Bulletin for Sunday 06/23/2013

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We’re happy to announce that Kaitlyn Shadaram was baptized into Christ at Burnt Cabin Christian Camp this last week by Joe Curtis.  We pray a very happy and fruitful life for Kaitlyn.


We extend our loving sympathy to Geraldine Outlaw in the loss of her sister and her last sibling, Opal Purdin, in Lancaster, Texas.  Opal passed away after a very brief, unexpected illness on Friday.  Please keep Geraldine in your prayers.


Someone has said, “If we aim at nothing we are likely to hit it.”  A definite goal is needed, and Jesus provides one for the church.  We are to go into all the world teaching the good news of Jesus, and baptizing those who believe.  But what then?  Jesus answers, “teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”

The apostle Paul understood his duty, and expressed it in these words, “Him we proclaim, warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom, that we may present every man mature in Christ.”(Colossians 1:28)

When we ask “What does maturity in Christ mean?”  part of it at least is in the negative; the putting away of childish things, childish traits and childish qualities of mind.  The apostle Paul said, “When I became a man, I gave up childish ways.”  To do that is a life program of becoming a mature Christian.

There are many things about little children that charm us, but when childish ways of behavior are carried on into adult years it is a sad thing to see.  One trait of a child in the earliest years is self-centeredness.  He doesn’t have any clear consciousness of other people.  The “baby” of advanced years from thirty to ninety, is affected with the same type of blindness.  People who insist on having their own way,” regardless of others, are sick people.  Alfred Adler says emphatically that when an individual has difficulty in adjusting himself to a group, he demonstrates his immaturity.  He is not normal.  And this “having my own way” hangover from childhood can be disastrous in the church.

The Bible calls upon me to examine myself.  Where am I in my spiritual life” Am I still in the childhood state of pouting and crying?  Am I growing up?  Have I reached maturity?  Have I grown up enough to hear the words of the apostle Paul, “Let each of you look not only to his own interests, but also to the interests of others”? (Philippians 2:4)

When we are able to focus on others rather than self we are growing toward maturity in Christ.  May God help us to that end!                       John Gipson, Little Rock, Arkansas


To the best of our knowledge, we have no Central member in the hospital at the present time.


Dear Central Family, Thank you for all your love and support for my mission trip to Africa.  The mothers in the hospital were very happy to get the baby blankets.  I appreciate and love you all very much.                                         Love, Molly Gettle

Thank you for the nice graduation party you had on mine and the seniors behalf at Central.  The gifts and the Bible were very much appreciated and will always b held special for me.  God bless and love,                                                 Reagan Yahola


Our Vacation Bible School will be July 15 – 19.  The theme this year will be “Dare to be a Daniel.”  Lots of volunteers are needed, so please sign up on the sheets in the foyer.  We dare YOU!!!


There will be a baby shower honoring Kelsey & Chris Nipper on Sunday, June 23, from 2 to 4 in the Fellowship Room. Kelsey is registered at Wal-Mart and Babies R Us. If you would like to contribute to a group gift please see Mary Kelly, Janet Stephens, Denise Beard or Louise Perry.

Youth News
Nathan Kelly

We all survived camp. It was another fantastic year. It was much hotter than we thought it would be, but we didn't get any rain all week. I know that sounds odd to be excited about here in Oklahoma, but rain and camp don't mix well. Central was well represented:  

Jr. Boy Outstanding Bible Student – Kolby Shadaram

Int. Girls Outstanding Camper: Morgan McLain

Int. Boy Outstanding Bible Student: Mark Michener

Sr. Boy Outstanding Bible Student: PJ Perry

Camp Prince: Justin Juhle (came with Caleb Strippling)

Director’s Award-Sr. Boy: Tieghler Pollard

Spirit of Camp Award: Malique Lytle

We are so proud of them all and the way they presented themselves this past week. Sadly, we all had to leave camp and come back to where we are weaker. I hope that the kids will remember Daniel and the example he set on how to stand up for God. He was never afraid to do what was right, and we shouldn't be either. We have a fear of being rejected, and that's where the youth group comes in. We need to keep the feeling of camp going and stay active. That way we can be a little stronger and have a little bit more of a chance to withstand Satan. This Sunday, June 23, I plan on showing the slide show that I made at camp in the basement after evening worship. I'm telling everyone this to put pressure on myself to get it done by then. So if you're interested, come down stairs and watch. Afterwards the youth will watch a more professional movie at the youth house. Enjoy the comfort of your own beds!

 “Courage is what it takes to stand up and speak; courage is also what it takes to sit down and listen.” - Winston Churchill                              


Two cars waited at a stoplight.  When the light turned green, the first driver didn’t notice.  The woman behind him pounded her steering wheel and yelled.  When the light turned yellow, she honked, made an obscene gesture and cursed.  Hearing the commotion, the man looked up and accelerated through the intersection just as the light turned red.  The woman ranted at missing her chance to get through.

Suddenly, she heard a tap on her window and looked up to see a policeman.  He told her to get out and place her hands on her car.  The bewildered woman was hustled into the patrol car, booked at the station and placed in a cell.

Eventually, the original officer returned and apologized for the mistake.  “I noticed your behavior,” he said.  “Then I saw the ‘Follow Me to Sunday School’ bumper sticker and the Christian fish emblem.  Naturally I assumed the car was stolen.”


God wants us to enjoy the good gifts that he gives to us, provided that we don’t so focus on the gift that we forget the Giver.  When the gift becomes more important than the Giver, you have idolatry; when the giver is seen through the gift, you have worship. – Warren Wiersbe


June 12, Search: “Not Ashamed”

June 30, Search: “Conversion”

July 4, Church office closed. Independence Day

July 7, Search: “Life”

July 14, Search: “Holiness”

July 15 – 19, VBS, “Dare to be a Daniel” theme.  Volunteers needed! Sign-up sheet on table in foyer

July 21, Search: “The Bible Alone”

July 28, Search: “Do Not Go Beyond”

Hope to see you Sunday!


Bible School                                              127

Worship Service                                       204

Sunday Evening                                       107

Wednesday Evening                                  68

Contribution                                     4,357.30



June 23, 2013

Announcements:                          Steve Kelly

Opening Prayer:                   Dwyane Dennis

Song Director:                           Austin Beard

Scripture:                                  Jaxon Canard

Sermon:                                      Jimmy Hyde

Closing Prayer:                        Jim Pettyjohn



NORTH                                            SOUTH

Brian Nipper                                  Bob Seikel

Ron Dunavan                            Jaxon Canard


Richard Yahola                    Clavin Norwood


Bob Perry                              Craig McKnight


Foyer:                              Bob & Louise Perry

Elevator:            Craig & Michelle McKnight


Hillary Whittington


Ron Taffe


Bob Stephens



Opening Prayer:                        Paul Harris

Song Director:                         Austin Beard

Sermon:                                     Jimmy Hyde

Closing Prayer:                         Jim Walling


NORTH                                           SOUTH

Jon Merritt                                       Jim Cross



Classes for everyone

Devotional:                                      Eric Park

Song Director:                     Clavin Norwood


Craig McKnight

If unable to serve this week, notify

Frank Romberg – 273-1297