Bulletin for Sunday 02/12/2012

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With Robert Prater


    There are times when we all feel we are worthless, good for little or nothing.  We get “down” on ourselves, “hard” in our self evaluations.  Paul wrote “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves.  Do you not realize that Christ Jesus is in you – unless, of course, you fail the test?’ (2 Corinthians 13:5)

     Too often we read only the first part of this verse and use only that in our self-judgments.  To do so is to miss the great lesson – “without Christ we are nothing, no hope, no promise.” (cf. Ephesians 2:12)  But, notice Paul said, “don’t you realize, know and understand that with Jesus Christ in you, you are not worthless?”

     Think about what Christ did for you!  He thought that you were worth dying for – that you are worth that much!  God thought you were worth giving His one and only son to die on the cross for you! (John 3:16; Rom. 8:32)  How much are you worth?

     True, we look at our weaknesses, our faults.  We have them.  But we must also see the truth that Christ is in us – our choice.  Paul stated that his former life of persecuting the church made him “chief of sinners” (1 Tim. 1:15) but he also proclaimed that by the grace of God he was able to “fight the good fight of faith” and knew that a crown in heaven awaited him. (2 Tim. 4:7-8)  He knew that it was not because of his worth apart from Christ, but knowing that Christ was in him, and he in Christ, all things were possible, that he could do all things, that God being for him, nothing or no one could be against him.

     We, too, must make the distinction between our human weakness and our strength obtained by the fact that Christ dwells in us, and we in Him.  No longer should we “feel worthless” for we are instructed in the way of happiness and contentment under any and all circumstances.  It is a matter of acceptance of life in reality and the reality that God loves us!  Jesus said that if God cares for the birds, don’t you KNOW – that you are more valuable than them?  (cf. Matt. 6:26)  Certainly you are!  Don’t sell God short!  He cares for you, and if you allow Him, He will take care of you!

     Our self-judgment must be tempered by the assurances of God’s promises.  We must not be arrogant and dishonest in our self-judgment to the point of denying our sins and weaknesses, but all our examinations should only be directed toward self control, self-improvements and repentance – not self condemnation. (cf. Romans 8:1)

     The next time you get “down” on yourself, think about what God has done for you, is doing for you and has promised to do for you.  Don’t try to compare yourself with others – more or less valuable – just allow the fact that if God loves you and thinks you are worth the death of His Son – you should put aside feeling sorry for yourself and “Rejoice in the Lord always.  I will say it again: Rejoice.” (Philippians 4:4) “…for I know whom I have believed, and am persuaded that he is able to keep that which I have committed unto him against that day.” (2 Timothy 1:12)  I know. 





AM    I Am Not Ashamed of the Plan of Salvation

PM    A True Life of Salvation



     It is time to start thinking about new pocket size membership directories.  If there are any changes in your information from last year’s directory, please note it on the back of your attendance card.  You may want or need to change an email address or add a cell phone number or change it.  New members – put your information on the back of the attendance card as you want it printed in the directory.  Thanks.



     We want to thank all of you so much for the phone calls, cards, and especially your prayers during the loss of our daughter Toni.       Howard & Talhia Vanlandingham & Family


Hope to see you here Sunday!



     The Tipton Home truck will be here around February 20 to 23.  Especially needed items at this time include: Bleach, 40 gal. trash bags, Pledge, paper towels, HE laundry soap, cereal, Pop Tarts, Nestle Quick, catsup, canola oil, sliced peaches, pear halves.



     This year, Central is hosting the Annual Shawnee Leadership Dinner which will take place in the dining room at Gordon Cooper Technology Center on Friday evening, February 17 at 6:30 p.m.  The catered meal will be $10.00 per person.  Mark Taylor from Memorial Road Church of Christ will be the guest speaker.  All elders, deacons, ministers, and their wives are encouraged to attend.  Please RSVP if you are planning to attend either by calling or emailing the church office or let Ann know.



Fred Bowers has not been well for the past several days.  He remains at home in room 214 at Rose Manor.

Dorothy Norton was to learn on Monday of this week the type treatment she will need in the future. 

Trey Canard is staying at his brother Aaron’s home in Los Angeles and hopes to be able to fly home in a few weeks.  He is making good progress. 

Jim & Cathy Pettyjohn’s grandson, Branson Martin, was to be transferred to OU Medical Center early this week.  

Rhetta Smith has moved to Sunset Estates in Tecumseh.  Her room number is 44.  

It was wonderful to have Marcia Dennis and Bertha Akin in services Sunday. 

Mitch Harmon is to have tests on health issues on Wednesday of this week.  




     Ruth Autrey, Chad Beard, Fred Bowers, Betty Caldwell (sister of Linda Carpenter)  Harold Carothers, Blake Carter (great grandson of Sue Merritt), Juanita Combs, Harold Decker, Herman Guin, Norma Holt, (sister-in-law to Carl Holt),  Louise Honaker, Mariella Jacobs, John Johnston, Joe & Nadine Magee, Carletta Moore, Thearlene Morris, Gene & Dorothy Norton, Rachel O’Neal, Alice Rice, Sue Riedel, Frank Romberg, Rhetta Smith, Sarah Smith, Dorothy Strickland, Marlene Wadkins, Emma White, Iva Williams (Mother of Cathy Rose) and Jewel Wills, Don Zielenski, (friend of Fay Truesdell). All these members and friends have continuing health concerns or other special circumstances.  They appreciate your interest and prayers


Youth News

Nathan Kelly


     First, I want to congratulate Lettie Curtis on her 16th birthday.  I remember that day and I know it was an exciting day for her.  I also wanted to thank Bob and Janet Stephens for hosting the Super Bowl party at their house.  I know it was a little last minute but there was a great turn out and I know they all had a lot of fun.

     On February 17th Central is hosting the annual Leadership dinner and the elders have asked the youth if they would come and help serve.  It is a great opportunity and all the guest enjoy watching the youth be so active.  I will have more information to come.  This is a great service project and we will do something afterwards for all your help.



February 12, Sunday, AWTG – Cherokee Hills, OKC, leave at 4 PM

February 17, Friday, Leadership Dinner



February 10, Valentine dinner at LaDonna’s Grill in Meeker, 6:30 p.m. 

February 12, Search: “Faith Alone?”

February 18, Search: “Free Will”

February 17, Central hosts Shawnee Area-Wide Leadership Dinner, Gordon Cooper Technology Center at 6:30 p.m.  Cost is $10 per person. Mark Taylor from Memorial Road Church of Christ will be the guest speaker.


Bible School                                                  129

Worship Service                                           204

Sunday Evening                                           122

Wednesday Evening                                      94

Contribution                                          6,112.00



Sunday, February 12, 2012

Announcements:           Burl Vanlandingham

Opening Prayer:                       Chuck Carter

Song Director:                           Austin Beard

Scripture:                                    Chad Beard

Sermon:                                     Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                      Bill Lawerance


NORTH                                            SOUTH

Brian Nipper                              Bob Stephens

Keith Lawrence                     Ken Whittington


Jeff Todd                               Richard Albright


Paul Harris                              Frank Romberg


Foyer:                              Paul & Paula Harris

Elevator:                    Frank & Rita Romberg


Louise Perry


Jim Pettyjohn


Ron Taffe



Opening Prayer:                        Dale Beard

Song Director:                         Austin Beard

Sermon:                                    Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                          Steve Kelly


NORTH                                          SOUTH

Michael Michener                Tim McGalliard



Classes for all ages

Song Director:                             Dale Beard



Bob Perry

If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297