting with us for several weeks and come to us from the Northridge congregation.  If you have not had an opportunity to meet this fine Christian couple please introduce yourself and give them a warm welcome into the Central church family.  Their address is 1104 E. Wayne, C-26, Shawnee, OK 74801.  Their phone number is 273-6165.


     Recent events have been troubling for those who love little children.  A two year old in a day care died after having his mouth taped shut.  A five year old boy was killed by a stray bullet.  Tragedies like these happen all the time in all parts of the world.  Families miss those bright smiles and young friends do not understand why their playmates will never come see them again.

     Those precious little ones will never grow up and we will never know what they might have been.  They missed their first date and kiss, graduation day, and having children of their own.  But, they also missed all the negatives in life.

     These are souls that will stand before God never having rebelled against Him.  They never said a spiteful word to hurt someone near them.  They never stole, cheated, or took another life.  They alone may lay claim to an always innocent and pure heart.  It is no wonder that Jesus warned against looking down on them, stating that their angels always behold the face of the Father.

     Heaven’s largest population will be these children.  Kids of all nations, of all time periods of the earth who left this life early because of war, disease, accidents, and abuse have found in God’s presence what this sin-laden world could not give them: peace and love.

     Every parent who has lost such a one can feel the pain and hope of King David who lost his baby boy and said, “I shall go to him…”  Untouched by sin and time, these are indeed part of heaven’s treasures and beauty.

     Next to the joy of beholding God, His Son, and the Holy Spirit is the pleasure of living forever with these eternal toddlers.  Jesus went to prepare our mansion, but it is doubtful it can hold a candle to their nursery.

                David Brassfield, minister, Newalla, OK


     Dear Christian friends, Thank you so much for all the calls, visits, cards, and especially your prayers while Dave was having some health problems.  In Christian love, Dave & Betty Emery

To Central’s elders and members:

     George and Carolyn Mastick would like to thank everyone who helped make their mission trip to Nicaragua possible.  We wish we could share the smiles, hugs and expressions of gratitude of the people in the mountain villages.  Your generous contributions of flip-flops, wash cloths, toiletries, toys and monies meant so much to them.  The new government has about doubled the cost of all staples for the people over the cost last year so these items meant even more to them.  We look forward to sharing some of our pictures and experiences with you in the near future.  Your generosity was appreciated by the group from Duncan who were overseeing the trip.  They have expressed an interest in coming to Shawnee and telling about the trip and needs of the orphanage.


     The ladies at Southwest in Ada are hosting a Ladies Day on September 8, 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.  The theme is “Season Your Words.”  The speaker will be Kathy Pitchford.  There will be a continental breakfast, lunch, and entertainment.  See the bulletin board for details.


Kathryn Hutchens was admitted to Unity Health Center, room 311, following an automobile accident on Saturday. 

Dora (Sheets) Tate had hip replacement surgery on Tuesday at Unity Health Center.  She is in room 310 and is hoping to be dismissed on Friday.  

Bob Seikel’s wife, Charlotte, was scheduled for surgery at Presbyterian Towers on Wednesday afternoon. 

Juanita Combs remains at home recuperating from recent surgery.

Carol Mahnke always appreciates your visits and prayers. 

Youth News

Bob Stephens


Aug. 17, Friday – Friday night at the house @7:30

Aug. 26, Sunday – Dinner and Devo


August 19, Search: God Made Me Forget

August 26, Christ and His Church

September 3, Labor Day; church office closed

September 5, Wednesday night Ladies class resumes

September 6 – 9, 13th Annual Central Oklahoma Lectureship, McLoud, “Why I Could Not Be a Member of …; see bulletin board

September 8, Ladies Day at Southwest in Ada, Kathy Pitchford; see bulletin board

September 12, Wednesday morning Ladies Bible Class resumes

September 29, 30, Central Centennial Homecoming - “A Century of Service to an Eternal God,” Stafford North


     During the Great Depression of the 1930’s the church had a commissary to distribute food and clothing to the needy.  Sisters Skelton, Pierce, Lasiter, and Cochrane worked in the commissary.  They gave away so much that they had to start “screening” the recipients a little closer in 1933.


"When we yield to discouragement it is usually because
we think too much about the past or the future,
when only the present is within our control."



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Sunday, August 19, 2007

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