Bulletin for Sunday 06/07/2009

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1921          Hazel Lee Behrnes          2009

We express our loving sympathy to the family of Hazel Lee Behrnes who passed away on Thursday of last week.  In keeping with her wishes, there will be no funeral service.  Hazel Lee was a devoted Christian who loved God and His church.

With Robert Prater

Our camp session at Burnt Cabin begins on Sunday.  This year’s camp is shaping up to be very special.  I need to give out several big THANK YOU’S for people who make camp happen.  First of all, I cannot tell you just how much Ann Bivins, our church secretary, always does in the office with helping me in preparation for camp – registration, camp books, and so much more!  She always goes beyond her “call of duty” for me.

Second, I am indebted to all those from Central who are going as counselors and staff – Amber Curtis (our incredible nurse), Joe Curtis (coming down some to help), Nathan Kelly, Bob Perry, Lindsey Perry, Lysa Park, Maggie Prater, Bob and Janet Stephens, Andy Stephens, Matt Stephens, Matthew Sloan, and Teresa Story (cook’s helper).  I cannot tell you how much I love and appreciate each of these dedicated Christian people who are freely giving their time and energies to make this week possible.

Lastly, I want to thank all from the Central congregation who have supported and encouraged your children, grandchildren and their friends to attend our camp week and especially those who have so generously helped sponsor a child.

Our young people will have this amazing time to attend this fun filled and spiritually charging week at camp.  Our goal is to provide them with an opportunity to draw closer to God and His Word and enjoy great fellowship with other kids of like Christian faith.  Please remember us in your prayers while we are gone at camp.

-- Robert -- (robprater@sbcglobal.net


To the best of our knowledge, we have no Central member in the hospital at this time. 

It was wonderful seeing Dennis & Frances Taylor in services Sunday.


The children and grandchildren of

Marcia and Dwyane Dennis

request the pleasure of your company

at a reception honoring

their parents’

Fiftieth Wedding Anniversary

on Saturday, the twentieth of June

two thousand nine

two o’clock until five o’clock

in the afternoon

Fellowship Room

Central Church of Christ

Tenth Street at Bell Avenue

Shawnee, Oklahoma

The family of

Bessie Robbins

invite you to join her in

the celebration of her

100th Birthday

on June 6, 2009

1 p.m. to 4 p.m.

in the afternoon (come and go)

in the community room

The First National Bank

130 E. MacArthur

Shawnee, Oklahoma

No gifts please.


Dear Christian friends, Thank you for all your prayers, visits, and helping us through a hard time.  Hope I will be back at church services soon.

Love, Judy and Don Wills


To Central, Thank you so much for all the love and support you have shown to me throughout my life.  I am so blessed to be part of this church family.  Thank you especially for the prayers and support that you have given to me for my mission trip to Germany.  This trip would not have been possible without your encouragement.  I look forward to seeing you all soon, and please continue to keep this trip in your prayers.          

Jason Perry


Dear Brothers & Sisters of Central Church of Christ, Thank you so much for the graduation reception and for all the cards, money, and gifts.  It was truly appreciated. 

In Christian love, Claire McKnight


June 4-6, Quest, Oklahoma Christian, Ken Jones, Richard May, Rich Little

June 6, 100th Birthday Celebration for Bessie Robbins, 1-4 pm at First National Bank Community Room

June 7, Search: “The Power of His Resurrection”

June 7-13, Central’s week at Burnt Cabin

June 20, 50th Wedding Anniversary reception honoring Marcia and Dwyane Dennis, 2 to 5 p.m. fellowship room

July 13-17, Central’s Vacation Bible School

Youth News
Bob Stephens


Congratulations to Kenton McGalliard who represented Shawnee at Oklahoma’s Boys State convention last weekend.  Great job, Kent!

Our Mystery Trip was a great success!  Nine of us went to the Wichita Wildlife Refuge last weekend and had a great time.  Among a few of the valuable lessons learned were:

Keon learned the importance of conserving water on a hike.  It seems that he drank all his water in the first fifteen minutes of a two and a half hour hike.

Lettie learned that you shouldn’t keep a dead minnow in a Dixie cup in a hot van while waiting for the perfect moment to present it to an unsuspecting intern.  And… we learned that she is a fearless buffalo hunter!

Dresean learned that wearing all black on the hottest day of the year is not a good idea.

Deiondre learned that you have to run into the wind to get a kite up in the air.  However, even with that, he still got his kite to fly the longest without crashing to the ground!

Wade learned that eating packages of parmesan cheese disgusts everyone around you.

Brandon learned that not only can he hit the badminton birdie onto the roof of the church building, he can also hit in into the trees.

All the kids learned the skills involved in snipe hunting.  If you don’t know anything about this elusive nocturnal bird, ask one of the kids, they’ll show you how it’s done!

And last but not least, Matt Sloan learned that we have an awesome bunch of kids at Central.  Actually, he already knew that.  Thanks Matt for the great devo Friday night!  We have camp next week.  I’m looking forward to a great week at Burnt Cabin with all our kiddos.


June 7-13, Burnt Cabin

June 15, Mon – AWTG Fittstown


Bible School                                              136

Worship Service                                       205

Sunday Evening                                       115

Wednesday Evening                                115

Contribution                                     4,491.16



Sunday, June 7, 2009

Announcements:                            Ron Taffe

Opening Prayer:               Dennis Brodersen

Song Director:                              Paul Harris

Scripture:                        Kenton McGalliard

Sermon:                                 Dwyane Dennis

Closing Prayer:                             Joe Curtis


NORTH                                            SOUTH

Gene Norton                         Tim McGalliard

Glendon Combs                       Lynn Harmon


Clavin Norwood                     Mitch Harmon


Bob Perry                                 Herman Guin


Foyer:                            Bob & Louise Perry

Elevator:                     Herman & Ruth Guin


Carolyn Root & Janet Stephens


Jim Pettyjohn


Jim Carpenter



Opening Prayer:         Burl Vanlandingham

Song Director:                            Paul Harris

Sermon:                               Dwyane Dennis

Closing Prayer:                      James Reeves


NORTH                                           SOUTH

Michael Michener                         Bob Seikel



Classes for all ages

Song Director:                 Michael Michener



Tracy Gettle

If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297