Bulletin for Sunday 11/01/2009

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With Robert Prater

I’ll use this article to report some on my recent mission trip to Ukraine (October 12-22).  The primary focus of this trip was a three day seminar conducted and hosted by the church in Kramatorsk from Thursday through Saturday.  There were around 60 Ukrainians in regular attendance over the course of this three day event.  Some preachers traveled great distances.  The theme for the seminar was The Gospel of John.  I had the privilege of teaching four classes during the seminar, as well as preaching on Sunday (the 18th) at the Artemovsk congregation.  At the end of each day, there was an open forum where attendants were encouraged to write out Bible questions to be answered each day.  The question and answer sessions were lively and thoughtful.  I enjoyed them immensely.

Now, this particular mission effort in Ukraine is a work supported and overseen by the South College Church of Christ in Tahlequah, and coordinated and led by David Deffenbaugh, who has been associated with mission work in Ukraine since 1994.  The trip was special for the Tahlequah congregation and these Christians in Ukraine because they celebrated the 10th anniversary of the congregations at Artemovsk and Konstantinovka.  From those beginning ten years ago, additional congregations have been planted in Soledar, Chasov-Yar, and Minkovka.  These years have not always been smooth sailing, but these congregations all are doing well and are stable and are growing numerically.

Now before the seminar began, on Wednesday morning (the 14th) we were able to visit an orphanage and kindergarten school in Konstantinovka which is supported by the congregation there.  Later that afternoon en route to Kramatorsk, we enjoyed a wonderful visit with the Konstantinovka congregation for their mid-week Bible studies.  The Sunday following the seminar we enjoyed a joint worship service of the Artemovsk, Chasov-Yar, and Soledar congregations.  What a great encouragement to be with all these brethren and share in our praise of God in song, communion, giving, prayer and the word.  I was privileged to be one of three preachers who spoke that day!  Later that afternoon we were able to have a very eye-opening experience and visit of a “Mission of Mercy” rehab house that one of the local Ukrainian preachers has undertaken for service and outreach in a town near Artemovsk.

On Monday the next day, we were able to visit the church in the village of Minkovka where we also visited a hospital and nursing home.  We conducted a devotional service and visited and encouraged those who live at this facility.  Also during these few days we were able to enjoy some extended visits with the local preachers from these Ukrainian congregations which are supported by the Tahlequah congregation.  These were meaningful and enjoyable discussions.  I was truly inspired and encouraged at the continued commitment and devotion of these men.  Finally, on Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday before we came home, we were able to do some incredible sightseeing and visit some very beautiful historical locations in Donetsk (city of one million near Kramatorsk) and Kiev (the capital city of Ukraine with a population of over four million).

It is my hope and prayer that much good was done during this trip, many seeds were sown, brethren were encouraged and strengthened.  Again, I want to thank the Central congregation for your support and prayers, and especially the elders for allowing me to be away.  I want to thank all those who taught classes and preached during my absence.  I plan to give a more extensive report on Wednesday evening, November 4.

-- Robert -- robprater@sbcglobal.net



Keep in mind that our annual coat giveaway is on Saturday, November 21.  We especially need girls’ sizes birth to 4T and teenage girls’ sizes 12 to 18.  We also need teenage boys’ sizes 12 to 18 (medium to extra large), and men and women’s XL to 5X.  We also need more volunteers, and as always caps and gloves will be gratefully accepted.  Please place your name on the signup sheet in the foyer if you can help.

Please remember Ken Whittington in your prayers as he leaves Thursday for Indiana for one month and then to Afghanistan.


To The Wonderful People of the Central Church of Christ, Shawnee, Dear Friends, Please accept our deep appreciation for loving and caring for our mom, Alta Carroll.  You shared her joy in worship and Christian love and, when she could no longer attend services, you faithfully remembered her with visits, cards, letters and prayers.  And now you are rejoicing with her.  She died peacefully.  Thank you too, for the lovely bouquet of pink carnations, yellow roses and lavender.  Your friendship and love are treasured, especially during this time of loneliness.  The Alta Carroll Family, (Barbara Pruett, Leah Savage and Dean Carroll)

(Below is a reprint from last week but with correct names)

We wish to thank you for all the cards, phone calls, visits and prayers during the past few months.  Earl is home now and progressing well. Earl & Judy Finch

To my Christian friends: My most sincere thanks to you all for the prayers, your calls, cards, and visits when I had my surgery.  I know the prayers were heard because I did so well during the surgery and recovery.  I still have some treatment to go through, so I ask you to continue to remember me.  It is such a comfort to know your Christian friends are there for you.          In love, Lois Lanier


Harvey Moore remains in M.D. Anderson  Cancer Center in Houston. 

Grace Lofties was recently involved in an auto accident that totaled her car.  She has some bruises but is otherwise all right.

Jennifer Michener’s maternal grandfather, Henry Wylie, is in cardiac critical care following a heart attack this past Saturday. Prayers are requested for whatever may be best at this time.

Tim Norton, Sr.’s surgery went well last Monday and he is home. 

It was wonderful to have Lois Lanier in services Sunday.  She had also driven herself to ladies Bible class the previous Wednesday.

Youth News
Bob Stephens

Nov. 1, Sunday – Halloween Party for children after p.m. worship

Nov. 8, Sunday – AWTG @ Blanchard, leave at 4 p.m.

Nov. 14, Saturday – Annual hayride at the Stephens’ at 5 p.m.  More info to follow.

Mable Bassett Contributions

Listing of things being collected are:

Shampoo 15-18 oz. Clear Plastic Bottles Only; Conditioner 15-18 oz. Clear Plastic Bottles Only; Toothpaste Large Family Size; Toothbrush Adult Size, Med, or Soft Bristle; Kleenex Small Pocket Size; and Body wash 12-16 oz. Clear Plastic Bottles Only.  There is a tote in the foyer where you may place your contributions. It will be picked up November 19th.  


October 30, Adult Fall Festival ‘Tacky Party’, fellowship room, 6:30 p.m.

November 1, Standard Time resumes

November 1, Search: “1st Century Christianity in the 21st Century”

November 1, Carpenter Place (former Maude Carpenter) in Wichita, KS,   Bill Buggeln will give report at 5:00 p.m.

November 1, Fall Festival Party for Central teens, children & families after evening service

November 4, Ladies class meets at 10:30 a.m.; monthly luncheon follows class

November 8, Search; “Evils of Strong Drink”

November 15, Search: “Christ Is Our Hope”

November 19, Mable Basset Contribution Pickup Day.

November 21, Warmth From the Heart Coat Giveaway

November 22, Search: “Be Thankful”

November 26, 27, Thanksgiving; church office closed

November 29, Search: “Teach Us to Pray”

December 6, David Dirrim, Campus Minister at ECU-Tigers for Christ

Hope to see you here Sunday!


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Sunday, November 1, 2009

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