Bulletin for Sunday 04/20/2008

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We greatly rejoice in the news that Jeff Todd was baptized into Christ last Thursday evening by Robert Prater.  Jeff and Robert have been studying over the course of several weeks.  He is the husband of Darlene Todd, the son of Betty Rye, and the son-in-law of Burl and Barbara Vanlandingham.  Please take an opportunity to tell Jeff how excited you are about the decision he has made to follow Jesus and keep him in your prayers as he grows in the Lord.


Please remember the fellowship meal following Sunday morning service in the Municipal Auditorium next door.  It will be catered by Chicago Street Deli and will consist of grilled chicken breast or ham, green beans, potato casserole, bread and a choice of four cakes.  Finally, concerning our guest speaker, the following thoughts below are by Tim Lewis who will be teaching and preaching both the combined teen and adult classes and the morning and afternoon services.  It is obvious from his article that he loves the Lord, the Bible and the church.


Have you noticed that everything is new and improved?  Go home and look around the house and you might be surprised at what you find.  Your laundry detergent, toothpaste, cleaning products and a host of other household items are all "new and improved".  What you find at home is becoming more and more evident in the church as well.  There is a dangerous fascination with all things new.  In fact, some people think new is better and old is obsolete.

There are some very well respected ministers and church leaders who have taken the position that old approaches to preaching, teaching and evangelism are no longer as effective as they once were.  Young preachers are being instructed to find "new and improved" approaches to doing ministry.  If we are not careful to reverse this trend I fear that we will end up training a generation of preachers and church leaders who are more concerned about being "cutting edge" than "Bible based".

Call me old fashion but I don't believe that everything new is better or that everything old is obsolete.  I am convinced that evangelistic gospel preaching is as effective today as it has ever been.  Cold presentations of old sermon outlines that haven't been revised or updated with new illustrations might not get the job done, but a passionate man preaching the saving gospel is still God's formula for success.  Preaching the truth in love is still effective.  Personal home Bible studies still work.  Visitation programs still work.  Gospel meetings and door knocking campaigns still work.  Acappella singing still works.  Prayer still works.  Qualified elders, hard working deacons, and soul-winning preachers still work.

 "As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts" (Isa. 55:9).  God's ways are higher than man's ways.  God's wisdom makes the sage of this age look foolish.  Show me a church where the people are willing to do God's work, God's way and I will show you a church that is growing by leaps and bounds.  Show me a church that is content to be biblical in all it does and I will show you a church that shines like a light in the universe.  Don't ever sell out to the idea that the "old" things don't work.  Just keep working until Jesus comes!   Tim Lewis, North MacArthur, OKC


The third Central Ladies Day will be held on April 27 immediately following the morning worship service.  ALL LADIES OF THE CONGREGATION ARE INVITED to be special guests for this occasion - A Luncheon for All Seasons.  Speakers will be Margaret Olmstead, Renee Taylor, and Tina Winn (sister and nieces of Paula Harris and Doris Phillips).  There will also be entertainment.  All Central ladies are invited to attend. 


All ladies are invited to attend a bridal shower honoring Sarah Young, bride elect of John Mark Aylor, on Sunday, May 4, from two to four p.m. in the fellowship room.  They are registered at Dillard's and Lowes.  If you wish to be included in a group gift, see Marcia Dennis, Debbie Taffe, or Fay Truesdell.


The Bell and Farrall ladies are hosting a "Ladies Lectureship" on Saturday of this week.  Registration and a continental breakfast will be between 10 and 10:30 a.m.  Then Frances Banks will speak on "Count It All Joy," and Kathryn Graham will speak on "Tribulation and Triumph."  A luncheon will follow the speakers.


There will be a "work party" directed by Geoff Root on Friday afternoon of this week to set up tables and chairs and cover the tables at 4 p.m.  Geoff will be there about an hour early, so any other early arrivals will be welcome.  If the Municipal Auditorium doors are locked, you will be able to enter through the Senior Citizen Center.  Any decorating etc. will need to be done at that time. This is in preparation for lunch on Friends & Family day.


I want to thank everyone for all the prayers, cards, and kind words of concern during the illness and loss of my sister, Betty Meister.  They were deeply appreciated.                 In Christian love, Lynn Harmon


In compliance with state statutes, the members at Central Church of Christ will hold their annual meeting immediately following the Sunday evening worship service, April 27, 2008 in the fellowship room.


Altha Smith has returned to Golden Rule Home after spending some time at Unity Health Center. She was to remain in isolation for a while. 

L.B. and Rachel Hall are both experiencing health problems at home, as well as Frances Taylor and Carletta Moore. 

Don and Judy Wills will not be with us in worship much of the time while they are caring for their 42-year-old daughter who is at home under hospice care. 

Tommy Fast, the son of the late Ethel Fast, had major open-heart surgery three weeks ago at Presbyterian Hospital.  The surgery was a success as it relates to his heart; however other complications keep him in ICU, room 2017. 

Bill Lawerance's mother, June Lawerance, is not doing well, and he requests our prayers for her.

Please continue to remember Harvey Moore & Charlotte Seikel in your prayers as they continue to have treatments for cancer.

Youth News

Bob Stephens

The camp applications are in!  The camp applications are in!  Kids!  Don't forget to get your applications filled out and turned in as soon as possible.  We have them available in the youth house and on the youth bulletin board.  Our session is June 8 - 14.  We have a chance of having a full camp this year, so don't put it off too long.  If you haven't been to Burnt Cabin before, you gotta' come.  It's an awesome week of Bible study and fun, and meeting friends that you'll have for a long time to come.  You can pass your application and deposit to me or Rob.


April 19, Neighborhood door knocking survey

April 20, Search: "Sincerity Is a Virtue"

April 20, Central's Friends & Family Day, Tim Lewis from N. MacArthur; catered meal in Municipal Auditorium

April 27, Ladies Day Luncheon following morning worship service in the fellowship room

April 27, Search: "The King Who ‘Made Israel to Sin'"

May 3, 29th Annual Teachers Workshop, "We Must Teach Them to Reach Them," Eastside, Duncan

May 4, Search: "What Shall I Do To Be Saved?"

May 4, Sunday, Bridal Shower honoring  Sara Young, bride elect of John Mark Aylor, fellowship room, 2 - 4 p.m.

May 11, Search: "Mother's Day"

May 18, Search: "What Is Sin?"

"Make sure that when you leave a person,
he is closer to Jesus than when you first met him."


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Sunday, April 20, 2008

Announcements:                     Bob Stephens

Opening Prayer:                  Dwyane Dennis

Song Director:                             Paul Harris

Scripture:                                  Austin Beard

Sermon:                                         Tim Lewis

Closing Prayer:                              Jim Cross


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Opening Prayer:                Clavin Norwood

Song Director:                            Paul Harris

Sermon:                                       Tim Lewis

Closing Prayer:                     Robby Kinsey


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