Bulletin for Sunday 03/02/2008

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Robert Prater

     The gospels record some fascinating stories of Jesus’ interaction with people.  All of them were impacted by His life and message.  These stories are meant to emphasize the love and compassion of Christ for humanity and His creation, enabling us to more deeply understand His mission as well as His revelation of God.  They are very different personalities and each one has something to teach us especially in the how to reach out to others.

     It is for this reason that I am very excited about a new special quarter of Bible classes that all of our adult and teen Bible classes here at Central will be studying.  The title is “People Who Met Jesus.”  We’ll be studying about the people who met the Master and learn some valuable lessons on evangelism and outreach.  We want to use these lessons to encourage the members at Central to be thinking and looking for ways to interact with lost people.  It should be a great study.

     I believe most Christians want to share the gospel of Christ with others.  Yet many often feel awkward in their attempts to talk with others.  Or they simply don’t know how to establish contacts for a Bible study.  Our approach in these lessons on Sunday morning will be to study the method and manner in which Jesus personally related and interacted with sinners.  We want to learn  from Jesus, the Master Teacher who often engaged and did His greatest work on the personal level.  By observing Jesus in action this will help us in our own efforts to reach out to others.  When people aren’t coming to Christ, it’s because we are not going to the people.  Remember Jesus said, “Go into all the world…..”  We must go where the people are!

     Now, friends, if you haven’t been attending Bible classes on Sunday morning, what a great opportunity and time to begin anew or start for the first time.  Take a look on the front of this bulletin at the listing of the locations for the classes.  The more you learn about the Lord and His word, the more you bear the image of Christ.  If you faithfully attend Bible classes, why don’t you personally invite someone who has not being attending our Bible classes.  Let’s remember our teachers and classes in our prayers, that we may be able to spread God’s word better.

            --Robert-- (robprater@sbcglobal.net)



     We extend our sympathy to the family of Mary Sorensen.  Mary passed away on Monday of last week and graveside funeral services were conducted in Meeker on Friday.  Mary had been a member at Central since 1999.  She resided at the Meeker Nursing Home for the last several years.

     Former member Gertrude McGee passed away Sunday in Hereford, Texas where she has lived since November of 2002.  Funeral services were conducted Tuesday at the Central Church of Christ in Hereford.  Dwyane Dennis conducted a second service at Resthaven Funeral Chapel in Shawnee on Wednesday morning.  Gertrude was buried by her husband, Floyd McGee in Resthaven Memorial Park.  She was the mother of the late Doris Hardin, sister-in-law of the late Bertha Perry and aunt of Robert Perry.

     We also express our sympathy to Cherrell Hamilton and Sarah Smith in the sudden loss of their sister, Sherry Nevills, on Sunday evening.  Funeral services were to be conducted at the Alameda Church of Christ in Norman on Thursday morning.


     Seminole is hosting the area wide Leadership Dinner this year on Friday, March 7, at 6:30 p.m..  They will have Neal McCaleb for the guest speaker.  All elders, deacons, ministers, other leaders and the spouses are invited to come and share information from their congregations.  The cost is $8 per person.  They will need a count by Sunday, March 2, from each congregation.  Central is always well represented, and we know this year will be no exception.  Please call our church office to RSVP as soon as possible.


 Yuavonda Sperry came through her back surgery well at Bone and Joint Hospital on Monday and was expecting to return home that same day. 

Ethel Fast was admitted to Unity Health Center this past Sunday and is in room 214.  

Phyllis Scheidt is in room 403 at Unity Health Center with pneumonia. 

Mazella Patterson came through her gallbladder surgery well on Monday of last week in Muskogee and is now recuperating at her daughter’s home in Wilburton. 

Marlene Wadkins is in Baptist Medical Center where she had half of her foot removed on Tuesday of last week. 

Joyce Kelly is now in the Skilled Nursing family at Colonial Estates, room 106.  She is feeling better but had a contagious infection the early part of the week.  Call the family or church office to see if she is able to have visitors. 

Continue to remember LM. Booker, Carol Mahnke, Harvey Moore, and Charlotte Seikel in your prayers as they undergo cancer treatments.


     The 80th birthday celebration in honor of Charles Lairson and Ellen (Lairson) Childers will be held on Saturday afternoon, March 1st, from 2 – 4 p.m. at Central Church of Christ in the fellowship room.  No gifts please. 

Youth News
Bob Stephens


Feb. 29-March 1   Friday & Saturday – OC Spring Visit

March 1-Saturday – OC Spring Sing

March 2, Sunday – AWTG at Eastside/MWC – Leave @ 4:30 & return by 8:00

March 21 & 22 – LTC Convention


February 29, Area wide singing, Seminole, 7 – 9   p.m.

March 1, 80th Birthday Celebration in honor of Charles Lairson & Ellen Childers, Fellowship room 2-4

March 2, Search: “Wanted: A Liar”

March 7, Area wide Leadership Dinner, Seminole, 6:30 p.m. for elders, deacons, ministers, other leaders & spouses

March 9, Daylight Saving Time begins

March 9-12, Gospel meeting, McLoud, Stephen Wiggins; see bulletin board

March 10-12, Tipton Home truck will be here to collect donations.  Needed items: cereal, Spam, jelly, sugar, pre-sweetened Kool-Aid, bleach, dishwashing soap, toilet bowl cleaner, paper towels, spray starch, & lemonade mix.

March 16, Search: “Christ Died for the Ungodly”

March 23, Search: “A New Life in Christ”

April 2 – 6, Gospel meeting at Highland, Kent Risley

April 20, Central’s Friends & Family Day, Tim Lewis

May 3, 29th Annual Teachers Workshop, “We Must Teach Them to Reach Them,” Eastside, Duncan


Jearline Bates, Nina Baylis, Chad Beard, Hazel Lee Behrnes, Betty Bernard, Christine Best, (Martha Chaffin’s daughter), L.M. Booker, Don Brightwell, Harold Carothers, Alta Carroll, James Childers, Harold & Clydean Decker, C.F. Drain, Ethel Fast, Roe Honaker, Anna Jarvis, Jenifer Vasques  of the  Nicaragua children home, Nadine Magee, Carol Mahnke, Vesta Mays, Betty Meister (Lynn Harmon’s sister), Harvey Moore, Tim Norton, Sr., Mike Phillips, (Jennifer Lawerance brother-in-law), Zack Phillips, Polly Reece, Alice Rice, Millie Riley, Charlotte Seikel, Nancy Simmons, Altha Smith, Sarah Smith, Gary Snow, Dorothy Strickland,  Dawn Vanlandingham, daughter-in-law of Howard & Talhia Vanlandingham, David Vanlandingham, Marlene Wadkins, Emma White and Emma Wilson.  All these members and friends have continuing health concerns or other special circumstances.  They appreciate your interest and prayers.

"Those who teach by their doctrine must
teach by their life, or else they pull down
with one hand what they build up with the other."
Matthew Henry

Oh, to realize that souls, precious, never dying souls,
are perishing all around us, going out into the blackness
of darkness and despair, eternally lost, and yet to feel
no anguish, shed no tears, know no travail!
How little we know of the compassion of Jesus!
Oswald J. Smith


Bible School                                              135

Worship Service                                       198

Sunday Evening                                       131

Wednesday Evening                                100

Contribution                                    4,648.55



Sunday, March 2, 2008

Announcements:                          Dale Beard

Opening Prayer:           Burl Vanlandingham

Song Director:                      Dwyane Dennis

Scripture:                        Kenton McGalliard

Sermon:                                     Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                     George Mastick


NORTH                                             SOUTH

James Reeves                                   Ron Taffe

Kenton McGalliard                Glendon Combs


Bob Bivins                                  Brian Nipper


Paul Harris                              Frank Romberg


Foyer:                              Paul & Paula Harris

Elevator:                    Frank & Rita Romberg


Paula Harris & Diane Lawerance


Jim Pettyjohn


Scott Perry



Opening Prayer:                 Tim McGalliard

Song Director:                     Dwyane Dennis

Sermon:                                    Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                        Chuck Carter


NORTH                                           SOUTH

Tim Norton                                     Bob Perry



Classes for all ages

Song Director:              Burl Vanlandingham



Tracy Gettle


If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297