Bulletin for Sunday 09/02/2007

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1916          FLOY TURNER          2007


     We extend our loving sympathy to the family of Floy Turner.  Floy passed away on Monday of last week, and Kevin Rayner conducted services at Cooper Funeral Home the following  Saturday.


with Robert Prater

     In light of the recent incredible rainfall and devastating flooding experienced throughout the state of Oklahoma, my mind has been thinking more about Noah’s flood.  We have no way of knowing how many people lost their lives in the great universal flood of Noah’s time.  There’s no system of accurately calculating what the world’s population was then, but most scholars estimate that from Adam to Noah humankind could easily have grown well into the millions.  But while we don’t know how many died, we know with certainty how many lived: “eight souls were saved through water.” (1 Pt. 3:20; Gen. 7:7, 13)

     When the flood waters came, they came suddenly.  Yet it wasn’t as though people had no warning at all; for 120 years, Noah had been preaching to alert them to the impending danger.  (Gen. 6:3; 2 Pt. 2:5)  But on that dreadful day when the skies poured forth rain and the springs beneath the earth ruptured and erupted, life was proceeding as it always had until that time:  “They were eating and drinking, marrying, and giving in marriage, until the day that Noah entered the ark, and did not know until the flood came and took them all away.”  (Matt. 24:38-39)

     Jesus tells us there is a time of everlasting destruction ahead that will arrive just as unexpectedly:  “But as the days of Noah were, so also will the coming of the Son of Man be…..” (Matt. 24:37)  So one moral of the story of Noah is that we ought to always be prepared for the day of disaster.  Noah was ready because he heeded God’s warnings and followed His instructions to the letter:  “By faith Noah, being divinely warned of things not yet seen, moved with godly fear, prepared an ark for the saving of his household…….” (Heb. 11:7)

Unlike Noah, we can’t always be prepared for physical disasters.  But we can most certainly be ready for the end of this physical life, if we recognize that it may come at any time.  If disaster struck here today – whether by flood, traffic accident or cardiac arrest, would your soul be saved or lost?  “Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming.”  (Matt. 24:42)  Heaven is a prepared place for prepared people;.  (John 14:1-3; Matt. 25:13)  How prepared are you?

                      --Robert-- (robprater@sbcglobal.net)


By Dayton Keesee

     Trisha Evans recently gave some interesting information about the faith and ethics of Jess Williams’s mother (see “Final Albertsons Signs Taken Down,” The Oklahoman, Aug. 4, 2007, 6B).  The fact this is no small business matter (relating to 23 supermarkets) is secondary to the impact of a mother on her family.  Associated Wholesale Grocers, upon purchasing 23 Albertsons Stores, are changing much more than the name and prices.

     Evans observed: “shoppers also may notice that beer is missing from the product mix at the new Williams stores.  Williams doesn’t sell beer in any of its 15 stores.”  That obviously will mean the loss of some customers and a considerable amount of money.  Jeff Williams is sufficiently astute as a business man to know that, but deeper roots than money and men govern that decision—he points to what Mother said!

     As to selling beer in their stores, he said: “My Mother asked us not to in 1988, when we were formed, and we honored her words, and we will continue to honor her…Our family is extremely strong in our faith.”

     This is a striking parallel to the time God and Jeremiah used the directions from Jonadab, the son of Rechab, who was the father of the Rechabites (see Jeremiah 35).  Because of the instructions and restrictions mentioned by Jonadab, the Rechabites obediently refused to drink wine.  He and his sons vowed to not drink wine “forever” (v.6).  That obedient refusal included the father, the sons, their wives, and his daughters (v.7).  God commended and used that family as an example of respect and dedicated obedience (v.14).

     This is a salute to both Jeff, Jonadab, and their family fidelity. Thank God that He can still find individuals who put ethics above income, and morality above money!

     At a time when we weekly receive the news of another wreck, frequently including injury and/or death, due to drunk drivers, how refreshing to get the news that some stores will not stock the death-dealing-brew!  To anyone who would mournfully respond, “That won’t stop the drinking,” may I add that at least Jeff and his employees will know they didn’t cause it!  That’s the Williams’s stand!  What is your stand??

     From this news item, let’s pick up these points:  1. Mothers, may your influence in the family—and beyond—build moral, ethical, and faith-based bridges for days to come. (2 Tim.1:5) 2.  May all of us stock our shelves with products that are profitable for healthy, happy homes rather than what would cause pain and perishing to come to people (Rom. 12:21);  3. May we so live that God could use us as an example of obedience rather than rebellion, setting a standard of respect rather than traveling a road of riot and ruin (1 Pet. 4:1-4).


     The Wednesday night ladies Bible class will resume on September 5.  They will be studying the book, “Giving for All It’s Worth” by sister Melissa Lester which looks at women of the Bible who demonstrated a giving spirit.  The class will be taught by various ladies.  All ladies are welcomed to this class.


     A Fund Raiser and Fun Golf Tournament is scheduled on  Saturday, September 22 at Cobblestone Golf Course in Muskogee.  Registration fees must be paid by September 14.  For more info see the flyer on the foyer bulletin board or Robert Prater.


     Thank you so much for the beautiful gloxinia you sent for Mother.  She would have loved it!  Especially we appreciate your prayers, fellowship, and Christian love.  Love Mary’s (Martin) daughters,                      Connie, Diane, & Robbie


Charlotte Seikel remains in ICU in critical, but stable condition after a second surgery at Presbyterian Hospital. 

Leoh Roberts is showing some improvement following a stroke.  She is in room 6642 at Midwest Regional Medical Center.  The family requests no visitors but solicits your prayers. 

Emma White is experiencing a severe case of shingles. 

Tim Norton, Jr. had a six-hour surgery on his ear at Presbyterian Hospital on Friday of last week.  He returned home on Saturday. 

Tim Norton, Sr. will have radiation treatments at Baptist Medical Center every day until mid-October. 

Juanita Combs is still struggling with health issues. 

Carol Mahnke had another treatment at M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston this past weekend. 

Glenn Watson was scheduled to have eye surgery at Dean McGee Eye Institute on Tuesday of this week. 

Wayne Spencer was scheduled to have spinal injections on Tuesday of this week. 

Kathryn Shields’s daughter, Wanda Combs, was discharged from Southwest Medical Center last week. 

Dorothy Strickland’s son-in-law, Wayne Underwood, began chemotherapy treatments on Thursday of last week. 

Central members with ties to the church in Yukon request prayers for Yvonne McGaugh who is a member of that congregation struggling with cancer.


Youth News

Bob Stephens

     Have you met Chad Beard’s new friend yet?  Chad returned home last week with Ceylon, his new companion dog, a beautiful Black Lab and Golden Retriever mix.  Chad and Denise spent two weeks in Florida working with the folks there getting to know Ceylon and learning all the things he can do to help Chad out.  We’re not supposed to pet Ceylon yet, but I know Chad will be more than happy to have him perform a task for you.  Chad told the class the other day that his only regret is that Ceylon doesn’t do his homework for him!

     Several of our Central kids are keeping busy with school activities this fall.  Austin Beard is the starting center of the Wolves again.  Molly Gettle is running cross country for Shawnee, and Wade Baskin is playing football for the middle school.  Be sure and support them when you have the opportunity.

     Our youth group has shrunk in size over the past couple of weeks.  Our college students have left us and we feel their absence.  Teens, let’s not let that stop us from doing what we do – fellowshipping together and glorifying God in all we do.  Just because are numbers are smaller doesn’t mean our spirit is smaller.  Remember – whenever 2 or 3 are gathered, God is in our midst.  


Aug. 31, Friday – Shawnee vs Guthrie football



September 3, Labor Day; church office closed

September 5, Wed. night Ladies class resumes

September 6 – 9, 13th Annual Central Oklahoma Lectureship, McLoud, see bulletin board

September 8, Ladies Day at Southwest in Ada

September 10, Old Testament studies, 4 p.m.

September 10 – 12, Gospel Meeting, Farrall St., 7 p.m., James Stewart; see bulletin board

September 12, Wednesday morning Ladies Bible Class resumes, 10:30 a.m., luncheon follows

September 29, 30, Central Centennial Homecoming – Perry Cotham & Stafford North


"These are the days when the Christian is expected
to praise every creed except his own.

Gilbert Keith G. K. Chesterton


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Sunday, September 2, 2007


Announcements:                            Bob Perry

Opening Prayer:                          Steve Kelly

Song Director:                       Dwyane Dennis

Scripture:                                     Chad Beard

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