Bulletin for Sunday 12/02/2007

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1902     ALVIE VANLANDINGHAM    2007

     We extend our sympathy to the family of Alvie Vanlandingham.  Brother Vanlandingham departed this life on Tuesday, November 20, at the age of 105.  Dwyane Dennis conducted funeral services in our building on Friday.  Alvie had 183 direct descendents not counting spouses.  We especially offer our love to Howard and Burl Vanlandingham and their wives who are members here at Central.  Brother Vanlandingham was a faithful and outstanding member at East Main and Central for many years.  Most of his descendents are also faithful, active Christians which is about the finest thing that could be said.

Robert Prater


     Recently I started “blogging.”  A blog is your own personal webpage on the internet, in which you express your views about what matters to you.  Other people are then able to respond to your postings resulting in a kind of “electronic dialogue.”  Blogs are as different as the people who write them.  Blogs have become quite a force in many areas of American life.  You can catch my spiritual views: www.preacherprater.blogspot.com

     Finally, I present the article below for your consideration.  It is written by David Deffenbaugh, the outstanding preacher for the South College congregation in Tahlequah.  The bottom line of the article is that we must not be moved by the pressures of our day to compromise our faith for popularity.  Real Christianity is in dedicating ourselves to the truth. (3 John 3-4)  I personally believe that there are people out there tiring of the individualistic consumer culture applieds to the church.  Others have called it the “Wal-Mart” approach to religion, selling whatever the consumer wants.  There are people looking for the pure religion Jesus calls us to.  Looking for a community of real people who will really care for them.  My prayer is for God to help us here at Central always to be exactly what the Lord would have us to be as found in His Word.                                      --Robert--(robprater@sbcglobal.net)

By: David Deffenbaugh

     Choices, choices, choices; so many choices.  And that’s the way we like it.  Living in a consumer driven society, we have come to expect (demand) choices.  When we buy a car, we want lots of options.  When we buy clothes we want lots of styles in a variety of colors.  When we go out to eat we want an extensive menu.  It is all about getting what we want, when we want it, and to our exact specifications.  And the retailers oblige.  If they are going to survive in the highly competitive market of American consumerism they had better not have any fewer available choices than their competition.                              

   As a consumer I like this system.  Throw in cheaper prices to boot, and you’ve got a happy camper.  This is all well and good in a discussion of economic systems, which this is not.  The point is that our culture teaches and trains us in the consumer mindset and philosophy.  It’s all about being able to choose what you wish.  The final arbiter in the whole process is my own preferences.  The individual is the focal point.

     How do you suppose a consumer dominated culture will go about doing religion?  Even when religion was here first?  Exactly.  By using the same consumer principles.  Give the people what they want.  Give the people a choice other than traditional church.  Not surprisingly among the largest religious bodies in America we find churches built in the same way successful businesses are built.  That raises a significant question.  Can anything that makes the individual the focal point ever be considered the church?  Obviously not.  It may be something but it is not the church.  And if it is not the church it is not what Jesus built.

     Here’s a radical notion.  It comes, of all places, from the prophet Isaiah.  Under consideration are people who may seem to be outsiders or even outcasts (in this case, foreigners and eunuchs), unqualified to receive God’s blessing.  God gives hope.  God says it isn’t ones’ nationality or circumstances in life that determine reception of God’s blessing, but it is those who “choose what pleases Me.” (Isa. 45:4).

     How ought religion to be pursued?  Not based on the principles that make consumerism succeed.  But, simply put, to choose what pleases God.  It doesn’t hold out the promise of overflowing assemblies and connecting with modern worshipers, but it does hold out some other promises, ones that are a little more substantial and a little more eternal.


     There will be a Christmas party for all those in Robert Prater’s & Bob Perry’s Sunday morning & Wednesday evening Young Adult/Families classes on Friday, December 7 at 6:30 p.m. at the home of Scott and Tamie Perry.  Please bring finger foods and pop.  Also, bring a $5 Dirty Santa gift.


     For the next few weeks, the Centennial Photo Album compiled by Rita Romberg will be available at the projection console in the rear of the auditorium.  Those who have not yet had a chance to look at it will enjoy doing so.


     There is a container in the foyer for items to be placed in Christmas boxes for our college students.  Needed items are popcorn, mints, candy, gum, hot chocolate, pencils, pens, etc.  See Mary Kelly for additional information.


     Thank you for the beautiful flowers.  We all appreciate your kindness.  Edgar O’Neal’s Family

     Thank you for the prayers, expressions of sympathy, and love during the passing of my daddy.                                            Noma Epperson

     Dear Central family, Thank you for all your prayers, calls, and cards during the illness and loss of our son-in-law, Larry Thomas.  Love

                     Howard & Talhia [Vanlandingham]

     On behalf of the entire Vanlandingham family, we’d like to thank you for the prayers, cards, visits, and all expressions of love shown to our family.  Thank you for the beautiful bouquet of flowers and for the wonderful dinner provided to the family after the service.  Also thanks to the ladies that provided food and helped with the dinner.  A special thank you to Dwyane for the beautiful service for Dad.           Love, the Vanlandinghams

Youth News
Bob Stephens

    Parents and kids of all ages!  Mark December 28-30 on your calendars for our 3rd Annual Family Retreat at Burnt Cabin.  This is a great time to enjoy fellowship with the whole family, recover from the holidays and prepare to welcome in the New Year.  Watch for more info regarding this retreat in the weeks to come.

     Hard to believe but LTC is upon us!  The sign up sheets will be out for the kids to sign.  Parents, encourage your kiddos to sign up and encourage them to broaden their skills and talents.  Kids in 3rd grade through 12th grade are welcome to join in the fun and learning.  The LTC Convention will be in Rogers, Arkansas in 2008.


Dec. 2, Sunday – AWTG @ Blanchard, leave @ 3:30 pm

Dec. 28-30, Fri-Sun, Family Retreat to Burnt Cabin



     James Childers is now being cared for at Colonial Estates Nursing Home, room 28.  He especially appreciates your visits as he makes this transition. 
Charlotte Seikel
has also been moved to Colonial Estates for rehabilitation.  She is in room 111. 
Elva Gill
continues with rehabilitation at Unity Health Center South, room 307.
  Ann Perry’s brother, Carl Wills, was seriously injured in an auto crash on Tuesday of last week.  He had back surgery at Norman Regional on Saturday.  He is facing a long recuperation.
  Carol Mahnke and Harvey Moore continue to have treatments under the oversight of M.D. Anderson in Houston.

DateO.T. ReadingDateN.T. Reading
1Ezek. 40,41 12 Peter 3
2Ezek. 42,43,44 21 John 1
3Ezek. 45,46 31 John 2
4Ezek. 47,48 41 John 3
5Daniel 1,2 51 John 4
6Daniel 3,4 61 John 5
7Daniel 5,6,7 72 John
8Daniel 8,9,10 83 John
9Daniel 11,12 9Jude
10Hosea 1,2,3,410Rev. 1
11Hosea 5,6,7,811Rev. 2
12Hosea 9,10,1112Rev. 3
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30Zech. 13,1430Rev. 21
31Malachi 1,2,3,431Rev. 22


December 2, Search: “I Am Bound for the Promised Land”

December 2, ECU College Outreach conducts afternoon worship at 5

December 4, Ladies Bible Class meets at 10:30; luncheon follows

December 8, ‘Holiday Home Tour’, leave the building at 9:30 am

December 9, Search: “Forgiveness”

"An idle life and a holy heart is a contradiction."


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Contribution                                     4,418.05




Sunday, November 25, 2007


Announcements:                           Bob Seikel

Opening Prayer:                            Jim Cross

Song Director:                              Paul Harris

Scripture:                                     Chad Beard

Sermon:                                 Dwyane Dennis

Closing Prayer:                              Ron Taffe



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Opening Prayer:                 Clavin Norwood

Song Director:                             Paul Harris

Sermon:                                Dwyane Dennis

Closing Prayer:                       James Reeves



NORTH                                           SOUTH

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