Bulletin for Sunday 10/09/2011

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With Robert Prater

An angel with a drawn sword stood before Joshua.  After Moses’ death, Joshua had been given leadership over the people of Israel. He had a major challenge ahead of him.  The Lord commanded Joshua to lead the Israelites into the land of Canaan, go to battle against the inhabitants and take possession of the land.  (Joshua 1:11)  The people were preparing to go to battle against the city of Jericho. 

Prior to the battle, an angel stands before Joshua with a sword drawn (Joshua 5:13-15).  Upon seeing this battle-ready angel, Joshua asks, “Are you for us, or for our adversaries?” (Joshua 5:13). Joshua wants to know which side the angel is on. He is going to battle and he needs to know who is on “our” side and who is not. 

We are often the same way. The battle lines are often drawn and we want to know who is on “our” side. Currently, there is great division among those who profess to follow Christ. There are hundreds of Christian denominations. We often draw lines and want to know “who is on our side.” Like the ancient Pharisees, an arrogant attitude has characterized some in the churches of Christ.  (cf. Matt. 23:15)  Battle lines have sometimes been drawn and the impression given that only people in the churches of Christ are going to heaven.  So we inquisitively go around inquiring if someone is “a member of the Lord’s church” or some denominational group.  Like Joshua, we want to know “are you for us, or for our adversaries?”

The angel’s answer to Joshua’s question is very interesting and instructive to us on this point. When asked if the angel is “for us, or for our adversaries” the angel replies, “No; but I am the commander of the army of the Lord” (Joshua 5:14).  The angel was not on either side; he was on God’s side.  Rather than drawing lines of “us versus them” the angel was on the side of the Lord.

The Bible teaches that Jesus only built one church. (Matt. 16:18) There is only one body of those who are saved (Eph. 4:4; 5:23). There is only one way to be saved.  There is only one group to which God adds the saved.  (Acts 2:47)   Those who are saved are those who are with the Lord.  Now, yes, many people claim to follow Jesus as Lord but they do not obey the will of God and therefore will not enter heaven (Matt. 7:21-23).  Rather than arguing about whether someone is “with us” or “with them” we must ask are they “with the Lord?” 

In order to enter the “one body” of the saved, one must be baptized into Christ for the forgiveness of sins. (1 Cor. 12:13; Acts 2:38)  Only those who are “born of water and the Spirit” can enter the kingdom of heaven (John 3:3, 5). Who are we to argue with God's plan of salvation?  God, not man, is responsible for determining who is saved and who is not (cf. Jonah 2:9; 4:2).

Jesus also taught that there were other disciples that were not physically in the same group with the apostles (Mark 9:38-41; Luke 9:49-50). God often works in the lives of people outside of our familiar groups.  (John 10:16)  God is the one who adds to His kingdom (Acts 2:47). God places the mark of salvation (the seal of the Spirit) upon those who are saved.   (Eph. 1:13-14)  God’s true church is a singular, worldwide collection of those who are truly disciples of Jesus Christ.  (Eph. 1:20-23) This collection is only completely known to God.      Who are the only ones who are going to heaven? It will not be everyone in “our group” and not everyone in “their group.” But it will be everyone in the “Lord’s group!” Are you in God’s group of the saved?

           --Robert--(robprater@sbcglobal.net     (www.preacherprater.blogspot.com)

Sermons for Sunday

AM    Possible (Mark 10:1-31)

PM     Report from ECU-Tigers for Christ


We extend our loving sympathy to the family of Carl Wills who passed away last Wednesday in his home.  Funeral services were held Saturday in this building.  Carl was a faithful servant of God and a minister of his word.  He was a brother to Ann Perry.

Hope to see you here Sunday!



To the best of our knowledge, we have no Central member in the hospital at the present time. 


Ruth Autrey, Chad Beard, Fred Bowers, Harold Carothers, Blake Carter (great grandson of Sue Merritt), Juanita Combs, Harold Decker, Teresa Gardner, (daughter-in-law of Janice Gardner), B. J. Goza, (daughter of Mazella Patterson). Herman Guin, Norma Holt, (sister-in-law to Carl Holt),  Louise Honaker, Mariella Jacobs, John Johnston, Rita Luye (aunt of Jennifer Michener), Joe & Nadine Magee, Carletta Moore, Thearlene Morris, Gene & Dorothy Norton, Rachel O’Neal, Alice Rice, Sue Riedel, Frank Romberg, Sarah Smith, Dorothy Strickland, Marlene Wadkins, Emma White, Iva Williams (Mother of Cathy Rose) and Jewel Wills. All these members and friends have continuing health concerns or other special circumstances.  They appreciate your interest and prayers.

Youth News
Nathan Kelly

Karli Shadaram played her last volleyball game of the season.  She can serve the ball better than most.  Her team lost in the first round of the tournament but she never took it personally.  It was great to see that in the heat of things she was able to keep her cool out there.  Great job Karli!

On another note, Kyle Perry is getting things together for a lock-in over Fall Break.  He is really excited about this and is putting a lot of effort into it.  He is wanting to invite some of our local congregations.  It should be a lot of fun.  I am sure the kids will enjoy it.  If you are willing to help out in any way, let Kyle know.


October 9, Sunday, Dinner and devo at the church

October 21, Friday, Fall Break Lock-In


Your prayers, cards, food and concern for my brother Carl Don during his illness and passing are greatly appreciated.  A special thank you to the ladies who prepared and served meals for the family.                                  Ann Perry and family


Dear Central family, When we returned home from West Texas late Saturday evening after my father’s funeral on Monday, we were overwhelmed at the number of sympathy notes we had received in the mail.  Central’s floral offering at the service was the prettiest one there.  The phone calls and emails have been appreciated along with the hugs and pats on the back.  The notes from the teen class are very special.  I appreciate Bob Seikel and Robert Prater for teaching my classes and preaching for me on short notice.  My dad often told me, “Central is a good congregation; you ought to stay a while.”  There was never a time this past week that your kind and loving presence was not felt.                We love you, Dwyane & Marcia


October 9, Search: “Messianic Prophecies”

October 9, PM Report from ECU-Tigers for Christ, Ada,

October 16, Search: “The Cross”

October 23: Search: “The Resurrection”

October 30, Search: “How Jesus Changes Lives”

November 2, Ladies class meets at 10:30 a.m.; November luncheon follows the class

November 6, Daylight savings time ends. Fall Back

November 12, Annual Coat Giveaway




To better love God and Christ, our friend,

We pass through death’s door; but it’s not the end,

It’s only the birth of something more ---

The eternal joy earth’s prepared us for!

Petty Ferrell


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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Announcements:                            Ron Taffe

Opening Prayer:                      Cary Leonard

Song Director:                           Austin Beard

Scripture:                               Brandon Gober

Sermon:                                     Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                 Dennis Brodersen


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Opening Prayer:                         Paul Harris

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Sermon:                                    Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                   Tim McGalliard


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Devotional:                                  Geoff Root

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Tracy Gettle

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