Bulletin for Sunday 01/27/2008

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      We are so pleased that Linda Sharpley has placed membership with the Central congregation.  She and her husband have recently moved to the area from Malvern, AR.  Their address is R.R. 1, Box 261, Tecumseh, OK 74873.  Phone number is 501-467-0712.

Robert Prater

      On the “desktop” of most computers, there is a small icon that used to be called “trash.”  Now it is called the “recycle bin.”  It is the bin into which old documents, files, etc. are put so they can be eliminated.  But, they are not eliminated unless the user actually goes into the bin and empties it out.  The files can be brought back up until the point that the user eliminates them.

     Many people feel like their sins are put in some sort of recycle bin.  It is called “guilt,” and it brings up our sins over and over.  We have trouble forgiving ourselves, even if we have asked God (and, possibly, others) for forgiveness.  While we know that God forgives, we have trouble letting go.

     There are many people who want to come to the Lord, but say things like, “I’ve done something so bad that the Lord will never forgive me of that.”  Others, who are Christians, but erring Christians, have trouble coming back to the Lord because they think, “God trusted me, and I’ve betrayed that trust.”  And sadly, many who think like this never come to the Lord.  They let the power of guilt override and take control.

     Now it is true that we need to feel guilty when we sin.  We should never be like those in Jeremiah’s day who were unable even to blush at their transgressions. (Jeremiah 6:15)  But, once we have sought and received forgiveness, we need to learn from our mistakes and move on to a greater service in God’s kingdom.

     While all are sinners (Rom. 3:23), some commit many sins.  However, think of some of those who did not let those terrible sins keep them from serving God.

·         Moses, whose anger and presumption kept him from entering the Promised Land, still led the children of Israel to the edge of that great country.

·         David, overwhelmed with terrible guilt for his adulterous relationship with Bathsheba, repented and went on to be a beloved leader of God’s people, and “a man after God’s own heart.” (Acts 13:22)

·         Peter, who went so far as to deny even knowing Jesus, is known to us as the preacher of the first Gospel sermon – to which at least 3,000 people responded.

·         Paul, who imprisoned and tortured Christians, was even forgiven of that sin.  He overcame his past to become the greatest missionary of all time.

     Friend, how about you?  Do you have sin in your life that you need to turn away from?  Are you allowing guilt to take over, and keep you from repenting?  God gave each of us a conscience and we need to allow it to prick us when we sin, but we do not need to allow it to take over our thinking.  We need to empty the recycling bin of guilt and allow the blood of Jesus to cleanse us.  “If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.”  (1 John 1:9 NIV)            

 --Robert-- (robprater@sbcglobal.net) (www.preacherprater.blogspot.com)


We extend our loving sympathy to Jennifer Harmon in the sudden loss of her 41-year-old stepfather on Thursday, January 17.  Funeral services were conducted by Robert Prater at Cooper Funeral Chapel in Tecumseh on Monday.


Gerald Akin and Bertha Combs were united in marriage on Wednesday afternoon, January 16.  We extend our very best wishes to them and our prayer for many wonderful, happy years.

On Tuesday of this week, the mayor of Shawnee and the City Commission proclaimed January 19th Roe & Louise Honaker Day in honor of their 73rd Wedding Anniversary.  This is good news the whole city needs to know about.  We appreciate Central member Carl Holt who serves on the City Commission.


You are invited to a snack and dessert party honoring Bertha and Gerald Akin on Sunday night, February 10, following the afternoon service.  Please bring snack foods and dessert.  If you would like to participate in a money tree gift, please see Marcia Dennis, Betty Emery, Paula Harris, or Cathy Pettyjohn.


To all my brothers and sisters, Thank all of you for the beautiful get well cards and all the prayers on my behalf during this trying time.  I am still very weak and will probably have gallbladder surgery in about a month if all goes well.  Keep on praying that all goes well.  I also wish to thank all for my Christmas goodies.  I always enjoy that.

I love you all, Mazella (Patterson) (You may write Mazella at 306 N.W. 5th, Wilburton, OK 74578.)


Earl Finch was in VA Medical Center for tests when the Gospel Guide was prepared, room 103 2-A, second floor. 

Mazella Patterson is at her daughter’s home in Wilburton.  She will have gallbladder surgery in the next few days. 

Marlene Wadkins is in rehabilitation after bypass surgery.  Send your cards to 1200 Oakwood Dr., Yukon, OK 73099.  She will have additional surgery soon.

Lil Sullivan is home following back surgery. 

Carol Mahnke will probably discontinue her chemotherapy.  Remember her in your prayers. 

Harvey Moore received mixed results from recent tests at M.D. Anderson Hospital.  They are changing his treatments. 

L.M. Booker, Harvey Moore, and Charlotte Seikel will appreciate your prayers while they are taking chemotherapy. 


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27Keith & Jennifer Lawrence – 15TH

We express our best wishes to those who are celebrating birthdays and anniversaries in February.  We extend a special word of congratulations to Roe Honaker on his 93rd birthday.


January 27, Search” “Christianity Then & Now”

February 3, Search: “The Thousand Year Reign of Revelation 20”

February 6, Ladies Class meets at 10:30 a.m. ; monthly luncheon follows the class

February 10, Search: “Marriage Is Honorable Among All”

February 15, Valentine’s Banquet @ LaDonna’s in Meeker; signup sheet on foyer table.  More info to follow.

February 17, Search: “Jesus’ Story of the Prodigal Son”

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Announcements:                      Bob Stephens

Opening Prayer:                            Ron Taffe

Song Director:                              Paul Harris

Scripture:                                     Chad Beard

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Sermon:                                Dwyane Dennis

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