Bulletin for Sunday 06/21/2009

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with Robert Prater


The most com­mon question I was asked on Sunday morning was “Did you survive camp?”  Did I survive? I did better than that, I thrived!  We truly enjoyed one of the best sessions I have ever been a part of at Burnt Cabin Christian Camp.  We had 108 campers and a staff of 26 join us this year at Central’s session.  Most encouraging was the fact that we took our largest group ever from Central. (30 kids!)  Two precious young people gave their lives to Christ and were baptized.   The theme for the week was Army of the ONE – “The Battle Belongs to the Lord.”  I believe these young people were strengthened to be better Christian soldiers.

I want to just say again how incredibly thankful I am to all those from Central who helped so much to make this week an enormous success.  I want to especially thank those who attended as counselors and staff.  I want to also thank those who helped drive and pick up the kids from camp.  I have to mention a couple of people by name.  First, I could not direct this camp week without all the amazing help from my wife Maggie, and from Bob and Janet Stephens.   They help me plan and coordinate the week in so many ways that I can’t imagine doing camp without them.  Also, once again, our own Nathan Kelly who put together another amazing and fabulous camp slideshow, including this year with video!  We hope to be able to post this slideshow and other camp photos online.     

Friends I saw the power of God’s Word in the children at camp. I could see the power of God’s Word reflected in their lives, their words and deeds. I could hear it in their singing and their prayers. They knew what was right. They generally treated one another in a proper manner.  The future of the Lord’s church is very bright!    




Special AM Sermon:  David, As a Dad

Fathers Teach Your Children Well


1937     Nancy (Kimer) Simmons     2009

We extend our caring sympathy to the family of Nancy (Kimer) Simmons.  She passed away on Tuesday of last week, and graveside funeral services were conducted at Fairview Cemetery on Friday morning by Dwyane Dennis.  Within our congregation she was the wife of Ray Simmons who could not come from an Altus nursing home because of similar health issues.  She was the mother of Lisa Webb, the daughter of Rachel (Dunavan) O’Neal, and the sister of Ron Dunavan.  Nancy was a member at Central for many years and was always faithful in her attendance.  She was involved in a number of Central’s ministries and has been missed.

We also extend our loving sympathy to Ann Perry in the loss of her brother.  Les Wills passed away on Tuesday, June 2, and funeral services were held the following Saturday in Phoenix, Arizona where he lived.  Mr. Wills lived there for many years but was originally from Pottawatomie County.

Little Jennifer Vasques left her hard life in Nicaragua for a better place with her Savior this past week.


We extend best wishes to Sue Merritt on becoming a great grandmother.  Blake Russell Carter was born on June 13 at 5:35 p.m.  He weighed seven pounds and was 20 ¾ inches long.  Beau and Lois Carter are the parents and Daniel and Alisa Beal are the grandparents.


Jon Merritt was discharged from Deaconess Hospital on Sunday afternoon.


The church in Prague invites you to their gospel meeting with Carroll Sites from Higden, Arkansas, June 21 – 26.  The Monday through Friday services are at 7 p.m.  Sermon subjects and other service times are posted on the bulletin board in the foyer.


There will be a special ladies day at Bell & Farrall on Saturday, June 20, from 9:30 a.m. to 12 p.m.  The theme will be “Women Legacies of the Bible.”  Central ladies are especially invited to attend.


Dorothy Strickland has moved to 4713 Gracelann, Shawnee, OK 74804.  Her phone number remains the same.  Make this change in your membership directory.


Keep in mind the 50th Wedding Anniversary celebration of Marcia and Dwyane Dennis and come if you can.  It will be on Saturday afternoon in the fellowship room from 2 to 5.  Your presence is the only gift that they desire.

You are invited to attend a wedding shower in honor of Leslie Gettle and Andy Stephens on Sunday afternoon, July 5, from 2 – 4 in the fellowship room. They are registered at Dillard’s and Target. If you would like to participate in a group gift, see: Vivian Cross, Mary Kelly, Louise Perry or Rita Romberg.


Let’s be sure to remember Jason Perry who has recently left and arrived safely in Germany where he will be on a mission campaign for about four weeks.  Also remember Branson Martin, the grandson of Jim and Cathy Pettyjohn, who will soon be going on a mission trip with the Newalla congregation to Japan.  We are so proud of our young people who are showing such interest in mission trips and to share the gospel of Christ with the lost.  Please continue to keep Branson and Jason in your prayers as they serve Christ in these efforts.


Dear Central Church of Christ, I just wanted to say thank you for the generous gift of money for my mission trip to Japan.  I have been practicing Japanese and doing odd jobs to help with the expenses.  I will send some pictures of my trip on my return.  Thank you and God bless.                                                       Branson Martin   (P.S. With your help I’ve raised enough for my plane ticket!)

Hello friends at Central, I have moved to Vinita, Oklahoma.  I want to thank everyone at Central for the warm welcome you gave me when I moved there three years ago.  I’ll remember you all with love, and I hope to come visit someday.  Thanks again.  In Christian love,                 Shirley Semple

(Shirley’s address is 111 S. Thompson, Apt. 207, Vinita, OK 74301.)

We would like to express our appreciation to all those who offered condolences in the loss of our mother, daughter, and sister, Nancy Simmons.  We also wish to thank you for the flowers and cards.  We especially thank Dwyane Dennis for conducting the memorial service.  Sincerely, The Kimers, The Dunavans, Rachel O’Neal, and Betty Gear


This past week was such a blessing not only to the campers but also to all who were involved.  There is a joy felt in working with kids that is such a rewarding and challenging experience.  I had the privilege to work with Bob Perry and Andy Stephens in the Intermediate cabin and boy was it fun to watch them go from individual boys to working together at their morning chores and their teams.  The Intermediate boys won first place in the daily cabin inspections, two days in a row!  A first from what Bob tells.  I had such a wonderful time being involved with their lives for that one week and hope that this one week can make an impact in their life just as much as it did when I was growing up and going to church camp in the summers at Black Mesa Bible Camp. 

This past week was focused on being in God’s ARMY of the ONE and came from the book of Joshua and Judges.  What a great group of lessons taught by the staff led by the aid of Robert Prater.  It recharges your batteries of your faith being around Christians and being able to spend time learning more about what God is telling us through scripture.  I had talked to others Sunday and heard joyful accounts of years past and how much they missed being out there.  It kind of just sucks you in!  I want to challenge those just coming back to not let life drag you down but to keep the momentum of last week to push you through Satan’s grab and to enlist in the one sure guarantee we have in this life, one of salvation through Jesus Christ by baptism and a love that conquers all evil.  My favorite verse that has gotten me through many down times is Phil. 4:13.  We also gain strength and encouragement from Paul’s writings to Timothy in 2 Tim.Ch.2.  Be strong and remember God is always with you.  You just have to choose Him over the world!                                                     Matthew Sloan      

Youth News

Bob Stephens

We had possibly the best week ever at camp last week!  (No, I’m serious, it was that good!)  The amount of work that goes into a successful week of camp is unbelievable and we’re so grateful to Rob and Maggie for making it happen.  Thank you Rob and Maggie!

We had one of the largest groups ever from Central at Burnt Cabin last week, and as usual our kids made us proud.  They were all great but there were several that were singled out for special recognition:


Molly Gettle, Dresean Whiting, Bryce Beal, Brandon Gober (Team 6-3rd place)

Karli Shadaram, Adam Park (Team 8-2nd place)

Tiara Blackshire, Megan Prater, Josh Whitfield, (Team 2-1st place)

Battle Royale Champs:

Keon Lawrence, Lettie Curtis – Team 4

Individual Awards:

Sportsmanship – Wade Baskin

Outstanding Jr. Bible Student – Eric Park

Outstanding Jr. Bible Student – Karli Shadaram

Outstanding Jr. Camper – Tiara Blackshire

Outstanding Intermediate Bible Student – Lettie Curtis

Jr. Prince – Davonte Whiting

Thanks so much to all of you who contributed to the camp effort this year.  Your generosity was overwhelming.  We pray that the seeds that were planted will bear much fruit for God in the coming years.


June 29, Mon. – AWTG Pauls Valley


June 20, 50th Wedding Anniversary reception honoring Marcia and Dwyane Dennis, 2 to 5 p.m. fellowship room

June 21, Search:  “The Battle for the Soul”

June 26, Jessica Marie Dame/Cole Fort Bryant wedding, Choctaw Church of Christ, 7 p.m.

June 28-July 1, Mini-Camp at Burnt Cabin, ages 7-9, see Maggie Prater for application.

July 13 – 17, Central’s Vacation Bible School

July 18-28, Nicaragua Mission supplies: small sample sizes of soap, deodorant, shampoo (No Conditioners), lotions, safety razors, wash cloths, combs, Band-aids, barrettes and ribbons for the girl’s hair.



Bible School                                              130

Worship Service                                       210

Sunday Evening                                       144

Wednesday Evening                                   62

Contribution                                     5,525.71



Sunday, June 21, 2009

Announcements:                          Steve Kelly

Opening Prayer:                   George Mastick

Song Director:                       Dwyane Dennis

Scripture:                                      Bryce Beal

Sermon:                                     Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                 Dennis Brodersen


NORTH                                            SOUTH

James Reeves                                  Ron Taffe

Geoff Root                             Brandon Gober


Bob Bivins                                   Tim Norton


Bob Perry                              Tim McGalliard


Foyer:                              Bob & Louise Perry

Elevator:                Tim & Janice McGalliard


Jennifer Lawrence & Barbara Vanlandingham


John Aylor


Jim Carpenter



Opening Prayer:                        Jim Walling

Song Director:                     Dwyane Dennis

Sermon:                                    Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                        Gene Norton


NORTH                                           SOUTH

Kenton McGalliard                      Carl Weeks



Classes for all ages

Song Director:                            Steve Kelly

Devo                                                       Joe Curtis


Tracy Gettle

If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297