Bulletin for Sunday 04/11/2010

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With Robert Prater


It’s almost here!  Kent Hartman from OC will be speaking on the subject of “God’s View of Money Matter$.”  Please remember the catered fellowship meal following Sunday morning worship in the Municipal auditorium next door.  It will be catered by Chicago Street Deli and will consist of ham and Chicken Tetrazzini, mashed potatoes, green beans, salad, bread, and choice of cheese and carrot cakes.  Keep in mind that Kent will be teaching both the combined teen and adult classes and the morning and evening service.


In preparation for the catered luncheon this Sunday, there will be a “work party” setup crew needed on Friday afternoon this week to set up tables and chairs and cover the tables at 3:30 p.m.  If the Municipal Auditorium doors are locked, you will be able to enter through the Senior Citizen Center.  Any decorating, etc. will need to be done at this time.

Finally, I want to encourage every Central member to think about how important friendliness to visitors needs to be.  I am sure most of us have been in those situations and places where we feel like strangers.  We observe and notice others who are joyfully greeting each other and engaging in friendly conversation.  We feel somewhat “conspicuous” as we sit or stand alone as “the stranger” in the crowd.

David Roper, thinking along this line, wrote the following poignant words:

“I’m the fellow who comes into your church building and stands at the back, looking for a place to sit with no help.  I’m the fellow who crawls over three members of the end of the pew, who won’t move down.  I’m the fellow who makes his way quietly to the exit at the close of the service, passing members enjoying their visits with each other.  I’m the fellow who leaves with no word of complaint. I’M THE FELLOW WHO WILL NEVER COME BACK.”

We often hear it said that we are a “friendly congregation.”  I believe that we are.  But we all can do better in watching for the visiting stranger and making sure that he or she is not the one “WHO WILL NEVER COME BACK.”

                      -- Robert -- robprater@sbcglobal.net





We have visitors every week, and I am thankful for them because they are a primary source of new growth.  To be regarded as a friendly church is a precious commodity; it takes work to maintain that important trait.  Here are some rules that will help us perpetuate a friendly environment.

The 30-second rule. Most guests will make a judgment about us during the first 30 seconds after they enter.  Let’s greet people at the doors with a handshake and a smile. “We’re so glad you came!”

The front door rule. Many people need help to find their classes or a seat in the auditorium. (If they find it difficult to locate a class or a seat, they may choose not to return.

The aisle rule. Unless you need to be on an aisle, leave room for visitors and guests to sit on the aisles.  Our long pews make it necessary for many of us to sit in the middle.

The ten-foot rule. Greet any person with whom you are not familiar who comes within ten feet of you.  Make eye contact and be friendly.

The five-minute rule. Take the first five minutes after services to seek out guests and greet them.  Encourage them to return and thank them for coming.

Our attitude will determine whether or not they return.  They come back when they feel welcomed and appreciated.  Let’s do our best to see that this happens.


You know the meaning of A-W-O-L, especially if you served in the military.  To be AWOL receives the harshest of penalties from superiors who know how to dish out punitive measures.  The nation’s security depends on men and women who answer the call to duty even when it is inconvenient, or when the serviceman/woman is tired, or even on a holiday.

Far too many Christians are also AWOL.  They are away from their duties and from the worship of their Lord “without leave” (without permission).  Does God deserve less commitment to duty than does our military?  Is the President of the U.S. worthy of more service than the Commander-in-Chief of the Universe?  Is the nation’s security of greater value than your soul’s eternal security?  Think on this!

Both taken from BULLETIN DIGEST



Fred Bowers had a pacemaker put in Friday of last week.  He is doing well. 

Frank Burton is home and doing well following knee replacement surgery. 

Dennis Jones’s dad, Darrel Jones, is now in ICU at Solara Hospital on the Unity Health Center South campus. 

Gene Norton is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday of this week at ESEC Surgery Center, 63rd & Portland.  He expects to be there a couple of days. 

Irene Coffman returned to Colonial Estates on Monday after spending six days at Unity Health Center.  She remains unresponsive.

Mitch Harmon continues to have problems with the skin grafts on his arm. 

Jewel Wills, former E. Main member and relative of Ann Perry’s, is in Golden Rule Home for a while following a stroke. 

She is right across the hall from Joyce Kelly who is in room 116. 

Former member, Terri Scott and niece of Sue Merritt, had a foot amputated last week because of complications with diabetes.  She has also experienced kidney failure after the surgery and is on dialysis.  Your prayers for her and all those mentioned will be greatly appreciated. 

REJOICE!!!!  What a pleasure it was to see Earl Finch, along with Judy, in worship Sunday after nine months off and on (mostly on) in the VA Medical Center.



I would like to thank everyone who brought water or made donations for our LTC trip.  We really appreciated everything. Our kids did a great job again this year.  We should all be very proud of them.  It takes a lot of time and effort on everyone’s part, but it is always worth it!  Thanks again, Rita [Romberg]


Youth News

Bob Stephens

10,681 kids went to a Leadership Training for Christ convention somewhere in the United States this past weekend.  Isn’t that amazing?  We are a part of the Great Plains Division of LTC that meets in Rogers, Arkansas.  There were 1,576 participants in Rogers this year.  It is so encouraging to see so many kids, 3 – 12 grades work so hard in an effort to glorify God in so many areas of service. 

     We had 24 kids go and participate this year (54 people in all counting adults).  Many new faces in the younger grades joined us, and they were awesome!  To see their enthusiasm and excitement at new experiences was such a blessing to me and everyone around them.  I know that the closer we got to convention time, the more tiring it became to kids and parents, but their hard work and their parent’s commitment really paid off.  These kiddos have learned skills that they’ll always be able to use in God’s service.  I was also very encouraged by our older veterans of LTC.  Besides doing their usual best, they were loads of help with carrying props, water, food, and showing the younger ones the ropes.  Thanks guys and girls!

     We haven’t been blessed with this many participants in quite a while and any time you take 54 people anywhere there will be a few challenges along the way,  but thanks to supportive folks the trip was awesome.  Thank you so much for your prayers for a safe journey and successful trip.  Below is a listing of all the participants and their coaches.

Gage Anderson, Wade Baskin, Bryce Beal, Chad Beard, Jaxon Canard, Lettie Curtis, Maddie Curtis, Molly Gettle, Brandon Gober, Keon Lawrence, Jayma Lawrence, Michaela Michener, Mark Michener, Kayla Miller, Brooklyn Motley, Eric Park, Brianna Perry, Kaitlyn Shaddaram, Karli Shaddaram, Hannah Todd, Josh Whitfield, Davonte Whiting, Dresean Whiting, and Deiondre Whiting.

Coaches: Rita Romberg, Jennifer Lawrence, Pamela Blackshire, Dale Beard, Denise Beard, Annalisa Beal, Michael Michener & Jennifer Michener.

     God has blessed Central with wonderful kids and parents and we are so thankful for them all! 


April 11, Search: “God and Evil”

April 11, Friends & Family Day with Kent Hartman from Oklahoma Christian University, “God’s View of Money Matter$,” Chicago St. Deli catered meal at Municipal Auditorium


Bible School                                                                     142

Worship Service                                                                   286

Sunday Evening                                                              127

Wednesday Evening                                  133

Contribution                                                             5,881.34



Sunday, April 11, 2010

Announcements:                       Robert Prater

Opening Prayer:                          Steve Kelly

Song Director:                              Dale Beard

Scripture:                        Kenton McGalliard

Sermon:                                    Kent Hartman

Closing Prayer:                        Jim Pettyjohn


NORTH                                            SOUTH

Scott Perry                                       Ron Taffe

Keith Lawrence                          Brian Nipper


Chris Nipper                            Tanner Nipper


Paul Harris                            Tim McGalliard


Foyer:                              Paul & Paula Harris

Elevator:                Tim & Janice McGalliard


Geoff Root



Jim Carpenter



Opening Prayer:                        Jim Walling

Song Director:                             Dale Beard

Sermon:                                   Kent Hartman

Closing Prayer:                         Robert Perry


NORTH                                           SOUTH

Jon Merritt                             George Mastick



Classes for all ages

Song Director:                            Paul Harris



Tracy Gettle

If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297