Bulletin for Sunday 10/05/2008

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Robert Prater

Our Gospel Meeting begins on Sunday.  Phil Sanders will work hard to present evangelistic lessons on the fundamentals of the gospel and to build us up in our faith.  Friends, no gospel meeting can be a success without the support of the local church.  How can we expect the world to get excited over a message that the local church is not excited about?  We need to give this meeting our very best effort.  This all starts with you planning on attending every service you possibly can.  Your presence speaks volumes with regard to your interest, enthusiasm, and involvement in the Lord’s work.  Let’s also remember the importance of being friendly to visitors.  Make an effort to talk with people you don’t know.

Recent studies have shown that though 85 percent of Americans call themselves Christians, only 69 percent of Americans regard themselves as church members.  Only 43 percent will attend church on a given Sunday.  Another 22 percent will attend occasionally.  Only 22 percent of Americans attend Bible classes on Sunday mornings.  There are now 79 million “unchurched” people in America.  Simply put many of these claim to be Christians but do not practice their Christianity by church attendance.  What an amazing time to live in and have doors of opportunity for Christ – let’s not squander it!  Reach out and help bring someone you know to find a home in the Lord’s church.

On a personal note, time has certainly gone by quickly!  This week will mark four years since my family and I moved to Shawnee and began the great partnership with the Central church family.  It is a joy and honor to preach among the Lord’s people in this place.  You have prayed for me.  You have put up with me.  You have loved and supported me and my family so thoughtfully and I am eternally in your debt.  This congregation has a rich history, but I believe the future is bright, and there is much potential here.  I look forward to many more years of us serving Christ together. 

                       --Robert--(robprater@sbcglobal.net) (www.preacherprater.blogspot.com)


Central’s gospel meeting with Phil Sanders of Brentwood, Tennessee will begin this coming Sunday, October 5 and go through Wednesday evening October 8.  The theme of this meeting is “Why You Should Be a Christian.”  Please also keep in mind that in addition to the regular meeting lessons, Phil will present a series of lessons entitled, “Why I Believe” Mon-Wed mornings at 10:00 a.m. here at the building.  All teen and adult Bible classes will meet in the auditorium.  Please keep in mind the catered luncheon by Paul’s Place Steak House following the Sunday morning service in the fellowship room.  The meal will consist of your choice of smoked chicken or smoked ham; salad, mashed potatoes, green beans, bread, and two kinds of cake or cookies.  Preparations are being made for additional overflow seating in classrooms around the building.


William Lloyd Garrison, who wrote the anti-slavery paper called the Abolitionist and was probably the leader in that cause, was so hot to get rid of the slavery cancer upon our society that he angered many, many people.  One of his friends, Samuel May, said one day to him, and I quote, “Oh, my friend, do try to moderate your indignation and keep more cool; why, you’re all on fire!”  To which Garrison replied, “My friend, I have need to be all on fire for I have mountains of ice around me to melt.”

As an evangelist, I too see mountains of ice needing a thaw.  It is all too easy for people to get so caught up in their lives that they freeze God out.  Others have one or two bad experiences with Christianity or the church and remain cold to the truth the rest of their lives.

As an example, Paul was on fire for the salvation of his fellow Jews!  He said, “Brethren, my heart’s desire and my prayer to God for them is for their salvation” (Rom. 10:1).  Paul did not consider his life of any account so that he may solemnly testify the gospel of the grace of God (Acts 20:24).  He was ready to be bound or to die for the name of the Lord Jesus (21:13).

Paul felt obligated to preach the gospel to both Greeks and barbarians, both to the wise and to the foolish.  He was prepared and eager to preach the gospel, which he said was the power of God unto salvation (Rom. 1:14-16).  We too must feel pressed to preach the gospel to everyone who needs it.  We must prepare ourselves to that end and not be ashamed of the gospel message.

The gospel has the power to melt hearts and build faith (Acts 2:37; Rom. 10:17).  Let’s not be ashamed nor afraid to proclaim our faith to any and all who will listen.  Sometimes it is because we have let our fires grow cold that ice has formed on others.  Our zeal in Christ and the love of God can melt frozen hearts.  Let’s keep our faith, our hope, and our love alive.  Let’s reach out with God’s love and build a fire in another’s heart.    Phil [Sanders]


Dear Central family, I want to thank my Central Family for all you’ve done for me and my family in the last few weeks.  All the cards, calls, visits, meals and other things you have given to us and done for us have been great.  I’m very glad that you are a part of my spiritual family and I ask that you keep on praying for me and my family as I continue to recover.  I love you all.  In Christian love,                                 Chad Beard and Family


We were not aware of any Central members in the hospital when the Gospel Guide was prepared. 

It was great seeing Chad Beard back in worship Sunday. 

David Albert has returned to Shawnee after spending a number of days in Madison, Wisconsin.  No conclusive diagnosis was made.  David is the grandson-in-law of Joe and Phyllis Scheidt. 

Donna Hale’s health has greatly improved. 

Continue to pray for Juanita Combs, Harvey Moore, Tim Norton, and Frances Taylor.


The Tipton truck will be coming between October 27 and 29th.  Needed supplies are: cereal, soups, white Karo syrup, Ranch-style beans, chicken broth, beef bouillon, shampoo, hair conditioner, trash bags, paper towels, Scrubbing Bubbles.  A barrel is in the foyer for your contributions.

Youth News
Bob Stephens

The October youth activity calendars are on the youth bulletin board for parents to pick up.


October 5, Search: “The Gospel Is Good News”

October 5-8, Central’s fall Gospel Meeting with Phil Sanders, of Brentwood, Tennessee, “Why You Should Be a Christian

October 5, Catered Fellowship meal following morning service in the fellowship room

October 12, Search: “Christ Calls Sinners”

October 12 – 15, Gospel meeting at Dale, Virgil Trout

October 19, Larry Sullivan to speak PM service

October 19, Search: “Rejoice and Be Glad”

October 25, Ladies Day at Henryetta, 9 a.m. to Noon; continental breakfast & lunch; child care provided; Tulsa United Ladies will sing


Jearline Bates, Nina Baylis, Chad Beard, Hazel Lee Behrnes, Betty Bernard, Don Brightwell, Harold Carothers, Alta Carroll, Irene Coffman, Juanita Combs, Harold & Clydean Decker, Donna Hale (daughter of Don & Judy Wills) L.B. & Rachel Hall, Cherrell Hamilton, Roe Honaker, Joyce Kelly, Melrose Kotts, Nadine Magee, Vesta Mays, Harvey Moore, Tim Norton, Sr., Polly Reese, Alice Rice, Millie Riley, Nancy Simmons, Sarah Smith, Dorothy Strickland,  Frances Taylor, Marlene Wadkins, Emma White and Emma Wilson.  All these members and friends have continuing health concerns or other special circumstances.  They appreciate your interest and prayers.

Trust the past to God's mercy,
the present to God's love
and the future to God's providence.



Bible School                                              140

Worship Service                                       210

Sunday Evening                                       107

Wednesday Evening                                 105

Contribution                                     4,322.57



Sunday, October 5, 2008

Announcements:                       Robert Prater

Opening Prayer:                          Paul Harris

Song Director:                              Dale Beard

Scripture:                                  Wade Baskin

Sermon:                                      Phil Sanders

Closing Prayer:                       Jim Pettyjohn


NORTH                                             SOUTH

Gene Norton                                    Bob Perry

Herman Guin                             Bob Stephens


Glendon Combs                      Frank Romberg


Steve Kelly                                      Ron Taffe


Foyer:                             Steve & Mary Kelly

Elevator:                        Ron & Debbie Taffe


Carolyn Root & Janet Stephens


John Aylor


Scott Perry



Opening Prayer:                       Robert Perry

Song Director:                             Dale Beard

Sermon:                                     Phil Sanders

Closing Prayer:                   Dwyane Dennis


NORTH                                           SOUTH

Tracy Gettle                                   Jim Cross



Classes for all ages

Song Director:                            Dale Beard



Tracy Gettle


If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297