Supported by the Central church of Christ

Central has always been interested in mission work and has assisted in such endeavors in many places throughout the nation and world. It has assisted the work from right here in the county to such domestic locations as South Dakota and such faraway places as Germany, Russia, and South Africa. Central has participated in providing clothing, Bibles, songbooks, and Bible studies for people here and abroad.

Current Foreign Missions:

Current Domestic Missions:

Historical Domestic Outreach:

  • Mount Zion Church of Christ near Shawnee from the 1920s until the 1940s
  • Kearney, Nebraska Church of Christ (1960s)
  • Seward, Nebraska Church of Christ (1970s)
  • Custer, South Dakota Church of Christ (1980s)
  • East Main Church of Christ in Shawnee from the 1939 until 1992
  • Meeker Church of Christ (1950s)
  • Perkins Church of Christ (1980s)
  • Bell and Farrell Church of Christ (1930s)