Bulletin for Sunday 08/05/2012

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With Robert Prater

Here’s the delayed 2012 VBS report.  (I was on vacation last weekJ)  Our Vacation Bible School that concluded recently here at Central was just another enormous success.  We had great helpers and workers and we had an average of 90 children each night.  There were around 175 present for Friday night’s Open House program.  Many visitors from the community expressed an interest in visiting Central.  In fact, two such families have been recently attending worship with us. What a marvelous sight to see so many children come to learn about God’s Word.

Now, so many in our congregation had an opportunity to help or volunteer in one way or another.  Maggie and I want to express our deep appreciation to every Central member who helped out in some way whether working behind the scenes in decoration, brought cookies, helped serve, set up and clean up on Friday night, and invited and brought kids to VBS.  With the fear of overlooking somebody, I do want to mention the following people below who deserve to be recognized for their dedication during our VBS:

Story Tellers:  Michael Michener, Steve Kelly, and Bob Stephens.

Traveling Teachers and other helpers:  Louise Perry, Carolyn Root, Doris Phillips, Darlene Todd, Ladonna Berry, Lisa Fullbright, Sue Merrit, Lois Carter, Alex Beard, Anita Sharp, Lecia Jones, Betty Emery, Jennifer Michener, Bob Perry, Ron Taffe, Jeff Todd, Trey Canard, Ken Whittington, and Nathan Kelly.

Story Room:  Mary Gettle, Mary Kelly, Linda Sharpley, Carol and Dennis Brodersen, Richard and Robyn Yahola.

Application Rooms: Lysa Park, Hillary Whittington, Bob and Janet Stephens.

Craft Workers: Denise Beard, Lindsey Borcherding, Angie Gober, Tamie Perry, Kari Canard.

Refreshments: Paula Harris, Cathy Pettyjohn, Linda Carpenter, Marcia Dennis, and Leona Smith

Van Drivers: Paul Harris, Jim Walling, Craig McKnight, and Clavin Norwood

Teenagers:  Chad Beard, Letttie Curtis, Brooklyn Motley, Brandon Gober, Kyle Perry, Eric Park, Karli Shadaram, Kaitlyn Shadaram, Michaela Michener, Mark Michener, Tracey Fullbright, Jonnelle Fullbright, Jaxon Canard, Jayma Lawrence, Maddie Curtis, Brianna Perry, Hannah Todd, Ryan Yahola, Iverson McLain,  Brittley Dean, Malique McClain, William Gaines, and Ian Snider.

    There are a few people I need to give some special thanks as well.  A great thank you goes out to Bob and Janet Stephens for all their overall help especially with decorations and puppet skits.  Nathan Kelly for taking all our pictures and putting together the great VBS slideshow.  Scott Perry for serving snow cones on Friday night.

    The Lord truly blessed us with a wonderful VBS week.  VBS is one of Central’s best outreach efforts for our congregation to reach out to new families for Christ.  Many hours were given by a lot of folks to be sure that it all culminated in an exceptional VBS this year.  God bless you all!

    The story is told about how in a gun factory, an elongated bar of steel, which weighed five hundred pounds, was suspended vertically by a chain. Near it, an average-size cork was suspended by a silk thread. "You will see something shortly which is seemingly impossible," said an attendant to a group of sight-seers. "This cork is going to set this steel bar in motion!" The cork was swung gently against the steel bar which remained motionless. For ten minutes the cork, with pendulum-like regularity, struck the iron bar. Then the bar vibrated slightly. At the end of an hour, the great bar was swinging like the pendulum of a clock!

    Many Christians feel that they are not exerting a feather's weight of influence upon others, or making a dent of good in this sinful world.  Not so! How powerful is the cumulative influence for good which comes out of the obscurest of God's children.  “With all this going for us, my dear, dear friends, stand your ground. And don't hold back. Throw yourselves into the work of the Master, confident that nothing you do for him is a waste of time or effort.” (1 Corinthians 15:58 The Message: The Bible in Contemporary Language)

--Robert--(robprater@sbcglobal.net)   www.preacherprater.blogspot.com

Sermons for Sunday

AM    When the Gospel Failed (Acts 24:24-27)

PM     Protecting the Institution of Marriage


Celebrate with us our

50th Wedding Anniversary

Paul and Paula would like for you

to join in the celebration of their

marriage of 50 years.  There will

be entertainment by their children and grandchildren.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

@ 2:00 p.m.

located at the Lakeview

Church of Christ

15301 Hwy. 102

Shawnee, Oklahoma 74801


After depositing the contribution on July 29, the balance in the building fund account is $85,759.09. A contribution toward this account may be made at any time.  You may give your check to any one of the elders.


Elaine Gray is in OU Medical Center, room 723.  She is not doing well at the present time.  

Joe Magee has begun chemo and radiation treatments and will continue for a total of five weeks. 

Anita Hinson was scheduled for a pacemaker implant on Thursday at St. Anthony Shawnee hospital.  

Former member, Curtis Roe, is in Mercy Hospital in Ft. Smith in serious condition.

Lonnie McDonald, elder at Northridge and son-in-law of the late Lois Lanier, is scheduled to have a tumor removed on Thursday at OU Medical Center. Your prayers are requested and appreciated.

Youth News
Nathan Kelly

There’s a lot to be thankful for.  First off, Chad Beard was feeling well enough to come with us to the last Shawnee Area Wide.  We were all so glad to have him join us.  Secondly, Sunday afternoon there was a fire out by the Curtis’ home.  It got very close to them but went around their home and they did not have to evacuate.  Like I said, there’s a lot to be thankful for.  These are just two examples.


August 2, SAW @ Highland

August 4, Back to School Party @ the Michener’s

August 6, AWTG @ Ridgecrest

August 10, Back 2 School Bash @ Northridge


Thank you so much for all the cards, calls, and your presence at our 50th Anniversary party.  We feel honored to have had such a wonderful occasion.                           John and Beverly Aylor


August 5, Search: “Prepare to Worship”

August 12, Search: “The Nature of Worship”

August 19, Search: “Problems in Worship:”

August 26, Search: “Worship in Song”



Bible School                                              121

Worship Service                                      183

Sunday Evening                                         99

Wednesday Evening                                  94

Contribution                                     5,028.56



August 5, 2012

Announcements:                      Bob Stephens

Opening Prayer:                             Ron Taffe

Song Director:                              Dale Beard

Scripture:                               Brandon Gober

Sermon:                                     Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                            Scott Perry


NORTH                                            SOUTH

Brian Nipper                                 Steve Kelly

Clavin Norwood                         Nathan Kelly


Burl Vanlandingham                        Jeff Todd


Bob Perry                                     Tracy Gettle


Foyer:                              Bob & Louise Perry

Elevator:                       Tracy & Mary Gettle


Carol Brodersen


Jim Pettyjohn


Jim Carpenter



Opening Prayer:                     Cary Leonard

Song Director:                             Dale Beard

Sermon:                                    Robert Prater

Closing Prayer:                           Jon Merritt


NORTH                                           SOUTH

Richard Yahola                            Carl Weeks



Classes for all ages

Song Director:                      Craig McKnight


Bob Perry


If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297