Bulletin for Sunday 12/06/2009

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With Robert Prater


      During this holiday season of busyness, let’s be sure to keep our spiritual priorities in proper order. Christians should guard against poor stewardship at Christmas time, spending too much on presents and having little to give to the Lord.  We should guard against poor priorities, causing other things to come before our true responsibilities to the Lord and His church.  Regular spiritual disciplines being neglected such as prayer, Bible reading, fellowship, faithful attendance in Bible classes and worship just to name a few.  As we enter this final month of  2009, make it your determination to finish well!

      Too often the tendency of some modern Christians is like that of our ancient brothers who received the epistle known as “Hebrews” in our New Testaments.  These folks had not grown in their relationship with Christ (5:12-14); they were weak (12:12-13), were beginning to forsake the assembly (10:25); had become sluggish in their religious activities (6:12); and were on the verge of falling completely away from the Lord (2:1; 3:12; 6:1-8).

      Does this describe you?  Perhaps you should ask yourself a few questions to see if you are in danger of falling from grace. First, are you as active in the Lord’s work as you once were?  Second, do you read the Scriptures and pray to God as much as you did in the past?  Third, do you attend less than you did in previous years?  Fourth, do you feel closer to the Lord today than you did in the past? 

      Now keep in mind the overall purpose of Hebrews is described as a “word of exhortation.”  (13:22)  The writer of Hebrews was encouraging them like a coach, pressing them to press on.  Yes they needed to be warned about the danger of falling away, but they also needed to be encouraged.  Because these Jewish Christians had been very faithful and zealous in the past (6:10; 10:32-34).  He was confident they could do better spiritually than they were doing (6:9). 

      Friend, if you are not where you once were.... then you have moved in the wrong direction like the ancient Hebrew Christians.  When we are discouraged as the Hebrew Christians were we can easily become sluggish.  Yet don’t be discouraged into giving up on Jesus!  Remain in faithful service to the Lord.  God hasn’t forgotten about you! Be passionate about hanging on to your faith.

                    -- Robert -- robprater@sbcglobal.net





     We extend our loving sympathy to Kathryn Hutchins in the loss of her sister, Charlotte Maloy of Conroe, Texas.  Charlotte was a member at Central in the early years of her life.




     Our best wishes to Teresa Story who has a new granddaughter born on November 27.  Her name is Taven Paige Laffoon.  She weighs five pounds, 15 ounces.  Her mother is Shawna Laffoon, and her big brothers are Joshua Whitfield and Gage Anderson.




     Pam Blackshire and her boys have moved to 45002 E. MacArthur, Shawnee, OK 74804.  Their telephone number remains the same.


     Gene & Dorothy Norton have a new email address.  It is genedorothy@gmail.com




    Earl Finch remains in VA Medical Center, room 116 on the seventh floor.  He is making some improvement.  Vesta Mays has experienced a light stroke and is showing improvement.  Vince Vanlandingham has made some improvement but is still struggling with major back pain.  He and Ladonna request your prayers. 


Hope to see you here Sunday!




Date  O.T. Reading                     Date N.T. Reading

   1  Ezek. 40,41                                1  2 Peter 3

   2  Ezek. 42,43,44                           2  1 John 1

   3  Ezek. 45,46                                3  1 John 2

   4  Ezek. 47,48                                4  1 John 3

   5  Daniel 1,2                                  5  1 John 4

   6  Daniel 3,4                                  6  1 John 5

   7  Daniel 5,6,7                               7  2 John 

   8  Daniel 8,9,10                             8  3 John

   9  Daniel 11,12,                             9  Jude

 10  Hosea 1,2,3,4                           10 Rev. 1

 11  Hosea 5,6,7,8                           11 Rev. 2

 12  Hosea 9,10,11                          12  Rev. 3

 13  Hosea 12,13,14                        13  Rev. 4

 14  Joel 1,2,3                                  14  Rev. 5

 15  Amos 1,2,3                              15  Rev. 6

 16  Amos 4,5,6                              16  Rev. 7

 17  Amos 7,8,9                              17  Rev. 8

 18  Obadiah                                   18  Rev. 9

 19  Jonah 1,2,3,4                           19  Rev. 10

 20  Micah 1,2,3                              20  Rev. 11

 21  Micah 4,5                                 21  Rev. 12

 22  Micah 6,7                                 22  Rev. 13

 23  Nahum 1,2,3                            23  Rev. 14

 24  Habakkuk 1,2,3                       24  Rev. 15

 25  Zephaniah 1,2,3                      25  Rev. 16

 26  Haggai 1,2                               26  Rev. 17

 27  Zech. 1,2,3,4                            27  Rev. 18

 28  Zech. 5,6,7,8                            28  Rev. 19

 29  Zech. 9,10,11,12                      29  Rev. 20

 30  Zech. 13,14                              30  Rev. 21

 31  Malachi 1,2,3,4                        31  Rev. 22   





December 5, Saturday, Christmas party for Robert Prater’s Sunday morning Young Adult & Family Class, 6 p.m, Kari Canard’s; bring finger foods, pop, $5 Dirty Santa gift

December 6, Search: “Let’s Talk About Heaven”

December 6, Young people to go hear Matt Sloan in Cocoa & Carols at Oklahoma Christian

December 6, David Dirrim, Campus Minister at ECU-Tigers for Christ, 5 p.m.

December 12, All Central ladies invited to a holiday brunch at Jennifer Michener’s, 10 a.m. & ornament exchange at Debbie Taffe’s; hosted by Sunshine Sisters, more later

December 13, Search: “Who Is Your Lord?”

December 13, Teens, children & their families party in fellowship room; fun, games, ornament decoration, finger food, special guest dressed in red

December 18, Holiday party, Dwyane Dennis’s Sunday morning Bible class, Dennis home, 6:30 p.m.; bring snacks or desserts

January 3, Shawnee Area-Wide Service, “Praise Him—2010”, @ Heart of Oklahoma Expo Center, Sunday evening 5 p.m.  More TBA.


Youth News

Bob Stephens


     The LTC manual is here!  The LTC manual is here!  Things are gonna start happening now!  This year’s theme is “THE ROCK” and the book of 11 Samuel.  We will have an LTC meeting in the next couple of  weeks to discuss the upcoming LTC convention in April, 2010.

     Okay kids, don’t forget about this Sunday.  We’re heading up to Oklahoma Christian after morning worship to see Matt and Jill in Cocoa and Carols.  Matt is in the Choral and Jill is in the Orchestra.  We’ll stop and eat in OKC before the concert.  Afterward we’ll spend a little time on campus before going to Memorial Road for worship.  We will get back by 7:30, so you’ll have plenty of time to finish that homework you put off earlier!

     Here’s a few things we have scheduled for this month:

6th – Sunday – Cocoa & Carols

12th – Sunday – Christmas Party @ building

21st – Monday – Cookies & Caroling

28th – Monday – Chickasha Lights

31st – Thursday – New Year’s Party



Do you have an electric typewriter that you don’t use and would like to donate to the church office?  We don’t use one that often except for forms.



Bible School                                                  146

Worship Service                                                   210

Sunday Evening                                                   101

Wednesday Evening                                               77

Contribution                                                              4,993.29



Sunday, December 6, 2009

Announcements:                      Bob Stephens

Opening Prayer:                   Dwyane Dennis

Song Director:                              Paul Harris

Scripture:                                        Eric Park

Sermon:                                     Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                           Carl Weeks


NORTH                                            SOUTH

Mitch Harmon                                 Ron Taffe

John Aylor                                      Joe Curtis


Tim McGalliard                       Tanner Nipper


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Foyer:                             Bob & Louise Perry

Elevator:                          Bob & Ann Bivins


Diane Lawrence & Carolyn Root


Geoff Root


Scott Perry



Opening Prayer:                Clavin Norwood

Song Director:                             Paul Harris

Sermon:                                    Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                        Gene Norton


NORTH                                           SOUTH

Kenton McGalliard        Burl Vanlandingham



Classes for all ages

Song Director:                              Dale Beard



Tracy Gettle

If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297