Bulletin for Sunday 09/23/2007

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with Robert Prater


     Homecoming Sunday is fast approaching.  Make your plans now to be here and to invite back all the former members that you know for our special Centennial celebration.  This will be a time when we will praise God for His grace and blessings upon this church family.  This will be a day to remember Central’s past through video, pictures, historical displays, stories and much more.  This will be an historic occasion in the life of Central.

     I receive a great amount of church bulletins every month.  Most bulletins are quickly scanned then thrown into the recycle bin.  But the words below, written by Doug Parsons and printed in a church bulletin a few years did not get thrown away.  I think they present a very bold challenge to us in the Lord’s church today.

     “A confused, chaotic, convulsing world, grasping for life and breath, will not be touched by a tame church, mouthing time-worn clichés and pious platitudes.  To affect a dirty world it will take a clean church; to infect a sad world, it will take a joyous church; to inspire an apathetic world, it will take a convicted church; to challenge a dying world, it will take a healthy church.”

     The first time I saw those lines, I said, Yes!  This world is confused, chaotic, sad, dirty, apathetic, and dying!  But too often churches resemble more like the lukewarm church of the Laodiceans, they are “neither cold nor hot.” (Rev. 3:15)

     Another one of Jesus’ criticisms in the book of Revelation was directed toward the church at Sardis.  Somehow the church had a reputation of a living church, but the Lord said that it was really dead. (Rev. 3:1)  Apparently the problem was that they had thrived in living off its past reputation.  Yes, Sardis had a name, a reputation, but it was a thin veneer that hid the stagnant condition of this church.

     May we here at Central always be a healthy church.  May we always strive to be enthusiastically committed to Jesus Christ.  And so as we think about our wonderful church history, let’s remember that our greatest moment and focus needs to always be on our present life, work and service to God.  “Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.” (Romans 12:11 NIV)



     Sunday morning Dennis and Carol Brodersen expressed their desire to identify with the Lord’s church here at Central.  They come to us from the Westside congregation in Norman and are very eager to join us in our work for the cause of Christ.  Dennis and Carol are the parents of Lysa Park, who recently placed membership, and the grandparents of her two boys, Eric and Adam.  They live at 30774 New Hope Road, Tecumseh, OK 74873.  Phone number is 598-3261.  We welcome them to the Central family.


     We extend loving sympathy to Phil (Paul’s brother) and Darlene Harris in the loss of their son-in-law, Tony Hall.  Tony was an outstanding youth minister in Lewisville, Texas.  Funeral services were conducted Monday at the Lewisville Church of Christ building.


     We also express our sympathy to the family of former member, Russell Wright.  Russell experienced a fatal heart attack at his home in Florida last week.  At last word, funeral services were pending.


     This Sunday morning a picture of each Bible School class will be taken so that these pictures along with the names of each student will be included in the time capsule to be buried as a part of the closing activities of our Centennial Homecoming.  Bring your best smile!

~An Official Centennial Event~

Please continue to pray for our family members and friends serving in the armed forces.


     As a part of our Centennial Homecoming weekend, historic tours of Shawnee will be available on Saturday, September 29th.  Depending on interest, up to six tours will be offered with a limit of 13 to 14 people per tour.  Tours will be approximately one hour in length and will include a stop at the building that Central used from 1912 to 1941.  The first tour will leave our building at noon.  The last tour will leave the building at 3:00 p.m.  Sign up for tours will begin Saturday morning the 29th at 11:30 a.m. in the foyer of our building. As seating in our vans is limited, spots on each tour will be available on a first come basis.   

~An Official Centennial Event~


     For our Saturday evening old-fashion singing on September 29th we will need old fashion home made cookies.  These may be left in the kitchen.

~An Official Centennial Event~


     As the November 10th coat giveaway approaches, we are in need of stocking caps and gloves.  Children’s coats, sizes 10 – 18, adult sizes 1X thru 4X.  Please no men or women’s suit jackets or sweaters or children’s lightweight windbreakers.  Our aim is coats and space is limited.


Charlotte Seikel was in very critical condition in ICU at Presbyterian Hospital as the week began.  Your prayers are urgently requested. 

Drew Bennett, the great grandson of James and Ellen Childers, the grandson of Larry and Sandra Birdwell, and the son of Kyle and Melissa Bennett, sustained a skull fracture when a television set fell on him in Mesquite, Texas.  The two-year-old youngster was in serious condition at the week’s beginning.  Your prayers are requested. 

Ruth Autry had knee replacement surgery on Wednesday of last week at Unity Health Center.  She was expecting to be moved to Colonial Estates for rehabilitation early this week. 

Tim Norton, Sr. is having severe complications from radiation. 

Glenn Watson is hoping to return home sometime this week from Jim Thorpe Rehabilitation Hospital, room 5228. 

Leoh Roberts is now under Hospice care and is back in Golden Rule Home, room 15. 

Anita Jacques’s son-in-law, Steve Lawler, remains in the hospital in Hong Kong.  He is improving. 

Robby Kinsey’s grandfather, Bob Gear, has been moved to room 361 in Baptist Integris Hospital for therapy. 

Carol Mahnke has returned home from M.D. Anderson Hospital in Houston after another treatment.


September 23, Search: “The Word of God Is Lost and Found”

September 26, Nicaragua report from George Mastick

September 28, Ladies Night at Little; dinner, 5:30 p.m.; program, 7 p.m. Betty Byerly, Wilson, North Carolina

September 29, 30, Central Centennial Homecoming – Perry Cotham & Stafford North

“A Century of Service to an Eternal God,”

September 30, Search:  “Christ, the Christian’s High Priest”

     On January 1, 1933 in the depths of the depression, 77 women and 14 men members made pledges regarding their contribution.  Although they pledged $150.00 a week they could only come up with about $80.00.  Even so this probably was a real sacrifice for these folks.

     Early in 1940, 17 individuals or families of the church signed a bank note to borrow $3,215.50 to get started on the plans and preliminary work for the new church building at 10th and Bell.  There was a special contribution taken and 67 members gave $3,768.00 to help get started on the project.

We hope to see you here Sunday!



"If Christ does not reign over the mundane events in our lives,
He does not reign at all."

Paul Tripp


Bible School                                              127

Worship Service                                       206

Sunday Evening                                       140

Wednesday Evening                                130

Contribution                                     4,283.59



Sunday, September 23, 2007


Announcements:                          Dale Beard

Opening Prayer:                      Bob Stephens

Song Director:                              Paul Harris

Scripture:                         Kenton McGalliard

Sermon:                                 Dwyane Dennis

Closing Prayer:                       Robby Kinsey



NORTH                                             SOUTH

Gerald Smith                                Jim Walling

Terry Lowe                                 Brian Nipper



Lynn Harmon                 Burl Vanlandingham



Paul Harris                             Tim McGalliard



Foyer:                              Paul & Paula Harris

Elevator:                Tim & Janice McGalliard



Ann Perry & Carolyn Root



Ron Taffe



Jim Carpenter




Opening Prayer:                      Jim Pettyjohn

Song Director:                              Paul Harris

Sermon:                                 Dwyane Dennis

Closing Prayer:                         Austin Beard



NORTH                                           SOUTH

Scott Perry                                  Chuck Carter




Classes for all ages

Song Director:                           Austin Beard




James Reeves


If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297