Bulletin for Sunday 08/26/2007

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with Robert Prater

     Severe weather in the form of heavy rains and flooding in the streets of Shawnee kept many from coming Sunday morning, but we were glad to see the ones who were able to make it.  (For a while it looked like we were going to have to build an “Ark” to make it back home!)  In spite of it all, we still were able to worship our God and encourage each other to love and serve the Lord.  

     Well after many months of waiting our new pictorial directories finally arrived last week.  It has been five years since our last pictorial directory and a lot of changes have taken place since that time.  This should bring home the fact that the church is a living organism.  It is alive and ever changing.  We deeply miss all those who have either passed away and are no longer with us or those members who have moved away.  However, we rejoice with the addition of many new members among our number.  Even among those who remain hopefully we all continue to grow and develop spiritually.

     The late Erma Bombeck, who was a widely popular author and humorist, wrote a book entitled I Want to Grow Hair, I Want to Grow Up, I Want to Go to Boise.  That unusual title came from a conversation Ms. Bombeck had with a group of children attending a camp for children living with cancer.  This response came from one little chemotherapy patient to the question, “What would you want if you had three wishes?”

     To this sick child, these were the important things in life.  Her words remind us how precious even the smallest blessings can be when we are faced with the prospect of losing them.  Hair seems a trivial matter until suddenly you don’t have any.  Boise seems like a dull and distant place until you realize you may never get to go there.  Life seems a plentiful commodity until you realize its end is rapidly approaching.

     Three wishes, of course, only are granted in fairy tales.  But I suppose that if I were to be so blessed, my choices wouldn’t be all that different from that little girl’s: I want to enjoy with my family the life God has given me, I want to serve the Lord as long as He has use for me here, and I want to go to heaven.    

     Too many times we take for granted the small joys of life and especially enjoying them with the people we love.  May we all learn the valuable lesson about the tenuous nature of these small joys and hopefully be less apt to regard these joys frivolously.  May we always give praise and gratitude to God as the source of these blessings, and that we can enjoy them as long as He wills.  Life is short.  Live abundantly. (John 10:10)  

                      --Robert-- (robprater@sbcglobal.net)



     We extend our loving sympathy to the family of Louise Barrett who passed away last Thursday.  She was the mother of former member Kathy Peerson.  Graveside services were held Monday morning at Resthaven.

     Our love and sympathy is extended also to Talhia Vanlandingham in the loss of her mother, Arkle Anderson, on Sunday.  Funeral services were held Wednesday afternoon in Borger, Texas.


     The ladies class studying the Old Testament will begin on Monday, September 10 at 4 p.m. in the fellowship room.  Please use the elevator entrance.  If you need further information see Anita Jacques.


     Our Centennial Homecoming is fast approaching, and we are compiling a list of former members and friends to receive an invitation.  An invitation from you personally would be the most appealing, but we will also send invitations from the church to those for whom we have names and addresses.  We would like to have the address for Dean Turner if anyone has it.  Please be thinking about this and turn the information in to the church office as soon as possible.  Also – there is a scrapbook being compiled by Rita Romberg and Ann Perry.  If you have any old pictures or church related documents they are needed by the first of September. 


     The long awaited pictorial directories are in. One per family and you may pick up yours from the table in the foyer.  


     Dora (Sheets) Tate wishes to send her thanks to Robert Prater and all for the prayers, calls and visits. 

Dear Central Church,

     Thank you for the prayers, visits, cards and calls during my recent hospitalization.  In Christ,  

                                                         Bernard Sharp                                                                                                    


Leoh Roberts suffered a stroke last Friday and was admitted to Midwest Regional Hospital, CCU #11.  She is stable and they request no visitors at this time. 

Kathryn Hutchens has been dismissed from Unity Health Center after spending several days. 

Dora (Sheets) Tate had hip replacement surgery on Tuesday at Unity Health Center.  She was dismissed Saturday.  

Bob Seikel’s wife, Charlotte, underwent surgery at Presbyterian Hospital last Wednesday.  She remains in room 731. 

Wanda Combs, daughter of Kathryn Shields had surgery last Thursday and is in Southwest Medical Center. 

Dorothy Strickland’s son-in-law, Wayne Underwood, will begin chemotherapy on Thursday.  Your prayers are requested. 

Carol Mahnke always appreciates your visits and prayers. 

Youth News

Bob Stephens


Aug. 26, Sunday – Dinner and Devo

Aug. 31, Friday – Shawnee vs Guthrie football


02Leona Smith
05Mariella Jacobs
06Chuck Carter
07Janice McGalliard
09Burl Vanlandingham
09Howard Vanlandingham
10Eric Park
12Paul Harris
12Lois Lanier
17Tamie Perry
17Yuavonda Sperry
18Larry Smith
19Alta Carroll – 95th !!
20Ethel Fast – 94th !!
21Mitch Harmon
22Paige Vanlandingham
24Jordan Blades
26Marla Miller
26Robert Prater
28Kenneth Epley
30Thelma Franklin



03Ron & Debbie Taffe – 31st
11Bob & Louise Perry – 25th
14Arthur & Noma Epperson – 34th
14Frank & Rita Romberg – 39th
16Don & Judy Wills – 46th
21Gene & Dorothy Norton – 60th
26Zane & Linda Qualls – 26th

     Our congratulations to all those having birthdays and anniversaries during the month of September.  Sending special birthday greetings to Alta Carroll on her 95th and to Ethel Fast on her 94th.  We would like to acknowledge special wedding anniversaries to Bob & Louise Perry on their 25th anniversary and to Gene & Dorothy Norton on their 60th.



A Birthday Celebration for

Gertrude McGee

Please join us in celebration of the

99th birthday for Gertrude McGee

Saturday, September 15, 2007

from 2:00 p.m. to 5 p.m.

in the Lamar Room at King’s Manor

400 Ranger Street, Hereford, Texas


No gifts, please

If you need any information or directions

Call Mary Ann at 806-236-4268


August 26, Christ and His Church

September 3, Labor Day; church office closed

September 5, Wednesday night Ladies class resumes

September 6 – 9, 13th Annual Central Oklahoma Lectureship, McLoud, “Why I Could Not Be a Member of …; see bulletin board

September 8, Ladies Day at Southwest in Ada, Kathy Pitchford; see bulletin board

September 10, Old Testament Studies, 4 p.m. in the fellowship room

September 12, Wednesday morning Ladies Bible Class resumes

September 29, 30, Central Centennial Homecoming - “A Century of Service to an Eternal God,” Stafford North

November 10, Central’s annual Coat Give-Away


Please continue to pray for our family members and friends serving in the armed forces.


We hope to see you here Sunday!



"When we yield to discouragement it is usually because
we think too much about the past or the future,
when only the present is within our control."



Bible School                                                76

Worship Service                                       112

Sunday Evening                                       128

Wednesday Evening                                118

Contribution                                     3,956.51

(Attendance down due to heavy rainfall)




Sunday, August 26, 2007

Announcements:                      Bob Stephens

Opening Prayer:                            Ron Taffe

Song Director:                              Paul Harris

Scripture:                                  Wade Baskin

Sermon:                                 Dwyane Dennis

Closing Prayer:                            Scott Perry



NORTH                                             SOUTH

Clavin Norwood                    Tim McGalliard

Lynn Harmon                           Mitch Harmon



Geoff Root                                  Austin Beard



Jim Pettyjohn                            Robby Kinsey



Foyer:                         Jim & Cathy Pettyjohn

Elevator:                     Robby & Kacy Kinsey



Leslie Gettle & Paula Harris



John Aylor



Jim Carpenter




Opening Prayer:                    Bill Lawerance

Song Director:                              Paul Harris

Sermon:                                 Dwyane Dennis

Closing Prayer:             Burl Vanlandingham



NORTH                                           SOUTH

Terry Lowe                                   Steve Kelly




Classes for all ages

Song Director:               Burl Vanlandingham



Tracy Gettle

If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297